Trigglypuff 2.0: Social Justice Warriors Triggered at KU

on snowflake mentality it is one that deserts to carry warning states cases pace of that nature that we don't necessarily believe in freedom of thoughts and we believe that you should be able in voice your opinion without being shut down by the other side like you've seen I can see my family I'm not a math enough wealth said they came out of chattel slavery to literally pay for my education so I go into debt and I graduate with a huge amount of day with my white counterparts do not my people go into debt to neither I am dead I'm gonna cry like that's what I gotta do is go to class as a black female at the University campus I got to do walking by a white man kept safe space bigger yes be sure thanks so regardless of you guys think that freedom of speech allows you to spew hatred is it allowed there's like something matter of fact as you look things up title nine is probably pretty key for y'all look up my heart out are they Thanks so from now on when you refer to them used a them there because we've shown you the respect to refer to you by your name so from now on you will refer to them as they because that is the appropriate thing to do when you are above the age of fucking twelve hey you can stand there and smart we can take it from you that's what y'all felt a real locks people color marginalized activities we can take it from you that's what y'all think it see that really I'm sure you December that's called my civilian so then my question is you say for you must see how much agility that there's no rest herbalist not right the Jilly defensive met with us all right back about your privilege my intellectual tip this is the idea that you can't retreat from I'm not retreating I'm making myself safe and comfortable that's what are you doing as a white person who has the privilege to walk into a classroom and be respected because you were born with a dick what a mess are you don't talk to me like that don't talk to me like that and I won't respond correctly don't clap your hands on her that's a bad mistake yeah as long as ejected you're white it's not let me get this theorem appoint before I leave it's not a disagreement of whether you're white supremacist or not if you believe in the snow plague bullshit if you believe that there should not be safe spaces on this campus if you believe that there is not institutional racism on this campus that is you not recognizing your white privilege the prints that you have to walk on this campus to walk into any store to do with anything walk down I have the same privilege it'll fucking tell me I have the same privilege because when you walk from fucking the Union anywhere did you get stopped by anyone no one cat called you no one said show me that you're a real horrible yes you admitted that it was horrible what are you doing to change it

  1. You have too refer too me using these words only or your childish 😂 wtf has happened too these people, there allowed too vote

  2. Calls out white people and says they don't graduate in debt

    Looks at young WHITE doctors fresh out of medschool and in crippling debt for the next ten years.


  3. She is so repulsive. Ya all, dats what jawl is sayin. This who video is too stupid to watch, warning! you will lose brain cells!

  4. hahahahahha These idiots are in for a rude awakening when they get to the real world and are denied jobs and promotions just based on what they learned in ther majors in race and gender studies. I'm mixed and have only ever experienced racism once, it was by a kid that I'm pretty sure had a real mental disorder, and didnt understand reality as it was happening and was hallucinating…

  5. If you are fat and overweight you are absolutely not oppressed. Why do you oppress you're mouth from eating chitlings and fried chicken savage. Claiming oppression fucking shaquanna

  6. Next thing she will want the ability to vote, can you think of what will happen if that is allowed, just a joke, it wont happen

  7. Thank God, I'm not in college anymore with these nut heads. I wouldn't have respected them the way they are treating you. Especially that fucking pronoun dipshit.

  8. You cannot have an intelligent conversation with the mentally ill, at some point the shooting will start and we will be rid of them.

  9. The fat one is one of the most racist people I have ever heard. Text book victim mentality, then the typical violent behavior plaguing her culture. Her life will reflect her views. She'll be unemployed and blaming it on someone else.

  10. Boy, if they can keep track of all these losers, each one will one day become the best choice for any Supreme Court justice vacancies.

  11. Here we go again with the reparations argument. "People who looked like you mistreated people who looked like me, give me all of your stuff." Do people who make this argument not realize how racist it is?? You are throwing out the idea of individuality and viewing the entire world based on skin color. I never owned slaves, and you were never enslaved. Why is it my responsibility to make up for historical maltreatment? Yeah, it's awful that it happened but I NEVER DID IT. We are all products of history, but we are not responsible for reversing history. What you are talking about when you bring up reparations is not equality, it's retaliation, and if we're gonna look at the world from the viewpoint of retaliation, there will only ever be issues created, never any solutions.

  12. Did she just try to say that white people don't go into debt!? Please don't open your argument with that, nobody is going to listen to a single thing you say after that

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