1. was there much in the way of mood lighting on that flight as SNA/B and C I was told have a slightly more modern interior than the earlier 300 – er's despite the retro fit on the older versions?

  2. Great video as usual mate! So impressed with your video quality and appreciate wide coverage from all across the globe. Keep up the good work! The food on this flight looks particularly good.

  3. Thanks for your review. I would have expected more from Singapore Airlines in premium economy. The meal looked like an economy meal and the amenity kit was very minimal. Great review!

  4. God Frankfurt airport is a dog of a terminal. Ugly, poorly planned, lacks facilities. Never enjoy it. About the only decent thing is it has fantastic train connections

  5. was expecting a better meal and service on premium economy. a little tweak and looks good.
    This is why i still prefer japanese airlines

  6. What was the seat pitch and width? How far could you lean back ? and was it a bucket seat? Comfortable or not comfortable? These are surely things that matter when paying extra for a premium seat.. ? not whether or not you have a reading light or not enough food ….

  7. SIA air hostess speeaks German/spricht deutsch?..Sarong Kebaya spricht deutsch..first time for me..have flown with this airline 5 times, twice transpacific,twice intra Asia and twice Europe-Singapore-Europe and German I only encountered in their economy class menus..first time I hear one of those gorgeous stewardesses speak German?

  8. Hi, great video again!!! I have a question, how much time do you usually plan between two separately booked flights? Thank you!

  9. I flew SQ Premium economy from Melbourne via Singapore to Paris with both flights on a A380 and was not at all happy with the seats…on the first leg from Sydney I was in the bulkhead seat and had plenty of leg room but the second leg to Pars was in the second row and the seat was dreadful. As soon as the person in front of me reclined their seat I had little or no room for my legs and feet and I found it to be very uncomfortable….unusual for SQ not to get it right in this class off flying…in fact after taking a walk around the aircraft I would have probably been better off in economy !! Enjoyed your flight and well done again !!

  10. That is the only draw back with Singapore Airlines Premium Economy, the catering for Premium Economy passengers is the same as Economy. I believe that Singapore Airlines is looking at or is starting to improve Premium Economy catering.

  11. Singapore Airlines was the first International flight I’ve flown on. It was phenomenal then and still is now, Emirates and Qatar will never compare.

  12. Simply, you are the best airline youtuber ever! I love watching your videos. Btw, you should fly from Vancouver to London Heathrow on their Airbus A380 one day!

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