Top Sales Trainer and Business Productivity Speaker Laura Stack on Business Culture

if you have a culture of tardiness and
the meeting starts at two o’clock what time does the meeting really start to
try to 15 right so if you have a culture of tardiness and you know you’ve got a
meeting invite for 2 o’clock my you maybe not show up until 2:15 cuz you
know the real meeting isn’t gonna start until 2:15 doesn’t that shape behavior
right if you have that kind of culture though it’s easy to say well that’s just
our culture and just wave it off or use it as an excuse or Austin enabler of
behaviors that we know are kind of counterproductive because well that’s
our culture how do you change culture can’t just change culture right this is
something that building grows and moves over 10 like you would say well we hope
that a year from now right instead of the two years looking back because we
have all these meetings where gotta calibrate performance right now the
culture is that we’re going to be more forward-looking that’s going to happen
it’s going to become the culture so it changes it shift based on what you do
and how you behave

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