Treasonous Tom Cotton Says That Democrats Are The Ones Who Are Crazy

You know, what’s really interesting about
the Republican parties, I feel like every so often they have to say something that’s
just completely off the wall bonkers. So people don’t forget that they exist. You know, every now and then ran Paul comes
out and he says something stupid. And you know, Lindsey Graham will do that. And Tom Cotton, we’ll do that. Just so that you remember that. They’re actually a thing. Louie Gohmert was king of that, but Tom Cotton
actually recently, just last week to be a more precise appeared on the John Catsimatidis
and I’m pretty sure I mispronounced that in my apologies for that. But anyway, appeared on this guy’s radio show,
um, where he said that the Democrats, those running for president right now have lost
their minds. Here’s what he said. He said,
“This is truly … an election about whether America will be a socialist nation. I don’t think Americans want to be a socialist
nation. But it will be incumbent upon all Americans
to get out and make their voices heard in this election.” “We are going into a highly consequential
election. The Democrats have truly lost their mind.” The Democrats have lost their mind. Now keep in mind, this is coming from the
Guy Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, who pretty much committed treason, uh, during
the Obama administration when we were crafting the Iran deal and Tom Cotton sent his little
letter over to a ran begging them not to sign on to this deal. And as many experts weighed in at the time,
examine this, uh, that did fit the definition of treason, Tom. And yet you trees in as Tom are the one out
there telling us the Democrats have lost their minds. Who boy, they crazy, right? Let me tell you what’s crazy, Tom crazy would
be not paying attention to polling data here in the United States, which I’m assuming you
have not because as it turns out, the majority of people in this country, including Republicans,
buddy a, they do what? Medicare for All, as long as they can keep
their doctor. They love that idea. They want a green new deal. They want the president to stop being so damn
racist. They want all of these things that the progressive
wing of the Democratic Party is out there pushing in their bid to become the next president
of the United States. So you may think it’s nuts and you can go
ahead like all the other Republicans and say, oh, they’re all pushing us towards socialism
because none of you are smart enough to know what that word means. And you’re certainly not smart enough to know
that that’s not what this is. And you can think that your base is dumb enough
to believe you who is not very smart, but they actually know better. Your base has a hell of a lot smarter than
you give them credit for Tom and that’s going to come back and bite ya. It’s going to come back to bite all Republicans
in 2020 because the more you folks go out there scaremongering about this mythical socialism
that progressive’s like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are allegedly trying to push. Yeah. That socialism doesn’t actually exist. What they’re trying to say is, hey, let’s
have some social programs, like a debt free college student loan forgiveness and Medicare
for All. You know, like pretty much all other, almost
all other industrialized countries on the planet have, let’s just catch up to the rest
of the world. That’s not socialism, Tom. That’s progress. And if you can’t understand that, then you’re
the one who is actually lost your mind.

  1. I would rather live in a socialist nation, than live in a fascist dictatorship run country ruled by the Dictator in Chief Donald Hitler-Stalin-Lennin-Mussolini-Putin tRump.

  2. Heโ€™s Right. The DemoRats are insane. All they do now is talk about this hoax racism aka manufactured crisis


  4. There are so many more of us than them (gop) conservative, corporations that we need to stand up and vote them all out!!!

  5. Deflection, distraction, division, projection, outright lies. Those are just some of the tried and true tools of the Gerrymandering Obstructionist Plutocrat.

  6. Little Tommy cotton,
    Is as dirty as CHUMP is!
    Tommy worships CHUMP!
    I don't tweet PERIOD!
    The Whole Republiclan
    Party is THE VIRUS!
    That needs to take a very large Pill, to get rid of!

  7. No, the far right base is def not more intelligent than anybody gives them credit of having. Most of the Boomers and right wing are massively unintelligent.

  8. Tom Cotton: I think the people of America Welcome paying 300 dollars for a drug that doesn't even last a whole month And if they don't like that they can just Die. Shouldn't be our job to protect anyone from anything

  9. What have republicans against having society like in Finland,Iceland,Norway, Sweden and Denmark? Where the population constantly tops the list of best educated and happiest nations in the world? It baffles me.

  10. There are so many republicians strapped into t-Rump that when he loses power they will fall with him !

    What do republicians stand for any more besides puppets ?


  12. Treasonous Tom Crooked Cotton…YOU'RE NOT IN ARKANSAS ANYMORE! Just another Republican(t) that needs to go!!! They seem to all be part of the Toxic Tyrant tRump human centipede CLOUDING ALL of their judgments!!! Pull your heads out of each others orifice already…OPEN A DICTIONARY FOR A CHANGE & LEARN THE MEANING OF WORDS or is the MONEY contributing to the clouding???

  13. Words from a traitor who served a foreign goverment. And spent his tenure not serving his voters but the republican party

  14. Itโ€™s always the crazy ones who accuse others of being crazy. The party of people saying video games kill (the GOP) are insane.

  15. Nobody that is normal would want to be a socialist. You PHUCKING dimwits think itโ€™s being social. Polling data is BS. No Medicare for all, no โ€œ green deal, Trump is not a racist. Your party is the party is nothing but treasonous, cheats, liars who are scared s;(tless. Hillary โ€œ kill them all โ€œ Clinton lost. Get over it. Oh, nadler is a real peach! Hahahaha, TRUMP 2020. What a fool you dimwits are. Your โ€œ pollsโ€ were spot on in 2016 ….lol. Youโ€™re a comedian????? Well, you suck at that too!!!!!!

  16. Blind buffoons don't see the truth" racism isn't real" " we just want the illegal's to go back" "" shoot them". If those aren't blind comments or racist chants, then they're dumber than I thought.

  17. Taitors can name call all they want. Their time is up. And the time for the end of their party has come. . TWenty states will not even have Trump on heir ballots. Machines or not . So how can he win without proven criminal acts.?

  18. Why is it that every time I see guys like Tom Cotton and Stephen Miller, I recall old film footage of Josef Goebbels??

  19. Rand Paul "sometimes" says something stupid? Every word that comes out of that man's mouth is pure idiocy…

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