To Your Left #4: Socialists my ass! | على شمالك: اشتراكيين مين؟!

Hey Brothers! Hey Brothers! I mean it. Hey Brothers! Stalin, Mao and Nasser are NOT SOCIALISTS!!!!! Good Evening. How you all doing? When you think of socialism you think of the Soviet Union. But, get ready to be shocked, That’s not socialism! It’s actually State Capitalism State Capitalism? Yup, state capitalism, like I say every freaking episode: A group at the top that that exploits the rest of us at the bottom. But instead of being business men, they’re statesmen. Joseph Stalin seized power on the ruins of the Russian revolution. With a little flavor of revolution. He said that Russia was behind the Western world by 50 years and we have to catch up in 10 years. So, instead of tending to what we need and how to live, we bust our asses and work to compete in the global market. Super sneaky, ey? He implemented a plan of forced industrialization. Huge factories and gigantic production lines. Heavy work for cheap labor. So, the state that calls itself a workers state is exploiting its very workers. And if you don’t like it, you’ll be thrown by force to labor camps in Siberia. Where you’ll either die of overwork or the blistering cold. More than 3 million oppositionists died in those camps. Steel production soared from from 10 million tons to 44 million tons in 20 years. And they created amazing rockets to enter the space race. At this same time, cotton products did not fluctuate an inch. And production of basic necessities, like shoes and cloths, was in ruins. Some real deal state capitalism in action! That’s besides the famine that killed millions. Maybe the country was just going through a tough time and 10 MILLION workers had to die, so the rest can live. Don’t think so. Russia was the only country whose economy was growing at an exponential rate. Stalin himself announced that Russia’s growth rate stood at over 20% annually, despite the fact that other Western countries such England Germany and the US had rates had rates of tops 3% and 5%. On top of that, he back-peddled on all the rights women and other oppressed minorities had previously attained. and he persecuted Muslims and Jews He also destroyed churches and criminalized any critique of atheism. So, all the social victories achieved by the Bolsheviks were obliterated by Stalin so that they can breed more workers to exploit. And he said he created where everyone is equal. “But what about you and the state?” “Nah, we don’t count.” “But, you’re all poor, and die of cold and starvation equally.” It’s a pretty simple equation: You want to create a huge surplus value, and there’s no money coming in because Russia was completely isolated after the defeat of the European revolutions. So you have to have your working class work like animals and get paid pennies so the state can build a large enough economy to compete in the global market against the countries that have ruling and thieving that market for centuries. But if you tell workers and farmers to work for 20 hours and get paid whatever is available, they’ll refuse. So, you’ll have to use the whip. Which means dictatorship. And you’ll forcibly exploit the workers to turn a profit. Which means capitalism. But not businessmen and a free market, no, this is state capitalism. TBH, Stalin wasn’t a failed socialist because he wasn’t a socialist to begin with. Stalin was running a capitalist state that forcibly squeezed every bit of surplus value. And it worked according to the standards of capitalism. Stalin’s state continued after his death until it collapsed with the 1989-1991 revolutions. Stereotypical capitalist system of exploitation. It crushed a workers revolution in Hungary with tanks in 1956 and did the same in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Revolutions that could have turned into real socialism if had been given the chance. But what can I say… The strong is only strong against the weak. Chernobyl has become a popular show recently and it tells the story of the nuclear reactor that exploded in 1986 in Ukraine. It, of course, has a touch of American propaganda sprinkled in, so you get the impression that the was complete hell and real freedom is American capitalism. But there’s a scene that portrays how the state viewed its relationship with its workers. And how we all need to sacrifice so the state survives instead of working for each other. So we all get screwed because the state knows what’s good for us and it’ll protect us. Pretty entertaining show though. Moa is a completely different story. Instead of emulating Stalin, taking over power and turning it into a dictatorship, and whip workers for the sake of economy and kill millions of people. Mao took over power, and turned it into a dictatorship, and whipped the workers, and killed… Did I say he wasn’t like Stalin? But truth be told, there are differences in the options that come with this model. Moa didn’t come on the heels of a workers revolution. Instead, Japan occupied China to make some money and pay some bills. What an ingenious concept: when you need money, go rob another country. Especially if you’re a rich and developed country that shames the poor for their laziness. Moa took power and said screw democracy. We want a country that is rich and advanced and we’ll work for the sake of China. “China above all!” “Long Live China!” The same broken record of Stalin’s. China was an agricultural state. So, Moa recruited and armed the peasants and created a workers’ revolution without workers. FAIL!!! He oppressed an entire nation so they can farm and produce the products he can export so he can profit. As such, the economy grew and people were crushed by the oppression. Poverty, hunger, exploitation and torture and in the end, more that 15 MILLION people died. 15 million people and the state is getting richer. Of course, he curtailed political activity and independent labor unions and anything not belonging to the ruling party and all this in coordination with uncle Joseph in the Soviet Union. They were the poster boys of of socialism to the entire world. They would even compete in the global market like any two capitalist countries would. Mao wanted to advance industry and grow the economy in record time. And like any capitalist in his place he needed violence and squeezed the working class for every bit of surplus value to use in the global market. Like any clothing store owner who wants his company to grow so he screws workers over in Bangladesh. Or like the UK that occupied half of the world through violence and exploitation. And because of its retched history, it remains a rich country today. Different forms of the same idea. So, in the end, the socialist party turned out to be a complete capitalist success. Abdel Nasser is a completely different story! We have to give props to Nasser, despite our major issues with his policies, and he is, with all due respect, a moron, an idiot! Nasser came in during the height of third world liberation movements. Like Moa with the Japanese. Those nationalists always wanted to expel foreign occupation. Not to overcome exploitation, but to build a modern state styled on their occupiers, but with an added local touch. It’s important to end imperialism, but it is equally important that we truly free ourselves. Nasser truly missed the point of socialism and he didn’t really care about it. That punk, requested a loan from the US, Britain and the IMF like any other capitalist. And when he was refused, he suddenly turned socialist and allied with the Soviet Union, which was also capitalist. In 1953, he passed a law for foreign investors so they can come and profit from our petroleum. Isn’t that just super socialist?! One of the best examples that truly expresses the filth of Nasser is the trial of Khamees and Baqary. The case was that just three weeks after the July 1952 Coup the workers of the Kafr El Dawar textile factory held a strike demanding better wages and working conditions and chanted: “Long Live the General Leader!” “Long Live the Army’s movement!” And then all hell broke lose; everyone was arrested and everyone tried in a military court and then execution orders. Execution? Insane. Mostafa Khamees, 19 years old and Mohamed El Baqary, 17 years old, were killed by the hands of a state they supported and by which were mesmerized. That is how much Nasser detested any opposition or movement and from the first day! And, on a side note, Sayed Oktob also supported the execution. Nasser followed Stalin and Mao and outlawed politics and destroyed any and all labor movements and monitored everything. And he didn’t even make any real changes. He just undertook some lame reforms. His agricultural reform, of which he was so proud, only redistributed 16% of land and didn’t get distributed except to just 10% of the peasants. You spent 17 years redistributing just a 10th of the land?! If it was a new metro line you were fixing, it would have been completed and already broken down again. Even if he would have decided to do things right, as long as he’s ignoring the masses and working above alone, when he does do us a favor, in a minute Sadat will open it and in a second Mubarak will privatize it. And then he said: Hey, Brothers! I have a solid five-year plan: We’ll decrease what we import from EGP 229 million to EGP 215 million, so, 6%, super easy breezy. Nothing to it! Imports increased to EGP 413 million, so instead of decreasing, it increased 80% and that caused a budget deficit. What amazing feats of failure. At the same time, he established free education, which you’ll say is socialist, right? And I would responded, buzz off! The largest capitalists countries, like the US, have free education, is the US socialist, too? Nasser just realized that the state needs to educate people so they can graduate, work and create money for the state. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not an essential right for all. Nasser also nationalized the Suez Canal after it had been in the hands of France and England, despite being dug on the corpses of Egyptians. We won’t talk about why he did that and where did his interest lie and where did the money evaporate to, we’ll just say it was a good step. The problem is not just that he didn’t understand socialism, it’s that when he tried to establish state capitalism he failed miserably. What a douche. In state capitalism even if the leader is a stand-up guy, when he leads a revolution that is removed from the masses and the working class, he’ll ultimately hi-jack the system and work it for his benefit. Che Guevara is an example of this. He’s super loyal, but, in the end, his road to power was some kids with guns; sudden attack; attack and control and bring the justice from the top as if you’re Robin Hood and the masses don’t matter at all. Guevara’s cool, but, what a loss. He established state capitalism with Castro in Cuba and everyone was screwed. He continued to struggle without any popular or worker support. The truth is that Stalin, Mao, Nasser and Castro all ignored the working class and put themselves on the top of the old system and succeeded by the standards of capitalism except for Nasser, who did nothing. Epic Fail! Marxism is something completely different than all those dudes. We’re not going to wait for a dictator to tell us how to live. We should free ourselves by ourselves. What’s natural is that we all plan our lives together and understand our needs and produce them so no one suffers from poverty, illness or discrimination or any of the other crappy elements of capitalism. We surely deserve better than this. There are various examples of movements influenced by Marxism to varying degrees. Like Bernie Sanders in American, Jermey Corbyn in England, Pablo Iglesias and the Podemos movement in Spain. They are all moving in exciting directions. And we’ll talk in another episode about the Bolsheviks… Aaahh…the Bolsheviks! And the Paris Commune. If you like what I’m saying, share the love and likes. And if you disagree, hit me up in the comments and we can duke it out. And take a look at the references we work hard on them. I’m Shalaby and it’s been real peeps.

  1. عشت ياوحش وتخلينا نسأل اذا كان ذول كلهم مش اشتراكيين امال مين الاشتراكي؟
    وحتعمل حلقة ثانية تشرح الاشتراكية الحقيقة

  2. والاشتراكيين الثوريين طبعا هم اللي هيحققوا الاشتراكية في حضن الاخوان

  3. تمام .. نوافقك على هذا الكلام يا سيد، و لكن ما هي الفائدة من وراء هذا ..؟؟

  4. لا وانتا فاكر إن الرأسماليين هيسيبو أي مشروع إشتراكي ينجح طبعا مستحيل لازم تبقي زي مبتقول (رأسمالية دولة ) في البداية ولما تقوم للدولة قومة تطبق المبادئ الإشتراكية بالتدرج ساعتها هيكون عندها إقتصاد وجيش قوي تتعكز عليهم في مواجهة القوي الرأسمالية.
    إلي شايفه إنك بتحاول تلبس فشل أي مشروع ليه مسحة إشتراكية في الرأسمالية .

  5. يعني مفيش ولا نموذج في العالم للاشتراكية فانت بتدور علي يوتوبيا اللي متوجدتش ولا موجودة ولا هتتوجد

    الصراحة شايف ان فكرتكوا قديمة والتراب مغطيها

  6. ألقائد ماو تسي تونك و أستالين و جيفارا كانوا يتبعون مبادئ حظرة ألقائد لينين و ألفيلسوف كارل ماركس. ولا يوجد أي نوع من انواع ألرأسمالية في ألأتحاد ألسوفيتي و ألسبب أن ألأتحاد ألشيوعي يتبع سياسة(أصنع تسد) أي ألصناعة هي لسد ألحاجة. وبما أن حكومة ألأتحاد ألسوفيتي تحتاج للمال لسد احتياجات الشعب ألسوفيتي فلذلك دخل ألأتحاد ألسوفيتي ألسوق ألعالمية. فالفيتنام دخلت ألسوق ألعالمية هل يعني تخلت ألفيتنام عن ألشيوعية ألأشتراكية. أكيد لا لم تفعل. مناظل شيوعي أشتراكي ثوري. لينيني ماركسي

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  8. في الصين كانوا ٤٠ مليون من المجاعات فقط
    ده غير ان مفيش اي نموذج ناجح عن تطبيق اشتراكية او شيوعية او ماركسية او اناركية
    الفكرة ان كله لنا بيوصل بيتحايل علي السلطة وببخرب الدنيا بعضها وحتي لو من جواه كان عايز حاجة فالسلطة بتغريه وحاجة في قمة الضحك

  9. فكرتني بالاسلاميين اللي بيقولوا ان مفيش نظام اسلامي تم تطبيقه بشكل صحيح
    وان كل النماذج الإسلامية الموجودة حاليا لا تطبق النظام بشكل سليم، مسخرة

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  11. Solidary greetings from Germany comrade, keep up the good work ✊😘

    Will there be a video about Rosa Luxemburg?

  12. لكن البلاشفة من يوم يومن وسخين، تحالفوا مع جيش القيصر ضد ماخنو في أوكرانيا

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