Town Of 30,000 Anarchists Now Accepts Bitcoin

welcome back beautiful amazing human beings this is Ogonowski oh we are changed honor again today we are joined by Rodrigo and you probably remember Rodrigo from the short documentary that we just released on chair on the city that eliminated their government the police and of course organized crime from their city seven years ago now there's a lot of questions surrounding Tehran that we're gonna answer in this video and and a very exciting Bitcoin development now Rodrigo you actually came back to Tehran after we left because if you guys know it was Jeff Berwick the dollar vigilante members of the free o steam you Rodrigo and me who were there in Tehran for the first time you went back there for the second time and the stuff you're telling me is really really fascinating well yeah we did a second thrip take of Chris Harrigan and I it was very interesting what happened over there and Wow so the thing that happens I mean like the first days of September they have this ceremony every three years in which they like the mayor council takes a some new people and the old ones just lifts your shift so they have a special celebration for that and basically it starts very early in the morning in these ancestral sacred places they consider it sacred so so just to describe you're describing their kind of ceremony and how they initiate new people into their kind of community to be part of their community council yeah well yeah first of all the way these people get chosen all of the town gathers together and they decide by some kind of consensus who's gonna make some decisions regarding the administration mainly of public resources for like the collective collective needs they have and once they they have a decision what happens is that the current the the current council takes the council to be to a trip and explaining them what's being done and what what needs to be done they don't get paid and then every day then when that process is finished they do the like exchange of the change of shift with and they usually have a change of shift every three years and once you're in I guess one of their offices you can't really run again and what was really interesting it's it's a new kind of structure that's not hierarchical but horizontal and the way that they run their government goes all the way back to each and times but it it really really is extremely decentralized so once by consensus when there's new people who are replaced there's like a ceremony right yes yes there is a ceremony and it is something very ancestral for them because they go to this very ancient thousands of years old place called El Toro which means the pool and all of the town goes there well who's able to go they go there early in the morning they gather together they sing together they dance together and even if they know it they don't even if they don't know each other they just there's a part in the ceremony in which they just hug each other and they claim that there's a very special kind of energy in there so what happened on your trip cuz I know you talked to a lot of people who were there during their kind of liberation during their kind of revolution you talked to a bunch of people who were a major part of it you gave us some really cool details inside stories from the people there would you mind sharing some of those yeah of course so well first of all we we met this member of council current one and he was very very nice to us he received us in his house his family was there he offered us some drinks they were amazingly kind people after all of their family was smiling people very nice and he wheeled and I do have to say that I'm sorry I cut you off again the people of Toronto just the salt of the earth really amazing human beings always smiling a bunch of kids running around even the dogs are happy if you look at the short documentary that we made they're really happy genuine awesome human beings I would say sorry go ahead yeah yeah there are amazing people man and we also met this guy who who is I am not sure if it's relative or a friend of the council member we met but he was a member of the first Council the one that's in charge right now is the third Council so what he explained to us well he also was a part of the coordination of the uprising and well he took us for a ride he showed us the main source of income of the town which is a tree resin they take they take this resin out of the trees and they take it to this resin distillery and then they sell it for industrial products and then we invited them to this like meeting you know well dinner hosted by free O's and we explained we'll introduce them to cryptocurrencies and they loved it big time and something else that happened well with the same guy who we invited among others he had a very very special story so before the uprising when the government was letting the cartel everything about you everything they wanted to do for a profit of course he told us that it was very hard to like to say something to these guys or to try to stand up to them because well everyone who tried to do it they got like disappeared or killed hopefully who's disappeared it's alive and well but yeah there was there was a moment in which should I whatever it is yeah okay so there was a moment in which he told us that people got tired because these kids asked the loggers from the organized crime they asked them like why are you doing this why are you doing this to her house and then these horrible people replied your trace in your house is the first thing then after that we're going to go after your women after your mothers your sisters everything and then right after that and after they lock down this huge ancestral tree people gather together they were sharing these kind of little pieces of paper at night on the night of April 14th 2011 and what what was written down on these papers was basically information of what was going to happen in the morning after which was basically the uprising so 6:00 a.m. April 15th of 2011 a lot of organized crime trucks come down from the hills you know they were carrying a lot of wood they lock down and then these very very very brave women they stop these cars it was a huge Caravan they stopped then and this Caravan was inside of these cars of the caravan there were these guys you know with heavy machine guns and stuff so what these women do they stop them they take them out of the truck even if they were armed I mean like the the women the people they only had rocks sticks some machetes a couple of 22s and that said against heavily armed people and of course the police who were with them so they just stopped him they'd take him out of the car they beat the hell out of the car they burned them and then they take these people somewhere else they applied some kind of punishment because they were really angry with them and then they kicked them out they also took the state police and local police vehicles guns and they start protecting themselves so after kicking them out they were like very aware that they needed to stay alert because they could come back so they set it up this fogatas which is fireplaces in between like every corner of each street there was a specific fireplace and the women were inside of the town taking care of the elders and the kids while the men were in the forests or in the mountains like looking out no one tried to get inside or try to attack them it was it was a very very hard situation for them when they told us the story but with time they came to organize themselves they there was a proposition I mean like the way that they rule that well they have a societal organization right now was proposed to the people and in that organization was the ancient and traditional one that used to take place before the Spanish people came to Mexico and after they made the proposal to the people everyone agreed everyone was like okay let's do this and they were open for changes if something was not change was not working out they they have a meeting and they discuss it and they are super open to change it and well after the uprising they started developing this project and we're in which they were reforesting their ha their their home their homeland they were also well fixing streets the thing is they did a lot of things and the expenses went way down the compared to the the way it was with well when political parties were having the power in town yeah and and the government and the big extortion racket that they were running on the people and people need to understand how severe this was a lot of people who took part in this kind of revolution lost brothers lost sisters lost mothers we're talking about Michoacan one of the most you know according to the news and cording to the State Department one of the most violent the most dangerous territories in all of Mexico if not a large part of the earth and for these people to turn everything around and make it a place where now you don't have any murders don't have any kidnappings in a number of years is utterly amazing and doing it through a new form of a new I can't even say government's because it's not government it's community run and decentralized authorities that decide through a consensus and through the community how they want to live their life with their and what they want to do together and it's important to note here the effect of the government and organized crime and police let a lot of this horrible behavior go unpunished and they were destroying the environment they're destroying and deforesting the local trees they're to the point where their local water supply was at risk because of this over consumption of the trees that of course the government was just signing blind checks to the police were protecting the armed organized crime and it could have gone either way it could have gone that these organized crime efforts could have won but luckily they didn't and now we have this kind of experiment of decentralization and a different form of existing with what many people say was impossible many people are saying this is not possible well the video of Tehran I believe does make it possible now they do have some interesting rules you can't really live there for your politician they don't believe in politics they don't believe in campaigns campaigns are illegal they do it all through word of mouth and consensus and just people talking to each other what other interesting things did you note about this community yourself from your second visit well one of the interesting things is that if you want to leave there well you get out mmm like let them know that you don't you don't have anything to do with political parties or you don't have like a political agenda that you just want to be there at peace and that's it and I'm pretty much they will agree on that but you will have to like let them know first because it's a small community and everyone knows each other and that's that's something interesting something interesting as well because I mean like they told us that after the uprising when they were having all of these fireplaces they were all interacting with each other so they got along pretty well they also told me that after this they became all of the town they became a family you know and well and there's also another thing you know statistically speaking is I'm sure it's the safest town in the American continent all of it probably the world I don't know but like it could be because it has zero more moderate zero ther there is no crime in there and the way they deal with some of the petty crime or some of the drug addicts or alcohol addicts is through rehabilitation and community service instead of just severe jail punishment if there is a larger crime they of course bring in somebody to help facilitate some kind of greater punishment than just community service and rehab but I don't think they've from what I've heard I've had to do that in a very very long time now one of the most fascinating things you didn't get to see this because I we had to cut down the interview for the short documentary when we talked to the town elder that video is available on our patreon and our donation page that you can see the full interview with the elder and our group on that channel but the elder was even talking about when we brought up why are you guys into cryptocurrency he's like well the community has to decide so we won't be manipulated or we won't be bribed by any form of money so the community has to decide it you came back a second time talk to him about cryptocurrency they were excited and I want you to talk about that and also what they plan to do with cryptocurrency so well yeah we had a dinner for very important members of the community some of them former Maine council members and we introduced them to something that could we believed could help them and that was a cryptocurrency of course and they loved the idea they they they they actually are very aware that the the demonic government provides is heavily corrupted it's constantly devaluating and they don't want to be a part of that they want to be fully autonomous that's something else they told us fully autonomous they don't want to rely rely on these big companies like sponsored by government supplying they're supplying them their food or any other kind of resources they want to do things clean of course because they they love their environment that even they even have special ward for Mother Earth and they do they worship the four elements and they believe that they should live like in Armony with them and well also regarding the cryptocurrency they they had a plan all plan to have their own currency and then when we talk to them about creating their own currency they love the idea ie not sure what's gonna happen but it could be nice yeah and they were talking about using the funds in helping some of the reforestation efforts setting up better barriers and protections against of course the lot of dangers that they face instance they pissed off organized crime and the government rodrigo thank you so much for coming back thank you so much for the update about chair Ron how I finally said it right sorry for butchering it in the short documentary that we released you should definitely check that documentary out it's definitely a paradigm shifting I would say at least I may be biased because I because I've obviously I'm behind it but regardless Rodrigo is right writing about his experiences in Tehran he lives in Michoacan said that right – and will be giving us updates on his steamin account so the link to his steamin account will be in the description below definitely check him out follow him for more updated information on chyron in mikoto-chan said that oh god i butchered it again doesn't matter anyway i love you guys think you'll get so much watching and donating and supporting and sharing because if it wasn't for you guys this work would not be possible I would not be here and we're only here because of you so once again love you guys stay tuned for a lot more

  1. This is exciting to someone like myself who always dreamed this kind of world was possible but like Luke says, people have always said it's impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! That's how the dark side has succeeded so well because they believe nothing is impossible and in turn, their nightmarish world manifests itself constantly. Let's turn the tables and stop being defeatists!

  2. This town in the USA would be branded as left-wing socialists….or worse yet, communists! They fell back on some ancient traditions to have something to coalesce around and develop local organization.

  3. You can clearly see that bitcoin is slowly becoming a very important alternative currency especially in times of strife in the third world, it’s proving itself as a saviour of people’s savings of sorts and it’s protecting the most poor.

  4. Very nice, but you, WAC, should've provided the spelling for the name of the town, which you pronounce something like Chiran, f.e. Doing Web searches using that spelling for a town in Mexico turns up no fitting results for me. Actually, just found it by using Google search for "chiran Mexico" (without the quotes) and got the correct spelling, in English anyway. It's Cheran. I suggest that WAC less hastefully produce and/or publish videos.

  5. Indigenous people in Mexico have always been discriminated and neglected. They are far better human beings than any one in Mexico. So they are just taking back what belongs to them and ruling the way their ancestors governed.

  6. What a cool place the people of America doesn’t have the balls to do this they are so blind and believe everything our dirty courrpt grovernment does.

  7. How about the NRK daily news with Luke & Jason.
    Catchy titles catch attention with out having to pay.
    Wit intended.

  8. Tener la mente abierta es ser imparcial, ser imparcial es estar por encima de las naciones y las leyes, estar por encima de las naciones y las leyes es estar de acuerdo con la naturaleza.

  9. These people chose the worst place to be "anarchists" MEXICO in other words the world's capital of drug cartels. ROLF!!

  10. Jesus is the only way…

    "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." – John 14:6

  11. What happens to bitcoin value when an EMP wipes out our electrical grid? I will tell you. You're fucked.  Stick with gold and silver. Bitcoin et al are a scam.

  12. This is the way we governed ourselves in the americas before we were invaded by europeans and the rest of eastern hemisphere.
    There is no anarchy in cheran, these people kicked out European colonialism and reverted back to their native american ways of governance.
    These people are not anarchists, they are indigenous and anti colonialist.
    Europeans like luke and his colonizing buddies will not be able to grasp this concept, just like their ancestors didn't have the capacity to do so.
    Luke and his colonizing buddies are following in the footsteps of their euro invader ancestors, bitcoin is their weapon of choice.
    Bitcoin zealots are telling the native americans of puerto rico "you are going to assimilate and accept this bitcoin whether you like it or not." They are the new Christian pedophiles.

    For all you colonizers saying "yay cheran, there's hope, blah blah." We had matriarchy governments like this all over this continent before your invasions, you destroyed all of it and brought your ass backwards women hating cultures with you, but we are slowly reclaiming our ways.

    If you are not native DO NOT MOVE TO CHERAN! WE DON'T WANT YOU THERE. In fact, everyone get off our continent as you have done nothing good for this land and the indigenous on it.
    If you are native american and go to cheran put in work, work for the community and you must also fight off colonizers like luke and his buddies. You know the real stories of columbus, cortez, pizarro. There is only one way to deal with these kind of colonizers so do what you must.

  13. We never had governments like how Europe did…the idea of monarchies and republics and even communism and anarchy are European concepts…this is ancestral governance…which doesn't have a name in English yet but we have "Great Speakers" which isn't anything like a king or President….a better title is a town of 30k INDIGENOUS people decolonize thier government…so much in this video needs to be deconstructed and you need a lesson on prehispanic societies and governance

  14. There’s more territories in Mexico that are going through this. What I’m begging to realize that the “most dangerous cities in Mexico” are independent territories that are overthrowing the local, state and federal governments. Look up Chiapas -Selva Lacandona and Acapulco and I’m sure there most be more… I personally visited Chiapas and it was an amazing experience, do recommend people expand their horizon and take a trip to see what else is out there, endless possibilities. Great video! 👏🏼

  15. I miss understood the description of this video, instead of Anarchists, I thought Antichrists. :-()

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