number 10 Mark Twain Mark Twain is best known for his novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn toward the end of his life Twain was more open about his political views which today are considered rather radical he condemned capitalist as being oppressive and believed himself to be a revolutionist of sorts along with this Twain gave his full support to labor unions and the suffrage movement maybe most compelling he was the president of the American anti-imperialist league and was against military involvement by u.s. troops in countries abroad number 9 Francis Bellamy this will likely come as a shock to many out there but the writer of the American Pledge of Allegiance was a Christian socialist his name was Francis Bellamy and he believed that the teachings of Jesus closely coincided with socialism as a minister he gave sermons expressing his desire for a more equal distribution of wealth the original pledge had a somewhat different wording that proved politically impossible at the time likely because of his skewed political views so it was scrapped for the version we have today as a sign of respect as the pledge was being said participants would do what we think of as the Nazi salute but this was later revised for obvious reasons even though considered a nut even today Bellamy did several notable things such as campaigning to get the American flag in every school building across the country number eight Albert Einstein Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity and other scientific works but he most certainly was not a stranger to political causes he was an early proponent of the civil rights movement and in 1946 he said that Americans sense of equality and human dignity is mainly limited to men of white skins Einstein was extremely critical towards capitalism and even wrote an essay titled why socialism in this essay he explained that living in a capitalist society was making human beings suffer a process of deterioration number 7 George Orwell George Orwell is known for the book 1984 in this book he condemns Soviet Russia for their methods of governing it is for this reason that the book is often praised and taught in schools but what is often left out is that Orwell was a socialist he was opposed to the totalitarian alternative of socialism Orwell firmly believe that the only regime which in the long run will dare to permit freedom of speech is a socialist regime he believed that one has got to be actively a socialist not merely sympathetic to socialism number six Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso is known for his many works of art he co-founded the Cubist style of painting which really revolutionized art in Europe during the 20th century nearly all of his work including the famous guarantee qey could be associated with anti-fascist and anti-war themes he was also a lifelong member of the French Communist Party at one point Picasso said I am a communist and my painting is communist painting number five Helen Keller when we think of Helen Keller we usually think of the story of how she was taught to communicate with others after years of heartache by her teacher and Sullivan during her adult life Helen was a socialist and a member of the Industrial Workers of the world which still exists today but on a much smaller scale she campaigned against any form of war and she was in favor of women's right to vote she said that the true task is to unite and organize all workers on an economic basis she didn't give a damn about semi radicals and was committed to revolution number four Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell was a prominent twentieth century philosopher and thinker he is likely best known for the essay why I am NOT a Christian in whole it condemns all forms of religion but primarily Catholicism Russell was also an advocate of socialism in his essay the case for socialism he argues that socialism is an adjustment to machine production demanded by considerations of common sense he believed that the advantages to be expected from the establishment of socialism are of many different kinds and are by no means confined to the wage-earning class number three Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde is best known for his play The Importance of Being Earnest along with several novels he was also a hardcore socialist in the essay the soul of man under socialism Wilde argues for society to be organized the long socialist grounds he believes that socialism will restore society to its proper condition of a thoroughly healthy organism by doing away with privately owned property this way nobody will waste his life in accumulating things and the symbol for things wild believe that instead of competing against each other people will get along with each other number two Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King jr. has become an icon for african-american men women and children everywhere because of his work during the civil rights movement today we often think of his opposition to segregation and unjust treatment towards the black community because of this it may come as a shock to you that King truly stood for and believed in socialism in a letter to his future wife Coretta Scott he said I imagine you already know that I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic King also called for a widespread redistribution of wealth shortly before his death King led several groups who protested against the current government in a more violent way causing civil disobedience which is rarely ever discussed in the classroom number one Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela is often associated with peaceful protest activism in order to end apartheid in South Africa what is less known about him is that he was also an advocate of violent resistance and was even considered a terrorist for some time in the speech he gave at his trial shortly before being imprisoned Mandela tied himself to the Socialist Party saying he belonged to no particular system of society other than of socialism for a time he was a member of the South African Communist Party's Central Executive Committee despite indirectly killing hundreds of people and supporting radical groups along with the socialistic movement Mandela died a free man on December 5th 2013 like these top ten videos subscribe by clicking the annotation here and give our video alike have an idea for a future top 10 leave a comment in the section below you

  1. But we live in a Democratic and Capitalist country. These men aren't heroes they are internal enemies and foreign usurpers. America is (minus the Bolshevik policy makers and college professor) – The East India Company – Fascism. And if it isn't – well it should be (because it is in contract and spirit). I want Nimrod and not Terry Branstad! D E A T H T O T H E W I M P Y J E W A N D T H E G O D D E S S W O R S H I P I N G T H U G G E E A R A B B L A C K – D E A T H T O G O M E R ! G L O R Y T O O N E W H O G I V E S A F. U. C. K. (order) K A I S E R ! ! N I M R O D I A M E R O V I N G I A Y O R K R I T E K A I S E R R E I C H W O R L D W I D E G L O B A L F A S C I S M I T I S Y E S !

  2. Communism will win . Heaven on earth will be established. You cannot stop our constant evolution towards perfection.

  3. I think it’s funny that people shit on Socialism, look at how many smart and amazing people where Socialists.

  4. Yeah the Mandela part was actually made up. Not the part that he was a socialist but that he was responsible for hundreds of deaths. Surely he was called a terrorist. Because anyone who dared to speak out against the apartheid was called a terrorist.

  5. Thomas Jefferson also advocated something akin to Mutualism, a largely anti-institutional form of anarchist socialism.

  6. 90% of hardcore socialist/communist are intellectuals, civil activists, artists, musicians, actors, actresses, writers and politicians.
    I really doubt a business owner would be an advocate for socialism/communism.

  7. WHY are you calling it 'socialism' when it is COMMUNISM?? You know communism is a dirty American word, so the communists are PRETENDING to be socialists instead.

  8. It makes me laugh when conservatives claim that MLK amd Malcolm X was one of theirs. Ifnyou dig into their beliefs, they were both true progressives by today's standards. Conservatives don't understand the change of parties back in the day…

  9. How can you lie so much about Mandela? Did he support violence? Yes, but against an illegitimate government (no one discusses it was a dictatorship). Armed fight against an illegitimate government is supported by de UN. Even the US gives money to Al Nusra (islamic guerrilla against Assad, pro Sharia), even if in this case is not an illegitimate government nor a legitimate opposition

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