1. I’ve seen a lot of comments on whether the triangles were in peace or not, or even the triangles watching over….. I thought the triangles- Illuminati- was resenting it every time they changed the channel…. they click a button and a new challenger appears for each king and it’s just an endless loop

  2. The triangle people represent the people who are in control of the world. Which would include the supreme wealthy, secret organizations like the Masons, etc, and other things. The police officer being hit with a rock represents the event in the Bible where

  3. First: Working up to get more and Getting up top the tower and making the first one fall but you fall aswell when somebody aswell climbs up their way up
    Second: Videos of people getting beaten up and Becoming popular Expect the same goes for them
    Third: Trapped in a Deep Depth underwater Not Breathing but sitll alive watching Becoming Brain Washed
    Forth: Battling Against others but knowing you'll win another will win
    Last: i believe somebody knows but i'll see if im right {Watching all of them are the Creators of that One of them controls the First
    And Others Do The Same Athough they are watching they are visble to the people Like Cult Leaders Believing and lying to their people}
    If this doesn't seem right tell me and i'll edit it and if doesn't seem that adds up to the video tell me and i'll edit it aswell

  4. Here’s a request for the WoF animators : this makes a perfect song to animate a PMV or AMV Of Darkstalker.

  5. I might be late but pause at 2:50. Notice how the triangle heads are in a circle and it resembles a crown. My theory if proven correct it symbolizes we are all kings if we are all at peace with each other as the triangle heads don't appear to be fighting each other. This might be something I got wrong but just a quick side note.

  6. The business men fight to get to the top, whether they bring others down to do so or not all for wealth and gain.
    The anarchist goes to provoke a police officer to fight back what he saw on the phone, to then the public would video record it. Police guy will fall because of this.
    The People captured by TV Octopus are us, the consumers, some would blindly watch and follow what is shown to us, some would try to escape, and other will escape.
    The Politicians fight and eat each other up to gain wealth and power.
    The triangle cult (Illuminati) are the only group that start and end with the same 'king' as they only watch what happens.

    The anarchist sees a video of a police using force on a civilian, to then he would "fight back the brutality" as he knows not what came before the video.
    This would provoke the cop and get himself brutalized, and people would record it, and upload it for the 'us' at the TV Octopus. And some would, again, follow in the same footsteps, or fear it.
    This would in turn destroy the society in 'flames' as this continued circle is repeated.

    The biggest issue with this, is THIS is our society. What goes on in the background and everything. All because of Greed, and conclusion jumping. The only people who didn't do anything except watch were the people watching TV Octopus, and the Illuminati. And even still, Those who watch and do nothing are also at fault.

  7. мир и так испорчен тем что мы хотим стать главными королями но помните нас всеравно свергнут рано или поздно и как только ты чувствуешь что всё то всегда чтото тянет а дно всегда так и ты уже там но борись живи и ты всегда будешь на вершине это нас учат буть главным будешь лудше и все будут тебя слушаться но всегда будет тот кто лудше тебя признайте это

  8. I think there are many ways to think about this video but all in all it just shows how our society is more or less a circle that just repeats itself again and again. Some try to advance to bad they dont just look for the top without looking back and without realising that the same thing they did will come back at them and that nothing changes only the face on top but not the way how it is or your own importance and that ruling by letting someone above you dissapear has no chance of longtermsuccess. The other thing would be a classic the weak get destroyed by the strong and whoever is stronger should rule . With the Ocean i think its more about how people tend to become watcher like the Watchers with the Caps but not because they want but more because something is holding them down because they are afraid of society and making their way in it but they can free themself as long as they got something to fight for and they can rule over themself but as soon as they loose that motivation for whatever reason they become afraid again and succumb in darkness only passiv unable to do something. With the politicians im not sure but it could be something like that they are all the same but thing they are different and in the end just whoever is more agressiv and is willing to go further than the other one wins but like the others its just a spiral since the next one is coming already. What could be said above the watchers is that they only have one eye like there is only one truth. You could also say that each Ruler represents another Side of society. Economy, Social Interaction, your own Will and Politic which all differs from each other but in the end is still the same. You could also say that each one struggles with something. Economy struggles with the difference in standing and how some people are at top and some are at the bottom and they are not on equal standing like the watchers. Social Interaction could be simply discribed as a way to proof yourself since the guy was already wearing a crown and lost it cause he tried to fight a bigger fish than he was which could mean that someone should be aware of his own standing and abilitys. The third one is simply struggling with yourself and finding something thats worth fighting for maybe ? And even if you free yourself you just lose it as soon as you got it if you do it for the wrong reason and end up at the beginning ? The last one is just simply im different than you and not accepting your own mistakes and blaming it on other people ready to destroy them to achieve your goal but in the end its an endless battle.

  9. cuando nos daremos cuenta de que esto nos caracteriza mucho de que estamos siendo controlados de esta manera espero sea pronto

  10. I love how this clip talks about the crisis of values in our society, not only the "illuminati confirmed",but the way that the society is taking.
    Simply amazing

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