Tribute to NELSON MANDELA & InternationaL FATHER OF THE BATIK (18 July 1918 – 18 July 2019)

Like and Subscribe yoooo hello guy’s, welcome back in my channel Mr. Bermanno Channel guy’s… is happiness for me because of what?
because special day which I will present to you what will I present? regarding a world-famous review there is a connection with my shirt namely batik clothes but before that guy’s thank you already like and subscribe also share ok guy’s i wearing very good today there is brown, gold and other good color what the connecting with my preview today? there is the international figures this is the international figure very interesting with batik He is not Indonesian but He is Nelson Mandela okay of course all of you know Mr. Nelson Mandela i call him the international “FATHER OF THE BATIK” Nelson Mandela is was born in Mvezo – South Africa on July 18, 1918 it’s mean today his age 101st years and he pass away in Johannesburg South Africa on December 5th, 2013 at the age of 95 years he is a revolutionary anti-apartheid He is to be a President of South Africa on 1994 to 1999 okay guy’s this is short story of Nelson Mandela but today we wish Happy Birthday to
Bapak Nelson Mandela today 101st of his birthday if he is still alive but he pass away on age 95th well guy’s such as i said suitable with this video title that Nelson Mandela his been fond weared batik his very love batik so in this occasion we will presenting some foto’s slide about his activities was weared batik activity of Mandela as president weared batik both abroad and domestically in South Africa well guy’s here it is the BATIK’s of Nelson Mandela he weared formal batik very good good motif with basically white color cool… with his style and i really like this batik batik color black and brown its very good he with US former president he is very cool with this batik and with an one of the leaders of the country his batik gray and brown colors and also silver suitable with him and then this one is predominantly brown, red and black very suitable with him well guy’s we watching next foto’s nah… this is world cup 2010 Nelson Mandela also weared batik at the event oooughh… very impressive also some of the batik that Nelson Mandela used also several heads of state there is also a soccer player, and Bapak SBY well… of course you know this one he is Michael Jackson he weared blu and white batik on that time Bapak Mandela meet-up with the International Pop Star singer lite gray and deep grays like this one very suitable with him on his president chair sited his very calm used this batik this is he with Obama’s Family was visited him he used very good batik with shinning and then you know in Madame Tussauds in Berlin he also used gray batik madam tussaud is the place of statues from famous people in the world guy’s… still at Madame Tussauds here children’s are very fond to him happy with this statue this is with one of the famous heads of state he also used batik at a state meeting these are some batik from Bapak Mandela any motif from Kalimantan (Borneo) and all motif’s are very good when he meet-up with famous peoples and then he read a book a book about Nelson Mandela he weared very cool batik and other side he got kissed from children of Africa this is Bapak Mandela weared brown and red color of batik this batik seems to have been used in other events in his state office this is at another meeting you can see guy’s… cool his batik with square motif what is certain is that he uses batik this is also international meeting it looks like in the stadium in South Africa on world cup event 2010 this is very proud of them when he visited Indonesia he met with Bapak President Suharto at that time, the batik was very good, you saw there was Garudo’s motif this is blue and white when he walks along with Michael Jackson you know this is the queen of Europe Bapak Mandela also used batik this is Bapak Mandela’s batik collection have 4 batik’s collection full color You know this one, the one in purple is Ibu Megawati Soekarno Putri with South Africa President Bapak Nelson Mandela on occasion he met an artist in South Africa his batik gray color Bapak Mandela weared batik most formal moment and you know some of Bapak Mandela batik liked by many people and collected by people as shown in this picture such as this one Bapak Mandela with gray and white batik cool…. i like it so much really good his batik and this picture has any beautiful motif, and new such as 1st and 2nd picture good color, brow, gray and blue this batik also cool, dominant red color suitable with Africa and these all batik printing, guy’s well guy’s there are also his collections okay guys…. there is some batik and batik collections of Bapak Nelson Mandela which we present to all of you hope you enjoy and also hope departed spirit of Bapak Mandela rest in peace well guy’s… terima kasih banyak sudah nonton video ini if you like… please to share don’t forget to like and subscribe terimakasih banyak hope you satisfaction and entertaining you okay… see you bye bye

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  4. Kumusta ka kaibigan! How are you my friend? Greetings from the Philippines! Nelson Mandela was a great leader of all times, He is very famous up to now.. Happy birthday Mr. President!

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  7. Mantap pak…
    Terima kasih infonya..
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  8. Bapak cara bicaranya sangat enak, jelasss, dan sampai di tulis di deskripsi pakai bahasa inggrisss
    Sukses ya pak

  9. Bagus sekali batiknya bang. Nelson Mandela ayah pencipta batiknya. Semoga karyanya selalu di cintai semua kalangan.

  10. Bapak Batik Internasional,,, Nelson Mandela. Namamu selalu dikenang sepanjang masa. Terimakasih telah mempopuler kan Batik indonesia di kancah internasional.

  11. hadir bang. mantap batik nya bang.420 mndarat aman bang.. smoga beerkah. dtnggu kmbalinya ya bang.. salkomsel

  12. Bagus sekali info videonya, mantap sangat bermanfaat nih mengetahui tentang batik Nelson Mandela keren 👍👍😊

  13. Mr. Bermanno. Great video of tribute to Mandela. Mandela is a great name like Soekarno, and many one inspiring from him. Success for this channel, lv u so much…. ☺️🙏👌❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  14. Happy b'day Mr. Nelson Mandela… Thank you Mr. Bermanno for sharing this very good video.

    Mandela Batik it's very good, thanks for promote Batik. God bless you….!!!

  15. 424/39 🤝❤️ Привет мой новый друг 😃 Классное видео 👍👍👍

  16. Wahhhhh,, bapak batik internasional, batiknya sama, maju om,,,ciri khas nusantara.sukses selalu.👌👌

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  19. Liked, what a incredible tribute to such an amazing and powerful man this really was wonderful to watch such a great man thanks for sharing keep up the good work, please stay in touch and Take Care Bro!

  20. Great tribute and video for a great man, I subbed to you and thumbs up! pls if you want, come to my channel and subscribe to support each other, I will follow you!

  21. tiada video baru.. video lama yang keciciran kita nyimak.. full duration view for support lagi.. Tribute to NELSON MANDELA.. nice sharing.. bapak batik international.. huhu

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