Top 10 Scary Alternate Superman Stories –  Part 2

The story of superman has become a trope in
itself; these days, the idea of an all-powerful being capable of superior feats has become
a common narrative, especially thanks to the continuous popularity of the superhero genre. But often that trope can be subverted and
twisted, giving us much darker versions of that superman character. Today, we’re returning to a list that examined
that very trope, our top 10 scary alternate superman stories, coming at you with a part
2! So this time around, rather than just focusing
on stories outside of DC’s realm that feature a superman, we’re also going to be looking
at a few Elseworlds and alternate earth titles that stray a lot from the regular Superman
narrative. So with that
in mind, let’s get to it! 10 Samaritan
Starting off our list, we have a character from the comic series Astro City, the Samaritan
has been compared to both Superman and Captain Marvel. He has superhuman strength, can manipulate
energy fields, is capable of hypersonic flight, has enhanced senses, and has pulled off interdimensional
travel, too. So how is he a tragic version of the man of
steel? Because his mind is that of a weary and worn-time
traveler, who comes from a dystopian future timeline set in the 35th century. He’s chosen to be sent back in time to prevent
a catastrophic event that completely ruins the future. Sent back to 1985, the Samaritan encounters
an empyrean fire, which was the strands of energy that made up time itself. They fused with his body, altering him. He manages to alter the event he was sent
back to change – saving the space shuttle the Challenger from disaster – and eventually
becomes a superhero, using his powers for good. But that takes a toll on his mental health,
causing him great stress, and when he does time travel back to his era, he learns that
by saving the Challenger, he saved the future, but also created a future in which he ceased
to exist, meaning he could never return home. 9 ArchEnemies
Archenemies is the story of two roommates who have no idea that the other is actually
a super powered individual, and that they are each other’s arch enemy. The Superman in this case is a fella named
Star Fighter, Ethan Baxter, who is a handsome buff dude, but is also a complete slob, loves
to party, and controls something called stellar energy, which allows him to fly and project
energy, among other talents. Vincent Darko, his roommate, is the villain
Underlord. The two are horrible roommates to one another,
with Ethan throwing parties solely to piss Vincent off, with Vincent hating Ethan more
than he could ever possibly hate his Star Fighter alter ego. Not as scary as some of the other entries
on our list, but the idea of 8 The Ubermensch
For this number, we’re diving into some philosophy. Back in 1883, Friedrich Nietzche published
a book called Thus Spoke Zarathustra in which he elaborated on an ethical ideal of his known
as the Ubermensch, which translates into the Superman, or the Superhman. The idea was that the ubermensch is a goal
for humanity to set for itself, and that god is dead, god being a concept that gave meaning
to life. With that understanding, there is danger of
nihilism overwhelming humanity, unless we look to the ubermensch; the perfect example
of the kinds of values humankind should strive for, a bar that is set for us to strive towards. He also said that the ultimate aspiration
for a woman would be to give birth to an ubermensch; this was conceived in the 19th century after
all. Anywho, the ubermensch philosophy has become
a trope of sorts, apparent in a lot of different kinds of media in which we see an idealized
‘superman’ esque character who attempts to give others meaning in their lives, yet
that trope is often twisted with the ubermensch character causing more chaos or destruction
in the process. Take a look at Tyler Durden from Fight Club
for example, or both Batman and the Joker from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight,
the latter example being two completely different kinds of ubermensch. While Nietzche’s philosophy predates DC’s
Superman by around half a century, the concept is still often associated with the man of
steel, and we constantly see its impact today in modern stories. 7 Superman Red Son
The concept behind Superman Red Son is ‘what if Superman had landed in the Soviet Union
and was raised there? Well, the answer to that is a very, very different
version of Kal-El. A three issue prestige format mini series
from DC, Red Son, which won an Eisner Award in 2004, has Superman’s rocket ship land
in Ukraine, on a collective farm, and is raised as the champion of the common worker who fights
a never ending battle for Stalin, socialism and the international expansion of the Warsaw
Pact. It’s a story world in which the cold war
is concerned with superhumans rather than a nuclear arms race. Superman becomes a big brother-esque figure
for the Soviet Union, and because of his influence, the Soviet Union has nearly expanded to all
parts of the globe by 1978, with the US on the verge of collapse. An introduction of a brain surgery technique
turns dissidents into obedient followers known as Superman Robots, with Lex Luthor, the president
of the US, constantly coming up with schemes to defeat the threat the man of steel poses. Oh, and Batman exists in this universe too,
but as a freedom fighter vigilante of sorts. 6 Injustice Superman
The Injustice Superman is one of the most grim takes on the hero. His back story is similar to the main continuity’s,
but diverts after Metropolis has been destroyed by a nuclear blast, and the Joker had manipulated
Superman into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child in the process. As Batman and Superman interrogate the Joker,
the clown prince of crime presses Superman’s buttons, toying and taunting with him, with
Superman leaning into his rage, eventually snapping and punching a hole through the Joker’s
chest, killing him, despite Batman’s attempts to intervene. From there, Superman decides that the only
way to eliminate crime is to have absolute power over the earth, which begins a tyrannical
regime in which like minded super powered individuals, both heroes and villains, works
as his generals enforcing his laws. 5 Doctor Manhattan
Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen may seem like a wee bit of a stretch here for this
list, but hear us out. Doctor Manhattan is the only superhero in
the Watchmen universe that has powers (and, worth noting, for the purpose of this number,
we’re looking specifically at Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen stories, not any
of that new Doomsday Clock stuff). Doctor Manhattan, once known as Jon Osterman,
became the near omnipotent super powered after the nuclear physicist was trapped in an Intrinsic
Field Subtractor in 1959, which reconstructed him on a molecular level, granting him his
abilities. After being reanimated, he was immediately
put into the service of the US government, and was asked by Nixon to intervene in the
Vietnam war, where the opposition saw him as a literal god. That’s because he has unlimited manipulation
of his own body and of matter in general, subatomic perception and control, invulnerability
and clairvoyance. Gradually overtime, he loses touch with humanity. He’s seen as a post human god, and, according
to his colleague Wally Weaver – “I never said the superman exists and he’s American. What I said was God exists and he’s American.” In the events of Watchmen, he is framed by
Adrian Veidt in order to create distrust towards the character and prevent him from seeing
through Veidt’s plan to put an end to the energy crisis and create world peace. Later though, in that Doomsday Clock series,
Manhattan is portrayed as a villain, and comes to the conclusion that he is a being of inaction
on a collision course with a man of action, that man being Superman. 4 Ultraman
Ultraman is a Superman alternate from DC who hails from an alternate earth in which the
Justice League’s counterparts are all villains. Initially from Earth Three, Ultraman is a
villainous version of Superman who gets stronger every time he’s exposed to kryptonite, and
initially developed a new super powered ability every time he was exposed to it. One of those powers allowed him to see through
dimensional barriers, which is how the Crime Syndicate, the evil version of the justice
league, learned of other Earths existences. Luckily he does has a weakness to the yellow
sunlight, something revealed post New 52, with the direct sunlight breaking down his
kryptonite radiation. 3 Astonishman – The End League
Astonishman is considered the world’s greatest hero in The End League series, a Dark Horse
bi monthly comic that ran from January 2008 to October 2009. It’s a story in which super villains have
prevailed, and the remaining superheroes struggle to fight for a world that has largely been
enslaved. Astonishman, also known as Brian Terrance,
was over 100 years old, and blamed himself for what has happened. In 1962, Astonishman triggered a worldwide
cataclysm which would be known as the Green Event after he’s tricked into believing
that a communist nuclear facility is at the bottom of the sea. Detonating a nuclear missile into this facility,
which turned out to be an alien space ship, causes a wave of radiation to knock the Earth
off of its axis, killing three billion people in the process, and causing one in 10 thousand
survivors to develop super powers thanks to the radiation. It only gets worse from there. We learn that Astonishman had been drawing
energy from the Earth’s core, and when his skin was broken, that energy that gave him
his powers leaked out of his body. When he died, the energy left his body entirely
in a blast of nuclear proportions. 2 Sentry
Sentry has often been called Marvel’s Superman equivalent. A character who first appeared in 2000, hes
described as a hero with the power of one million exploding suns, and is capable of
feats beyond DC’s man of steel’s own abilities. Sentry has super strength, speed, stamina,
a regenerative healing factor, can manipulate light, is completely invulnerable, has psionic
powers, can fly, has enhanced senses, is capable of molecular manipulation, weather and gravity
manipulation, matter manipulation, can absorb or project energy, is immortal, can teleport
and use astral projection, can shape shift, bend time, project thoughts, is telepathic,
and can even become invisible. Yeah, damn. Aside from having an awesome level of power,
it’s his story that lands him on this list; when we first meet the character in his alter
ego form, Robert Reynolds, he has started to recall memories of Sentry and his nemesis,
the Void, and soon discovers that he has been wiped from the minds and memories of all of
the other superheroes in the Marvel universe, along with the public. Reed Richards and Doctor Doom helped erase
his and everyone else’s memories as a means of keeping the Void at bay. The Void is Sentry’s other half, a nefarious
villain that lives within Reynolds, a dark side effect of his powers. The reason why Void exists within him has
changed over the years; sometimes it’s because of an innate division between good and evil
within Reynolds. Other times its thanks to a mind virus placed
within him, and so on. But regardless, he’s a twist on the concept
of Superman in a way that makes his ultimate powers more complex, and allows for a new
character dynamic that readers found themselves quickly invested in. 1 Super Shock – Powers
Supershock comes from a comic series called Powers, a story told from the perspective
of a homicide cop who has to navigate a world where super powered individuals reign and
fight off flamboyant villains. Supershock first shows up 22 issues into the
series, and is a high level Power, the name for those with super powered abilities. Active since World War 1, the character would
eventually become insane, becoming destructive and going on a rampage that inevitably caused
his own death. With their Justice League-esque team, Unity,
slowly becoming corrupted and falling to shambles, Super Shock began asking himself why he was
serving humans when they were inferior creatures to him. Rather than being useful to them, he wanted
them to serve him as if he were their King. He began acting irrationally, first by murdering
one of his Unity teammates, a ‘hero’ by the name of Red Hawk who Super Shock publically
exposed as a pedophile, then killed. He began intervening in political issues,
including the war between Israel and Palestine, which he put an end to by vaporizing the entire
area. He then flew over to Rome and melted the Pope,
wanting to be the only ‘godly figure’ on the planet. When the rest of the world’s Powers and
legal authorities began to hunt him, he pulled a particularly gruesome stunt; he ended up
taking a police officer up into space, killed her, then resurrected her, then killed her
again, repeating the process over and over to the point where he even ripped out her
own heart and showed it to her, his point being to show the world how he had complete
control over the life and death of humans. There we have it friends! What other alternate erroneous Superman stories
can you think of, both outside of DC and from the publisher? Give us a shout in those comments below and
let us know! If you dug this video, you all know what to
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