Transmitting Camera Video!  -  Update  -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue

all righty hello guys welcome he faces back to another storm works video this one's gonna be relatively interesting because the new update is out this is a gimbal camera as you guys can see that I'm stood on and this is one of the big old monitors that you guys can see my Mike Mike Rotch through the resolution on these screens is not the best but you know what it actually looks kind of cool and obviously you can see it in real time you can see me jumping around it's pretty cool so the first thing that I thought we would do with this is we would attach one of these to my helicopter let's go ahead and do it okay so this is currently what my helicopter looks like it's got a flush or a searchlight on this side and on the other side it has nothing I kind of feel like we should have the camera like down and out a little bit so that's probably what I'll end up doing but yeah we're gonna go ahead and put a camera on there where should the video feed go to for the camera I'm not sure maybe we should have like a video thing there take out two seats and just have a video like a big screen that'd be kind of cool so let's do that let's do that and I'll show you guys how it works it is actually extremely simple well you know for a little bit of it it's extremely simple if we go ahead and we find the monitors I'm not entirely sure if the core monitors so we'll have a little look first they are they call monitors we've got a one by one we got a two by two we got a five by three and we got a 9 by 5 and 9 by 5 seems a little bit big for this wall look about that's how big that is we'll probably end up using one of these ones I think that will fit perfectly right there and yeah well put it in line with these seats so that we can see it there we go beautiful not entirely sure what the arrow means but we'll leave that like that for now that's okay all right then we need a camera so we go ahead and grab oh wow ok I didn't even see these cameras a camera with video output feed um has infrared mode as variola as well as variable field of view ah that's cool we're gonna put one of these on though this is the one that we're gonna put on so let's go ahead and plug it in through this side of our vehicle we'll go ahead and try and shove it just on here ok for now let's get a right color or the right color we'll drop this out like so like show or bring it out sideways and we'll go ahead and put some of these on there so that it looks a little bit more beautiful of a river here we go like this and will literally go ahead and try and merge that with this piece just so it looks a little bit nicer you know you're showing lecture a little bit nicer there we go beautiful uh Andrew literally just put pop that on there it kind of would look cool if it was a little bit higher maybe if we delete that we put it there yeah then we'll be able to move it around now to be able to move it around kind of feel like it should be sat next to a seat that can actually control it but at the minute these seats can't do it if we get a pilot seat or a helm wait maybe a helm would work hold on let me grab a helm really quick and this is what we can use to actually control it it'll look a little bit strange Oh actually it doesn't really go there does it doesn't really fit it can fit though hold on let's sir let's put this here let's delete this move this this way put a screen in there a little bit higher go ahead and then grab the helm and put it a little bit closer well be able to put it there I think we'll still be out of squeeze through which is nice if we put this if we put this here there we go and rebuild this edge up I mean this looks a little bit strange being where it is realistically I would kind of want I would want a pilot seat looking at it but it's a little bit too big so we'll leave it as it is for now that's okay and what we need to do is we need to make sure that the controls for this so left and right needs to go to left and right down here which is ever yeah there we go up and down we'll go to W&S there we go and feel the view can go to actual up and down there we go cool infrared mode if we want infrared mode we'll go ahead and put it on one if we want to turn the monitor on enough we'll put that on actually we should put that on a button let's put that on a button here we go but by Babur toggle button mmm yep go ahead and shove that directly underneath there that's okay logic that together OOP and then all you need to do is go down to video which is on the left here connect this to the camera and that'll be it that is literally it the other thing that I need to do as well is I need to make all of these sticky yeah otherwise we'll have a few problems that's okay there we go sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky spot it in we'll go ahead and take off and then I'll show you guys what it looks like oh I did forget to say that actually all of these things do need power I don't know why I forgot that but they do so we'll find out about treats all the way at the back here we'll go ahead and connect it to these dudes and we'll connect it to the camera as well I don't know how much output how much energy the camera actually uses when it's on I I don't know that but um hopefully someone will figure that out soon that would be nice anyway if we do this that'll show us the camera but at the minute it is pointing towards the ground if we do this fighting backwards if we do this Oh No there we go yeah that's cool that's cool infrared mode goes on like this and I guess I'm a little walk outside real quick doo doo doo doo doo doo doo we can see it from there can we see ourselves I don't think we can see ourselves I can't hardly see anything but if we do this here we go you ready do this I think we can see me there yeah we can just about see me I think nice well that's cool it may be easier if it was multiplayer but hey ho there you go let's jump inside and we close this up beautiful turn that off for now let's go ahead and get in the sky here we go in the sheet tell on the gyro did da flights were already on lights inside altitude hold cool we'll put that on at 11:00 sure and we'll go ahead and turn on the engine oh that didn't sound the best but I feel like that's cuz we didn't have any power generation on while we were using the camera and stuff like that whoa this is 11 in case you guys were wondering the height of the door it's 11 oh Jesus Oh our tail is gonna hit that isn't it no we're good we're completely fine so in theory if we just stay here and we run to the back and we have a look at this this camera here we go we should be able to see oh wow the resolutions not the best but if we do this ah no that's just zooming in and out there we go we've zoomed in oh wow wow this is kind of difficult to use actually but you know what that's okay as the crane right there you guys can see the crane there's the mountains nice there's the runway yeah cool that is really cool you can zoom in you can zoom out that's cool I like this and obviously this one's on a full pivot so you can actually see yourself eyes nice eyes really nice I like it as for the other things that have actually been introduced in the update we've got this keep active block which is something when you're in range it works if that makes any sense down here we've got a radio rx huge we should see how big all of these things are these are all the antennas we got medium we've got small we've got radio video receive I think receive receiver transmitter I guess that is and right okay that's all the things so if we go ahead and we'd like wanted to transmit our our video we could go ahead and put on a transmitter that's a receiver if you go ahead and put on one of these that right I think I'm right with this but I could be wrong could be completely wrong this is the first time I've actually seen all these things so if I am wrong I'm sorry but we can actually use most of these things to make things look nice we can literally use them as decoration if nothing else all right okay so so we put that there and then we have another vehicle that we can attach to it somehow because this surely has some sort of what does this do send frequency send this logic node doesn't have a description yet sends a video signal on the frequency specified a radio transmitter for sending video signals okay so say we had a receiver on the other end so one of these I don't know how we send it though I don't know whether it has to be the same creation or a different creation I guess we can see what happens I guess we can see what happens all right so let's say we connect that to I'd assume the camera but maybe there's a box that it goes into in order to then send it maybe maybe some a little look down here we got a hood we got the out official horizon that's normal buzzer all right camera camera camera and post ball no that's all normal there's the Hood Lodge mm-hmm yes I'm a little bit confused I don't know where this goes to where should this be sent to frequency send video send available that look in the video oh wait that makes sense actually you have a little look in the video if the video is also connected to here there we go and then we say number one presumably this will work I don't know alright let's say it's transmitting number one oh wait oh yeah yeah yeah there we go spawn this in move it out of the way well spawn in another vehicle then we'll test it out it might it might be okay okay so I guess we're gonna have to go ahead and turn on the helicopter so it doesn't run out of electricity and the camera should automatically be on I believe so forget it go ahead and turn on the engine there we go we go ahead and we throttle up there we go we keep it on the ground hopefully it's gonna do that I'm not so sure oh right okay hopefully it stays on the ground or wherever it is hopefully it stays here that's okay right so we'll leave that there close the doors and the video should be pointing at the ground let me go ahead and point that a different direction so we can see that something's changing here we go so let's point forwards and let's also zoom it in a bit there we go you can see the mountains so it's look in that direction awesome if we go ahead and we jump outside and we attach it to our APC as well I'll go on the outside of the MPC so you guys can actually see what's going on where is it where is the APC there it is if we literally go ahead and put on a receiver which is this thing I don't know whether it has to be in view of it or anything like that but we'll go ahead and put it there and we'll say one okay oh we might need to have an antenna as well yeah that might be need to be something that we have if we put that on there that might be the thing that transmits it oh that's that's a little bit tricky oh I see ah okay so this isn't gonna work currently this is not gonna work currently because it's not actually sending it we need it to send on a specific path and now I thought that was what this was gonna do but I'm not entirely sure frequency send it might do it it still might do it it is definitely definitely possible okay so if we go ahead and we I don't know whether it'll load it no it's not there um if we go ahead and we literally just build a wall real quick like this we'll go ahead and get monitor here we go like this one okay and we put it right there good we then get a receiver right here and we have a number next to the receiver which is one I guess that's the frequency if we go ahead and we a touch attach that to there it's giving it a frequency number of one which presumably is basically the same as the other one I don't know if this is making any sense if we get a button and we attach the toggle button to it as well here we go I do need this to be kind of stable so let's go ahead and do this real quick ling-ling there we go good and then we get a battery here we go like a battery into this as well there we go we give everything electricity we also do this and we do this there we go and then we give everything electricity bam bam and bam and then we videos already connected if we spawn it in let's see what happens so we should technically see a video of the mountain yes amazing I like that that's cool is pretty cool now that was a really simple way of doing it there is stuff with composite logic and stuff like that but we won't be getting into that today this is literally within the first 10 minutes of the update coming out anyway I am gonna leave this video here for now it was just a quick test to see what we could do with them and they actually seemed pretty good they actually seemed really really good anyway I'm gonna leave it here thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next one good bye

  1. Make a rescue helicopter with camera and a boat that receives the video feed and test it on multiplayer with camodo and try rescue missions

  2. Hey frantic if you ever don't want to anger the YouTube gods say "with it" instead of damnit. In German there is a "da" compound that is "damit" pronounced like dah-mit. Very few will get that but censorship at its finest

  3. This is so cool you need to build a drone or quadcopter pos to attach to your creations to make searching and rescue easy.

  4. U need to make the helicopter go to a random place in the map and then just watch where it's going from the video feed

  5. How many people where building a submarine or something and just had the faint thought of cameras to help guide you in 1st person…

  6. Infrared camera mean thermo camera, does that mean you can spot fire/heat easier in that mode?
    You need to try that! Spawn mission with fire at look at that in NIGHT through camera!
    Does it work for heat from JET engines? If so, it could be used to spot enemy fighter!
    Also, add gyro to your spherical camera, that way it won't move while flying, great for smooth video!
    Possibilities are infinite! :O

  7. Frantic can you check this out? it is an rc plane

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