1. Theres alot of SWARMATRON in THE BOOK OF ELI. Atticus Ross used it there if my memory serves me correct. Gotta say, these 2 guys are geniuses, just listen to NIN's new album, and you'll see

  2. I could listen to him talk about gear all day, he's amazing, truly inspirational. Where's your pen & paper kids, you should be taking notes…   again with the skull lamps.

  3. Wtf is with this ongoing trend I see below in the comments for Youtube videos? People either post nothing (no text) but their names there, or they address their comment like its being posted on a facebook wall… giving people an introduction to the video…Again, this is what im seeing posted In the youtube comments under a video. It makes NO sense.

  4. Wow.  Crazy instrument there.  Sweet gear.  I remember seeing that yellow head at NAMM. Metasonix Fucking Fucker amp haha (Yellow Head) down there under the table of some amazing modular goodies.

  5. As a musician myself, I could spend literally days asking Trent questions about how he makes his music, any sound he composes is uniquely-sounding. Though he struggles with the question if he should retire, he needs to choose to do it til he dies, he is one of the few musical geniuses left on this planet.

  6. Maynard should have learned something from him in Tapeworm. All I hear him do is experimenting with megaphones in his concerts while Trent has all kinds of gear both on the studio (like the swarmatron) and on concert.

  7. I heard somewhere that they recorded an air conditioner and used it in one of the tracks, is that true lol?

  8. Swarmatron is very high on my to-have list, now i've seen it in action. The two brothers at are the true geniuses in this clip, even though one doesn't see them. They made a Dual Primate Console as well, and the text on that page is hilarious.

    Anyway. Back to work. In the Shoarmatron… CIAO & thx4UL

  9. Sounds a bit like an orchestra doing a cluster, only electronic and by just one person, being almost fully in control. That's really great!

  10. once a squirrel was hit by a car in front of my house.. the lower half of its body was completely crushed and it was making a noise that was ghastly similar to what I heard at 0:35

  11. I love their stuff. It’s a very sweet beastie. Full of wire and goodness. A little unruly but in a good way. Peace 👍🏻👽✌🏻🎶Christo

  12. Film video and society one of my favorite classes. This man should have been in that textbook! Genius! @treznor Legend

  13. I wanted a VST for this but just ended up making the sounds in harmor cuz it has all the functionality to do it. I love the sound of this

  14. I have a feeling that Trent didn't name the manufacturer because he doesn't want too many others to get their hands on that beautiful device.

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