Top 10 Premium Economy Airlines Worldwide

  1. I have walked through the BA Premium Economy area as I was headed into cattle class. The seats in the PE cabin look like they have no more padding than an economy seat. No thanks! Their rating in this list is bogus. They should be pushed way down the list and Air France moved up. I flew both PE and regular Economy with AF. There is HUGE difference in the comfort level between the two. AF also has much better food.

  2. This is quite ridiculous. China Airlines from Taiwan has the best Premium Eco seats from all and is not even mentioned in the top 10 but Norwegian is Nr. 1?

  3. booooooooooooooooo Singapore airlines is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is so rubbish… who puts Norwegian on #1? That’s a low cost carrier. Surely SQ has to be in top 3 due to the Entertainment system and seat quality.

  5. The images of Norwegian reflect their "Business Class." That is not considered a premium economy cabin for all intents and purposes for comparison. Also, the FA serving food image for British Airways reflect their Club World (Biz Class) cabin.

  6. Norwegian ? Realy?? The meal is served in plastics and tin.boxes all together in a shoebox!!!!! All others serve on bone china and real glases..

  7. I'm not sure how Norwegian got number 1🤔🤔🤔. It looked the worst… Most of the airlines in that group I agree have got a huge premium economy product, but there are also some other airlines that have terrific premium economy offerings as well.

  8. SIA shouldn't even be on this list! Their PE product is nothing better than a glorified Economy Class. And VERY expensive! And Cathay Pacific as well. I have flown PE on both airlines….not impressed!

  9. Air Canada’s premium economy is better than Cathay pacific. The food is better and has priority check in and priority luggage which CX didn’t have these services for PE.

  10. you've got to be kidding about Singapore air. I flew Premium Economy from Singapore to
    Auckland. The seats were lumpy and stained and not very comfortable. The food was not much better than what was being served in Economy. It came complete with an aluminium cover and was inedible.  It must have been an old plane but I paid for the upgrade with new money. Never again. It's Air New Zealand all the way from now on.

  11. Top ten based on what? On your arbitrary picks or on an independent agency's survey of airline passengers. Or what?

  12. AIR New Zealand and Virgin Australia are by far the number 1 and 2… The Norwegian meal service was delivered in a cardboard box not very premium.

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