Top 10 Reasons Communism Will Always Fail

with most of the world adhering to a capitalist system communism has always had a bad rep particularly because of its association with tyrannical leaders and abject poverty as the world becomes increasingly globalized it becomes harder to remain a self-reliant economy and thus we give you the top 10 reasons communism will always fail number 10 limited resources and failing economy most communist countries have attempted to be self-reliant and have chosen to restrict international investment in trade however this results in limited access to resources and inevitably contributes to the inability for communist countries to compete in global markets number 9 collectivization forced collectivization is an idea most associated with Joseph Stalin's Russia as a part of his five-year plan Farms received by the government in an attempt to create a singular collective farming effort that would provide raw materials for the work for the Russian population unfortunately the high quotas requested by the government led to workers being paid less than the actual labor that they put in causing many to down tool while most remaining communist countries do not enforce collective farming this exploitation of the workforce is a common theme number eight often fails to adapt to the rest of the world because communist countries attempt to stay self-reliant they disregard many of the social political economic and technological developments that take place beyond its borders one of the reasons that China's communist rule has survived this long is that it has managed to adapt and incorporate these global trends into its rule number seven lack of innovation without influences from global sources as well as the lack of need to compete there is generally no need for innovation shared labor means that no single company ever has the need to streamline productivity to profit from supply and demand chains thus a communist country falls into stagnation adding to the difficulties of competing on a global market number six no value of creativity because communism is based on utilitarianism art is seen as frivolous impractical and self-serving therefore having no place within communist values unless of course the art in question is being made to serve the greater community unsurprisingly most Russian artists were made to contribute to pro-communist and pro-russia war propaganda during the 1930s and 40s number 5 poor living conditions communism boasted the utopic ideal of total equality in the distribution of wealth in raw materials while the workforce also contributed labour equally unfortunately as evidenced by failed communist rule of the 20th century as well as systems that are currently still in place the living conditions are far from comfortable with people living very simple lives in workers putting out long our number-four diminished civil rights and lack of individualism under communist rule there is very little space for individualism much like creativity most communist governed countries aim for uniformity in the hopes of feeding into the idea of equality and the individual must give back to the collective and is so often overlooked individual thinking and freedom of speech are also not granted under communist rule as these clothes changes to collective thinking number three generally associated with corrupt government when communism is mentioned the first thing that most people think of is usually 20th century Russia where the people starve and worked themselves to death while those in power lived lives of luxury while pretending to have abolished the class system most communist states have been or are still run by totalitarian dictators or badly corrupt officials or a combination of the two number two usually associated with large-scale murder much like the image of the starving Russian proletariat is the image of mass genocide in the enforcing of communist rule while many Tommy Menace soldiers died during World War two many people who opposed communism within their own nations were persecuted and executed what's more if anyone was thought to have said anything against the communist government or suspected of any actions that did not adhere to communist doctrine they were executed it is estimated that Mao Zedong killed more than 40 million people under his rule of China number one no incentives to grow with everyone being paid to do the same amount of labor and a complete disavowed for the need of individualism there is no room within communism for personal growth without the incentive for extra pay there is no reason for someone to spend six years studying medicine then there would be for someone to spend two months apprentices at a bakery this kind of indifference breeds stagnation and ultimately contributes to the poor quality of life experienced under communist rule as usual thanks for watching if you're not already subscribed go ahead and hit that subscribe button to see more awesome top ten clips we come out with top 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  1. communism=the state has withered away. solviet union and alike was total oposite red fascism. So blaiming what you dont understand is your error

  2. They have failed but this time they will wave their flag as the rise of a new communist leader because saladin is back

  3. All the dislikes are from liberal idiots. I'm a liberal myself but believe in capitalism co-existing with govt. aid. Commies can go fuck themselves

  4. in communism everyone get's equally shit except if your the ruler of beurocrat i live in post communist poland and unfortunetly the destruction of the iron courtain went fucking sideways since poland joined EU beurocracy quadripled and there's plenty of paperwork,i actually went to public healthcare enshurence ocompany Called ZUS as of a part of my practice in Police-economics class and i hated this work but i did it without question you might think that public healthcare is good ,coz in theory everyone gets treated ,yeah in theory coz in reality you have lines that take up to 5 years for a public visit at public hospital for doctor to check on you and you're usually forced to pay for private doctor who will take care of you and ZUS won't give you money for this and ZUS is one of the thing that remained in poland since communist times and also the governemnt where the president is basically only the guy that sits in place lookin like he does something ,oh and lack of birthright for firearms, but that was changed now poles past 18yo can carry a fucking blackpowder pistols,so there's that at least, anyway. i hate communism with burning passion but i'm jealous of stalin coz he was the man who killed the most of the communists

  5. Humans are, by their very nature(and dare I say, instinctive programming) Capitalist animals. Socialism/Communism goes against both God and secular biology. Regardless of whether you believe in God or that the universe somehow spontaneously generated, we can all agree that all living things compete for resources and to gain an advantage in their effort to survive. This is, under a certain point of view, the very definition of Capitalism.

  6. заткнись или я сообщу тебе Сталину.

    западные идиоты ничего не знают

  7. Why it fails because of greedy people want more for themselves not the people, member America was never able to be a democracy it was supposed to be a republic

  8. Communism fails every time because it kills innovation. This is because of central planning. Central planning is a set of economic goals set for the next say 5 years, for the entire country. A central planning agency writes up the plan. Administrators in the various industries are responsible for reaching those quotas. However, central planners cannot foresee a new innovation or invention being developed in the future. You can’t plan for something which doesn’t exist yet. As a result, an inventor of a new product could be punished for screwing up the central plan by introducing changes!!!! The final nail in the coffin of communism is that it rewards people not because they are talented, but because they are loyal to the state. Political appointees. This quickly creates a cadre of leaders who are incompetent morons. They will lead the nation to ruin.

  9. Biased vid. Several of your points (most notably the poor living conditions of the laborer classes) are present in developing and many capitalist countries, including the USA itself. Besides, the equality of outcome that is at the core of the communist ideal is being pushed by "liberals" across the western world. Does that mean western society is set to fail too?
    The big problem with communism is and has always been that the most capable ALSO have to put in the greatest effort, but for the least reward. Smart people therefor stop putting in more effort then needed, since working for the "state" without getting anything in return… well, let's just say most people prefer something other then "glory". You can't eat "glory". It doesn't keep you warm in the winter. It doesn't buy you clothes or a roof over your head. These are the things people want, not a pat on the back from a juggernaut that then takes everything they have and asks for more and a smile.

    The only sustainable societies are meritocracies.

  10. Ok ok. I am in no means for Communism. But let's be honest. Lack of innovation is untrue. They sent Sputnick into space for starters. AK-47(which evolved through innovation) and not to mention various other projects.

  11. Does anyone know a video that talks about like how society could be more balanced because it doesn't make sense how some people have more then they'll ever need and others never have anything until they die. Some people have an easy life from birth to death and others just live a hard life birth to death.

  12. Communism never existed. The only thing that existed was socialism which has absolutely nothing to do with communism.

  13. Facts about the Communism
    1:It doesn't work
    2:It doesn't work
    3:It doesn't work
    4:It doesn't work
    5:It doesn't work
    6:It doesn't work
    7:It doesn't work
    8:It doesn't work
    9:It doesn't work
    10:It doesn't work
    (Boi sum 12 year old saying this)

  14. Communism is the very definition of failure."

    "Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom."

    "Embrace democracy or you will be eradicated."

    "Democracy will never be defeated."

  15. its the most stupid video I have seen on communism. You are using clips from India to show poverty but India is a democratic country, and has always been one! Not being open to trade is used in 3 pointers of 10 and thn you mentioned that china did open and it worked out for them…so it's not communism that fails in catching up with the world, it's some types of communist idealogy which dont work well (like Russia's) guys are just churning out intellectual content without actually understanding the whole thing! lame

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