Tomas Venclova – The need for liquidation of communism (13/88)

I unequivocally took the side
of the Hungarian Revolution and quite clearly understood that
it wasn’t possible to repair communism; one could only liquidate it. And it was the duty of every decent human being to shake the foundations of communism to the maximum. Well, one person could do that in one way,
another in a different way, but it was necessary to do. Not necessarily by taking up a weapon – if someone could take up a weapon that wasn’t bad either – but various other methods were also possible. Well, and my friends also took a similar position. I was still a student but somehow already from that time I didn’t hide the fact that my views
were at complete odds with official views, that I regarded communist ideology in a negative way or at least very sceptically,
and that I held different views.

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