Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: E3 2019 We Are Brothers Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Ghosts never die
    We fight with our brothers
    We have the skill to even the grounds
    We have the element of surprise

    Doesn't matter. You're up against the punisher, you're already dead.

  2. i want to know the price of this godly game (i mean for me 20Euro is like 100$(hopefully u got it) for an American) (well i have to leave this garbage country)

  3. We are ghosts. Ghosts never die.
    But we're ghosts. So we must have died.
    We are living ghosts that don't die, but we did die, at some point, coz we're ghosts.
    I see dead people.
    Or ghosts.
    I can't tell anymore.
    I like cheese.

  4. As ghosts, I feel u should have the ability to cloak yourselves. I mean come on you are ghosts..or maybe blend in to the environment like the predator

  5. How can 4 ghost fight a army of ex ghosts oh cause they are the main characters the story is so far fetched our team would get smoked if this was realistic

  6. I’ve always been mislead by the name “gameplay trailer”. I’ve always assumed gameplay trailer should show gameplay whereas a trailer like this should be called cinematic trailer

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