Tour of MakeHaven, Community Makerspace

My name is J.R. Logan and I’m going to
give you a quick tour of MakeHaven. Lets Go in. First of all we have our little kitchen
here we have equipment for canning, a sous vide, a dehydrator, all sorts of stuff. Not a commercial
kitchen, but in the experimental maker-kitchen if you come along here past our
coffee and tea section we have the HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) this is a brewing, prototyping kit. We have a small conference room with video equipment for a doing like a
Kickstarter video, that sort of thing Over here we have a printmaking area with screen printing and various printing presses. In fact in our main community area there’s a woodblock carving printmaking workshop happening right now We hold classes activities
in this area quite frequently come over here you see that we have lots
of 3d printing examples and a whole cadre… a grouping of 3d printers including a filament splicer which is fun it allows you to use multiple colors and multiple materials. Moving further on you can see we have a communications bench this is where we
might put servers but we have ham radio we have some antennas up on the roof
anything using electromagnetic waves or signals to send communications. In our craft and sewing area we have a variety of different sewing machines, including some old-school ones that some people prefer because they have more power and you have lots of craft equipment that we pull out, so things for glass cutting for bottles or stained glass,
soap making with other other equipment like that Our electronics and workbench, you will notice there’s lots of drones there’s examples of boards people made here, there’s a full set of components used or prototyping and working with
electronics and soldering further up we have a CNC machine
which is used for milling metal and then beyond that are these laser cutters and
they are awesome for being able to cut a very precise pieces of wood they’re
doing a little session there so we’ll pass by quickly point out where the
examples are and then vinyl cutting which is where you cut a thin membrane of plastic or vinyl it’s used for all these signs, t-shirts, it’s great for masking. There’s lots of awesome things you can do with vinyl, including cutting flexible circuits you see there’s an example of a flexible circuit over there. So lets move forward. You see the example on that shelf some
wood-cut things. Example circuit board.
That is the vinyl machine that does it. As we go forward this is a quilting CNC
machine, so it could be programmed to make a quilt or section of a quilt design. We have a mechanics and bike repair equipment. and folks interested in that. And then we have a plastics area so this is a vacuum former
which makes thin sheets and forms those sheets into a specific shape.
We have a resin printer, awesome for really detailed 3d prints, a little
injection molder, casting equipment casting pots… We are generally using a silicon rubber and then doing something in plastic and all that is done in this section. I’m going to take us into the wood shop with my safety goggles on! In the woodshop we have full hand tool and general portable tools area. you can see member Jen here, working on a very cool project created using wood and resin. As you come over here you there is a selection of really fine hand-tools … and this bench as well as another
bench that we’re building, which was made by one of our numbers, allows people to do a lot of precision hand-tool work. totally beyond that we have all of the standard tools you would expect in a woodshop you see a table router, sander, drill
press, multiple band saws a planer for smoothing out your wood. A lathe for making turned shapes. A jointer for getting that first right angle for
starting the process and preparing your wood. A Saw Stop table saw which means that it has that
mechanism which allows it to recognize your fingers there and immediately stop.
A chop saw. We have a small CNC router so that means it’s programmable, put
whatever shape in it via the computer, it will cut it out for you. And then we have
a big Daddy version of that we can program to do up to eight by four or
five feet as far as a project which is awesome for being able to do furniture
scale work. So that gives you a brief tour of MakeHaven, the FabLab and makerspace, here in New Haven Connecticut

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