1. I SEIZED THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WISH ALL MUSLIMS BROTHERS AND SISTERS EID UL FITR MUBARAK 🌙🌙⭐️⭐️🕌🕌🕋🕋Awesome video…. thanks for sharing this flight with us. I really like these manual stairs because this allow you to watch the whole airplane without any window pane like in the jet bridge….

  2. Love the B787-9 with those General Electric GEnx-1B engines.
    GEnx-1B engines are more reliable than the Rolls Royce Trent 1000.

  3. I flew Saudia from London to Kuala Lumpur with the 777 and 787 in Business class. Its such a underrated aircraft. I really enjoyed it! I dont drink alcohol but even in Business class its a “dry flight” ask for your drinks (juices/soda/water) or you get nothing.

  4. Is amenity kit is given in short fights like 3 hours because i am flying tommorow night inshallah from riyadh to karachi just asking plz tell so exicted ho

  5. No alcohol served in Saudia, Kuwait Airways & in Iran Air. I feel pity of all those long haul pax…!!

  6. This was the video I'm waiting for. I'm going to fly 787-9 from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur after the flight from Istanbul, and I was searching for what is the specialties of this new aircraft. The video was great, honestly!

  7. Please share the video of your trip from Geneva to riyadh with A320. i have heard that they have renovated their aircrafts

  8. It's puts a smile on my face when I don't see r$cism in the comment section. 🤙🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  9. Amazing trip report,I love them all also congrats on 303k

    Please follow me if you love aviation and plane spotting ✈️

  10. Thank you for traveling with my national carrier ! I will forward this to some people I know who work for Saudia , I’m sure they will like to see this 🙂 how was your a320 from Geneva ? SV now have fully lie flat beds in first class , for flights to Europe .

  11. Did you notice the reported better pressurization of the 787 or how it is supposed to be more quiet than other planes? I am curious of there really was an actual "good feel" to this aircraft over its competitors. Thanks for the excellent vidoe BTW.

  12. Him:Here we are Seat 47L,My seat for the next eight hours.
    IFE:Flight Time 7 hours 15 minutes

  13. i'm not muslim or religious but the islamic prayer is comforting. i wish i believed in god lol 🙁 i would feel safer

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