1. Looked like a reasonable flight …and free food…what a rarity!! Namibia is on my "must do list"…well done mate!!

  2. Angola is a very expensive country to visit/live in from what I’ve heard, but I’d still visit it or hell might even consider moving there permanently. TAAG definitely looks like a good airline to fly.

  3. You know we Europeans do it wrong when African airlines offer better service than their European counterparts

  4. You got lucky! That's TAAG's nicer 737 since it was first delivered to son air. Flew this exact plane, and was very nice. Every other 737 in their fleet? pretty rough

  5. This plane was built for Sonair and it flew for her foe few years till they sold it to Taag, i can see the decoration, you flew in D2-TED OPO-LAD and it has got the same style just like the B737's

  6. Plz plz plz plz can you make a trip report on biman bangladesh airlines plz plz plz plz i really request to you

  7. Experience: great and lovely flight

    Favorite video moment(s): the views of TAAG's B777's and B737's from outside, that meal on that flight time👌, the funny kids in the background, the clapping after landing, the view of Ethiopian and KLM next to eachother and the walking to the terminal in Windhoek.

    Overall Rating: 8.6/10

    Airlines that still need a tripreport:
    * EZ Air
    * Divi Divi Air
    * Winair

    Also can you come to Aruba's Airport

  8. Thank you for flying Taag, my country's airlines. i din't expect that very soon, you did it and i hope you enjoyed that, i can't wait for OPO-LAD.

  9. Hi Felix, just to give you quick tip for future trips to Namibia and South Africa. I am an Afrikaans speaker and you should say: "Dankie en geniet die res van jou dag!"

    Nice video btw.

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