Together with Google Developers – Google Community Program

SAM RAMJIL: One of the
most important things in how we build developer
products is developers. Communities are
places where people find meaning, where
they find support, where they find the real value
in using any kind of tools. UTTAM KUMAR TRIPATHI: Our
development group community program is a global
program through which like-minded communities can
come in and partner with Google. YUKI ANZAI: We decided
to start our community to help women who are interested
in technology know each other. BRITT BARAK: Many people
are doing amazing things. And also have challenges. So having together more
people with the same agenda, it really helps feel
more confident about what you’re doing. When you figure out that
you’re not alone in it, it gives you some
more drive to do it. NICK PARFENE: Every single time
I attend an event that we’ve put together, I learn. I thrive from seeing
people come together, solve their own problems. SERENA FERNANDES: You see
people that don’t even know each other,
they get together, and they have, like,
the same passion, and they start a
friendship or new projects. YONATAN LEVIN: Also, we tried
to combine different communities together, like designers
and developers. Before that, no
one tried to teach them to speak same language. DANIEL FRANC: We
partner with hundreds of communities and organizers
all around the world. We look for simple ways
to enhance their meetups or maybe make their
community more successful. UTTAM KUMAR
TRIPATHI: The program is currently active worldwide. We have over 300 communities
who are part of the program. If you want to come in and
be part of the program, please show interest, and
we’ll get you started.

  1. Who do you think you are fooling with this propaganda? We all saw with our own eyes what the google lynch mob did to James Damore. We see every day how you are demonetizing YouTube videos of anyone who violates the social justice warrior prohibition against micro-aggressions. You are destroying the lives of people who TRUSTED you. While you simultaneously add a video of a black rapper HANGING a 6 year-old white boy to your "trending" category to encourage more people to vent their hatred at "white male privilege". YOU ARE SICK!!! YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE!!!

  2. Please make another googleplex in our country (indonesia), we have so much great developer here tht you should consider it!

  3. Google is freaking awesome! These people help the world become better and a more positive, creative, and productive place. I wish I worked for them.

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