Totalitarianism, Communism and Terenceism

Russia 1917 the Bolshevik Party have started their revolution to take over the country this was the start of one of the many totalitarian dictatorships in the 20th century the Soviet Union within the time period of 1917 to 1941 is certainly considered totalitarian but what exactly is totality realism a totalitarian dictatorship is when a party or an individual has total control over the country's military economy ideology Foreign Affairs and society totalitarianism usually involves a single party with a charismatic leader following a very specific ideology the most prominent example of this would be the Soviet Union under Stalin where he had total authority over everything from society to military by the year 1929 you would think in a governmental system such as communist Russia under Stalin the people would be sick and tie it with the terrorization in the totalitarianism that they would rise up and cause major protests ready however the Bolsheviks had this under control the Soviet rule was harsh they used the threat of gulags and secret police to keep the population under control by using terror and repression they had control over the people and fed by historian Ventus scope all Soviet citizens at all levels of society were subjected to secret police surveillance and were constantly subject to possible arrest for real or imagined infractions often followed by law indeed indeterminate sentences – forced labor camps the extend the infamous dictator Joseph Stalin went through to maintain internal security led to the atrocities that took place millions starved in Ukraine many more millions were sent to labor camps when they would spend multiple years working however many didn't return another method Stalin used to enforce totalitarianism was his creation and promotion of the stone cult he abused the indoctrination of the masses to create a society where he was the supreme and only viable leader the cult of Stalin was so successful due to it being able to leech into everyday life making it seem inescapable for many the stone cult was taught in schools there were cities named after him there were pictures of him everywhere this factor as well as the terror repression his wife Stalin was able to be such a successful dictator as shown in the Soviet Union to Talat Arianism as great consequences within a country with in most cases totalitarianism is without consent from the people it only emerges from manipulation of power or an already bad situation basically the Soviet Union when they got rid of the bad government Nizar and replaced it with the worst one the Bolsheviks within a totalitarian state the use of terror and repression is usually present this is because people don't want to be dictated on they want free will but the government forces them by using territory crippled ease and gulags throughout history it has been shown that with the totalitarian government and extreme ideology comes with it in the Soviet Union there is Stalin in Germany there is Hitler in Japan there is Hirohito and in Italy there is the infamous of Benito Mussolini all of these dictators gain their popularity from an ideology which is powerful and easy to jump on the bandwagon with within the Soviet Union the people was subjugated to the five-year plan it included the rapid industrialization of the country mostly through the means of forced labour inside of their labor camps also known as gulags totalitarianism led to a harsh environment where the people of the country were faced with limited rights where they had to do with the government said no exceptions the people were expected to work on fairly with limited rights to do anything about it even to this day the people within Russia and the former Soviet territories still suffer from the lasting impacts but his infamous totalitarian dictators had on these countries please like and subscribe for more content


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