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everything changes hey what's up rock stars welcome into the rock star flipper YouTube channel and the other day I did an interview of my good friend Starz YouTube channel flipping hippos I'll link the interview down below go check it out but one of the questions she asked me was what are my favorite items and my least favorite items to sell on eBay or Amazon or to resell in general and of course you guys may or may not know it probably my favorite item and the item I've made the most money on in my entire life I've sold tens of thousands of video games now I love video games don't get me wrong I'm a typical you know American 25 to 35 year old that loves games I don't get to play video games as much as I would like to because I do work and run this business a lot there's very little time so the very small amount of time that I get to play video games typically is at night when I've done all the work I'm sitting in bed and I'm on my phone or my iPad that's the extent of my video game playing every once in awhile jump on the ps4 but not typically Netflix is playing so if we think back to all of the wonderful games that were around when I was growing up I was born in 85 so you know you're talking the 90s up to to 2000 when I was you know five six seven on up to 16 17 years old that was the primetime Treasure Age of video games Nintendo Super Nintendo came out in the 80s you know the 90s ushered in Sega Genesis and then we finally came around to like PlayStation 1 and through all that and I thought it would be awesome to show you guys some of the items that I have sold video games classic titles New Age titles and some of the cool accessories that are really profitable on eBay and Amazon so I'm going to show you some of the top selling items game titles accessories systems just a mix of all the video games video gaming world that I have bought and sold which is a little bit of everything you can find them at thrift stores you can find them at estate sales garage sales yard sales pawn shops are an amazing place that's where I used to source a ton of my stuff the corporate stores will have your systems your games mom-and-pop shops will have some of the oddest oldest stuff you know I found a Sega Sega Genesis with the old game genies in it I found powerglove from Nintendo I found a 3do I found all that stuff at mom-and-pop pawn shop so always keep an eye out for those but without further ado let's go to my computer and let's check out some of the coolest most profitable video game items to sell on eBay and Amazon to make some profits and hopefully you guys keep an eye out for this stuff and you can find some of these items if you want some more to add to these video games some additional electronics some shoes some clothes some any kind of category jeans ties everything I'll also link down below my bundle of all of my ebooks and guides that include these video games and systems and things that you should be looking for to resell everything all ten guides bundled together $25 you can't beat it and you will pay for it on any item that you flip I assure you two items at worst case and you will thank me later you own these guides forever for life they will come into your email and you will have them so enjoy them again $25 I'll link it below you get all 10 of them electronic shoes clothes antiques vintage collectibles toys everything is included in this it's over 625 items so let's jump over to my computer let's check out these cool video games and accessories and I will see you guys there okay I'm gonna show you some of my favorite video games and some of the most profitable ones and what to look for and what you should be grabbing at yard sales garage sales state sales Craigslist wherever you can find these really flea markets to final fantasy 3 final fantasy series is one of the greatest series ever made for any video game system ever I enjoy Final Fantasy 7 voted one of the best video games of all time the original Final Fantasy 3 is one of the most popular ones the original original Final Fantasy for Nintendo also really well made because it was the first one and at its time it was amazing so always look for Final Fantasy look up the prices they fluctuate a lot from year to year also games like this like the fantasy genres are always popular mystic quest is another one that's really good as we scroll down Final Fantasy 3 we see that most of them this is a box only for $14 most of these should range in about the mid 30s really 30 would be about the least I would take for it this is a reproduction someone sold for 16 do not sell reproductions they will hammer you over it here's one that sold for sixty and it actually has the case on it here's a final fantasy six in one cartridge I've sold for thirty a reproduction again here's one the complete box set of it with the maps and everything somebody got one hundred and nineteen again this was a collector that paid one hundred nineteen I guarantee it here's one that sold for twenty four dollars it was listed as brand new it's not brand new from Japan that's why I've sold for that but here's an actual one authentic tested sixty here's one for fifty forty nine plus four so like fifty-three dollars so you can see this game is pretty expensive if it's in the box it's super it's it's two to three times the price out of the box at least thirty to forty dollars really I think the last one I sold I may have gotten like forty five or fifty out of so final fantasy definitely one of those games the second one is dragon quest dragon quest six was made for the Nintendo DS it's a newer one but it got to be really expensive this game used is easily worth you know in the neighborhood of thirty forty dollars if you have the box and everything brand-new you can get 50 60 and up for it the original Dragon Quest games back at ps2 times they're twenty thirty dollar games these are all things you might spot at a you know yard sale for two bucks or three bucks and boom you scored so always look for those RPGs those fantasy games anything like that always worth money at least most of them okay Pokemon video games are probably the most popular video games now a huge warning for Pokemon games they are heavily faked be it Game Boy Advance game boys or the Nintendo DS and 3ds these cartridges are faked easily all the scammers have to do is create the game on a blank cartridge and stick a sticker on it and it's done so I do recommend testing them if you can if you can't be very careful where you're buying them from buying them off a Kennedy yard sale probably good buying them off of some dude out of the trunk of a Craigslist meetup may not be such a good idea so just use common sense I've never been burned I have bought one fake one it still worked it was the game but it just was fake and there are ways to tell you can google it I'll try to link some down in the description below heart gold for the Nintendo DS was a very very expensive game it's currently worth about twenty twenty-five bucks there are some other pricing on it if you get the original box as always worth a lot the Platinum's the diamonds the pearls can be worth fifteen to twenty bucks apiece so always look for Pokemon expect the cheapest you'll get out of any Pokemon game just about is fifteen or twenty most of them are going to be twenty to thirty thirty to forty the fire Reds the the greens the Leafs those are all $30 plus games so just keep an eye out for you know those games alright number four on the list is battle total dragons Ultimate Team which is a great game it's only worth about 30 bucks twenty eight thirty dollars but this shows us that when multiple video game characters team up which I'm going to show you the next one as well they're usually a game that will hold value and so $30 games Battletoads and Double Dragon on the original Nintendo they're worth 70 and up the Super NES game is worth about thirty the Genesis game I believe is worth about thirty these nes games are worth seventy eighty bucks there's a Sega one for like fourteen there's a Sega Genesis in the box for almost 40 there's the Game Boy edition of it 432 there is the Nintendo NES version of it for 75 here's another Super NES at 25 a Sega at almost 20 so you guys can see that team up games are worth money – same goes for Sonic and Knuckles now Sonic and Knuckles for the Sega Genesis with this entire clip thing here should be about a twenty dollar thing here's one for 18 19 dollars all in here's one for 27 here's a set with Sonic 2 for 22 there's one in the box for 25 which seems a little cheap 18 here's one for about 12 dollars all in here's one for 19 with Sonic 2 here's one for 19 22 it's about a $20 item give or take if you pair it up you can get a little more 27 so Sonic and Knuckles was not as good as some of these but it's still a team up and they did good ok expensive NES rare games ducktales chip and dale rescue rangers is a very expensive one rescue rangers – this is five hundred three hundred four dollar game depending on the condition what you have with it this one here is an eight point five this one was brand new sealed and rated that's why it's sold for $3,000 but mostly it's gonna be down here in the hundreds of dollars it's a phenomenal game there's also one called little samson that's a couple hundred dollar game if you get the Playboy game from Nintendo that's a few hundred dollars the bubble game is a few hundred dollars the flintstones game is worth hundreds of dollars if not thousands if you can find there's two of them there's one that's worth a lot so some of these really rare really really rare games can be worth a lot of money especially if you get two sleeves if you can get these original Nintendo sleeves you can sell those too alright moving on number seven game genie and any kind of accessories these are the old-school mod mods modifications for video games you guys remember game genie was like cheating right so they're not worth a ton but they sell instantly some of them can be okay you know these are all like $10 but it's just rare it's cool it's collectible the game genie book is worth more than the actual game genie in some cases if you have it with the book here's one with the code book for $28 here's one for 14 you can see that you could do okay on them if you could find a buddy yard sale for a couple bucks alright PlayStation 4 new-age systems PlayStation 4 of course the newest PlayStation that they've made it's been out for at least seven or eight years I think it came out in like 2010 or 2011 I'd have to look that up I know I've had my current PlayStation since I've lived in my house which I have owned for almost six years so I had my PlayStation when we moved so that means it's at least seven years old somebody might be able to comment what year ps4 came out I have a 500 gig but you guys can see some of these prices 200 to 250 dollars depending on what you have the first one was a one terabit for two Oh 350 here's a one terabyte limited edition blue for 243 I have the white edition I don't know if it's worth any more here's the white one that I have the white destiny special edition $200 so you can find one of the garage somebody wants to sell for 100 maybe you get one off Craigslist for 100 120 flip it for 2 to 20 and make some money here's the Dragon Quest Heroes here's another one that's sold for you know 205 with the controllers if you can bundle stuff with it you can get more money absolutely good to buy New Age systems just keep an eye on the prices the old rare systems this is a Gameboy micro most people have probably never even heard of this but these are worth over a hundred and twenty hundred and forty dollars for almost all the Gameboy micros I owned one of these way back in the day look a broken one sold for 55 that's the other thing with video game systems you can buy broken ones this gold 20th edition one sold for 177 all in another one little camo looking one 109 all in here's just a plain Jane one broken 75 bucks here's a gold one with Super Mario 3 for 216 dollars all in these are expensive look for Gameboy micros old game boys are expensive period but this is probably the highest end one finally rare systems like this Nintendo 64 pokemon edition with the giant pokemon look he's on there this is probably with the games in the system this one sold for 213 but if we find a normal one it's about a hundred bucks for the system with nothing else console only they sold for $100 here's some futuristic looking ones here's one with a game and two controllers they got a hundred and seventy-five dollars all in here's the red one a little rare I think 135 there's one in the box for 315 which is crazy there's another Japanese one 230 so rare things again it's Pokemon so of course here's one it sold for 230 all in 231 here's one that's sold for 185 all in so these things are pretty rare and expensive I've sold two of these in my life one I bought for like 50 and sold for 200 and one I bought for a lot I paid like one 110 and sold it for like 200 as well so I've done OK on these I always buy them I always flip them they're rare they're hard to find and but if you do find them I found them at flea markets where somebody was like give me hundred fifty and I'm like hundred ten and they're like my content take it or leave it and they're like okay I paid 50 bucks for it I'll take the hundred and ten and then I flip it for two hundred so it's not bad video game systems sell really fast game sell so don't be worried about spending a little money they will move they will sell in anything you've just seen here on eBay you can sell it on Amazon in the at at least five ten dollars twenty thirty dollars for the higher end stuff to the prices I would imagine these are like two hundred fifty on Amazon in fact we can go ahead and just look most of this should be unguided careful in the Pokemon stuff but if we do a Nintendo 64 Pokemon console let's see so the cheapest one the peekaboo Edition the cheapest one right now is one seventy-five and it's discolored from Sun or age it's called acceptable but I wouldn't even call that acceptable one matching controller but it's 175 so the next one is 180 acceptable with discoloration here's one for 198 199 from Florida and then the next one is over 200 so it's pretty close on these some of them you know none of these are really this ones fulfillment by Amazon Prime couple prime ones so there are some down here but you can see some of these prices sometimes get a little higher so pay attention eBay or Amazon you can cross post them and I guarantee you you know if you're doing fbm you'll sell them within days days at the most in most video game and system cases the non popular games at ten twelve dollar games sometimes they sit but otherwise a great great market to be in so I hope you guys enjoy that I'll put together a list of some of the 50 best video game items to buy in the meantime enjoy this video hit the like button and make sure you're subscribed because I'm gonna keep coming out as promised all week and weekend with some of the best items to buy and sell for good profits thank you guys so much and I will see you next time

  1. Video games is what I like to sell on eBay I sold like 5 PS3 for $99-120$ depending on how many games come with it the GB and controller with all cords

  2. I'm about to start digging through my own NES games for flips so this vid came just in time (I happen to have Battletoads too) With the "newer" systems, Xbox original and 360 games seem to consistently sell well for me

  3. Saw Jamie's post about pokemon invoices. Will that change your ways as far as selling video games on Amazon?

  4. DAMN every other year I hear about the Rescue Rangers 2 bolo and I think I have it, HYPED, but then I realize I have part 1 ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Heard that Amazon is purging used games on FBA. Supposedly they are requesting invoices for used games which is crazy.

  6. My best video game flip so far was called "Lochjaw" (with the manual) for Atari 2600. I got like $520 or so at eBay auction like 5 years ago. I've also sold "Bucky O Hare" "Duck Tales 2" "Tail Concerto" and "Chrono Trigger" over the years. All go for $100 and up.

  7. I recently purchased Sunset Riders, demon crest, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Star Fox all of which were complete with box and manual. A couple other randoms that weren't all that and the system for twenty bucks

  8. I love your channel! Youโ€™re very motivating and you always have great information! Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. We are the last of the hard copy generation. The current generation just does digital download. They will never know the struggles of blowing into a Nintendo cartridge or dealing with a faulty Playstation laser eye that won't read the disk. ๐Ÿคฃ

  10. So true, harder to find video game as you get older. Played ff7 for 48 hours when it first came out for ps1.

  11. Lord you make me feel old. I graduated high school the year you were born. My favorite game console was Atari 5200 series PAC Man Frogger and Qubert and Dig Dug

  12. I'm literally talking to my wife about video game lots and this video notification pops up. #serendipity

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