Trending on Chinese social media: Why are toilets showing up in refrigerators?

so if you need to use the bathroom at one Chinese restaurant go look for the refrigerator that's right now this looks like a normal refrigerator until you open the door and find a toilet yep there were also urinals inside these refrigerators now the restaurant is in Dalian in China's Leone province people are saying if the refrigerators are actually cold they would be the best bathrooms during the hot summer kind of weird well you know no matter how hard you try you just can't go back to being a child even if you sort of fit inside a kiddie car oh boy so this lady posh you could get in and possibly drive this plastic car until she got completely stuck she's struggling a lot to get out oh man eventually they had to cut the car apart to free her many people are laughing at this woman but some can sympathize one commenter said he's always tempted to try to get inside one of these cars well a better mode of transportation for that lady may be getting herself a cow take a look at this young girl riding a cow like you would a horse Vidia now this girl is in jung-soo province and is alarming a lot of her neighbors as she rides with the wind on this cow she says she loves riding horses but can't afford one so she trained the family cow to run like this look how fast this cow and though who knew and that's all we had today at the digital hub more of your favorite trending stories next time send me your ideas to my Twitter or way blow at Kanaly TV

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