1. Awful! How about some information. Where do they fly? What flag do they fly under? What aircraft do the use? Cost per mile compare to the other airlines listed, or competitors on a route? No narrator and awful not-music.

  2. singapore airline itself can consider good but the staff is terrible, I book Singapore air to Singapore with the pre-seat arrangement at seat 14 already. but due to more passenger, they change the aircraft to a bigger one, my original seat arrangement was given to other new booking passengers, then I was moved second to the last of the aircraft. then I complained, I was told I will be refunded for the fee pre-seat arrangement.

  3. Not really sure who made this video, but I flew economy on Cathay Pacific this past summer on a NEW A320neo and it was incredibly SUB-PAR. Seats were junky, carpets were frayed, meal was nothing to write home about. And you have it listed as Number 5.

  4. Asiana? The same airline that crashed San Francisco because the captain wasn't comfortable flying the aircraft Manually and landing might as well fly Oceananic airlines Ahahahahahaahah!

  5. Asiana airlines? I nvr heard of it. Btw singapore airlines should be no. 1 and follow by qatar emirates and thai

  6. Where is my beautiful bird, Japan airlines, excellent customer service also. All nippon airlines is also good, Air new Zealand, Qatar, Turkish, Emirates, Singapore, Eva air, Cathay pacific, ethihad, klm, lufthansa, air France ok as well.

  7. I want to say these Air hostes that what u get thing when u remove ur dresses and show ur body . Just think if u will cover ur body u will feel respect for ur self . Plz don't do like this

  8. I have only traveled Turkish airline, It is nice. The worst is United Airline. Pay a little extra, don't fly United. Most United States airline is bad, why? The most greatest economy and the world worst airlines.

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