TRISIOTR...ep. 17 Social Classes

so as I was sitting there looking at the checkout like Jesus Christ that thing is the same size as mine I think I can't even go anywhere with that one well you know you know I did know I was a got a razor I shaved it off of your pool well there you go ya know has hair man what's going on doing we're back with another episode that's where I stand on record with your host 3-ball Josh kawasaki me straight still out there hustling the grind chain the face of myspace this particular issue is another special request from Billy and Billy Portsmouth hampton roads no home boy from hampton case you didn't know that so this was going out to you go ahead not do our disclaimer warring this particular issue is may offend some of you although many of you by now should pretty much agree with what we have to say you're offended or upset and distraught or emotionally imbalance in any way from some of the words that we may say well if you look up in your top upper corner you can always hit the back button or circle right here as pause or stop or whatever you have to do to not watch this and go back to your feeble mundane and useless existence fuckin a alright so Billy has a question he asked basically s us to talk about the differences in social standards on how like basically why the rich people get a special treatment while the poor people get trampled on and all that stuff like that basically what it comes down to that's just how the fuck it is I mean with money you get power with you know with power you can do but if you have enough power you can do just that you can do almost thing and unfortunately uh I could go and talk about how absolutely horribly wrong that is but to say that everybody should have an equal share and everything would make me a communist and I'm not done with that and this is coming from a guy who's fucking pours shit right now I've got debt collectors at the s no job I got no fucking money so I mean unfortunately that's just the way it is the fact of the matter is and just touches on a great point companies themselves but that aside so the fact that is the one of the foundations of America and moving talk about America in the next episode is that capitalism you know the world is your oyster everything is there for you to take it some people unfortunately are born into situations to where they have the silver spoon in their mouth you know that daddy maybe said no oil or they may have some shred of talent or at least in Paris Hilton's case think they can get by with some type of talent and you know people you know like to see it and you will watch it they give money for it but the majority of us the working-class citizens like you know free-balling myself here we're just out there you know hustlin everyday is trying to survive and sometimes you know the mughal guy get stepped on for this before the big guy does it stop yeah but aside from you know robbing everyone which I'm hall for what are you going to do and you know I mean one of the things that comes of that is all right if you just born into a friggin learning and stuff like that you've got no real true appreciation for it so I mean if you're if you have to work to build your status up as opposed to go ahead and being born at the top of the ladder you get a work to build your status up it gives you much better appreciation for what you will have or and you take a lot less things for granted it makes you a better person as a bicycle as basically what i'm trying to say right through our a three ball what pisses me off about rich people is i specifically like movie stars and music stars and no celebrities of that sort is coming up from nothing you didn't have anything you know like you know second jay-z or somebody and you're born in the projects of New York you know hustling gisela drugs and shit not saying he does if I'm just using him as an example you get rich and then you're not like you're too fucking goods and I give somebody a handshake or autograph or you know yeah I mean some of that it's one of those things like there are certain people that unfortunately lose the whole web links that lose where they came from you know they completely forget about them then you get dumbass bitches who try to pretend like they have lost or they came from janie guess what you're no longer have nothing to do with anything from the block you so totally stole my cozy okay yeah and I'm gonna be fooled by the rocks I'm until to yeah yeah you're on the block last time I text on my own with block damn sure don't drive around the Maserati you know I mean and so a lot of people this all of a sudden they get the money in that they get so much of it so fast they don't know what the fuck to do and so they just they lose their fucking mind and all of a sudden they see you all the people that you know they used to be there for your neighbor now below them yeah and import you know it works both ways most people is it works both ways a lot of times you can be too rich or too have too much money and not be able to force her things I know a guy I remember a story he was telling me he wants to try to go get an apartment and uh I don't know 40 in DC I remember where it was but they wouldn't give him the apartment because he didn't he made too much money to afford the place he was above the survey practice so sometimes the rich people get discriminated against to am I do they'll realize that by laymen the Ritz I'm help you be discriminated against well you know well good example that is rich people are expected like if you're serving them if you're a waiter or waitress you see like a sub we're coming on that but you have the stereotype that you're expected them to tip you well when the fact sometimes they tipped the normal 20 or even 30 percent which is really good about normal person standard Oh thirty percent sound fucking standing and also know he's rich and healing gave me this that guy you know so they get it they get I hate it on 20 we hit on everybody so we can't really say that except for you guys I'm afraid from viewers would like you now um one thing that really that actually does really piss me off that I just truly don't get is how certain people can get away with shit perfect example if you week ago you know friggin of Paris Hilton she was she was in jail and then she spent like a couple days and also she's had a nervous breakdown in jail oh no so they put it on house arrest and after the judge sent this is going to be no no frills you know dill and all this bullshit so I'm your celebrities basically just get away with almost with myrrh and some of them have gotten away with murder but but uh I mean you got celebrities you just get away with almost anything or get all with you know having to pay very little for pulling these atrocities when you get your own Joe and John Q public of just young regular regular people do the same damn thing they're going to get it fucked in the ass because of it on the record if I had done it I would wrote a book about it to say yes and I did write a book about it yeah so I said it so yeah I mean bring up a good point sometimes though the judicial system this doesn't apply if you have if you're above 250 thousand dollars a year you know or for your freaking face is seen on a regular basis yeah it's like a lot of rich I didn't know I couldn't do that exactly get a fucking clue okay you may be united states of america you're subject to the same rules and as 3pod eyes cross ITV and rest of the free public and all the great fans are watching this show so if you think that you can just do whatever the heck you want and just get away with it we know what I say we can start our own judicial system we're coming you know be your judge jury executioner personally how do you like that fucking right that's all I save I'm dumb bitches all right you know I'm just going to go ahead and come up here because I might actually start getting pissed off here in the second drink apple juice cuz oj will kill you insert I said it on the record I'm still just a brother konica dollar fifteen cent

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