To Your Left #3: A necessary Evil? | على شمالَِك: شر لابد منه؟

The easiest thing to do is sit and bitch about capitalism. “Can’t find work?” Capitalist is to blame. “I feel like I have no purpose in life.” Freaking capitalism! “The last season of GOT sucked!” Mmm…yeah. That was capitalism too. Somewhat…indirectly; It’s complicated. But where’s bitching getting us? The question that presents itself is: Is there a true viable alternative? Can we live without capitalism? There’s only one person that can answer these questions. GPS or do you know the way? Welcome to EgyptAir. Beef or chicken? Where are you arriving from today? Hey, Karl! Tomb of Karl Marx
London The capitalist system is trash! “Yup, pretty crappy system.” Horrendous system! “Yeah, dude, I get it.” “Get on with your point.” I understand that capitalism is built on exploitation and screws us all over. However, in reality, can we live without it? Or is it a necessary evil? “OMFG!” What? What’s wrong? “Y’all still asking that dumbass question?” Why you gotta front? “I’ve spent my entire life” “trying to explain to you ignorant punks” “how capitalism works” “and how to solve it.” “And, now, I hear that” “same stale BS about” “how there’s no alternative” “and that social democracy” “is the sweet spot.” No, I swear, but, I can’t imagine another system. “But the capitalists did.” “That’s why they succeeded” “and y’all making videos for yourselves.” “I’m not going to waste my time” “explaining the obvious.” Ouch! Adam Smith
1723-1790 You happy with the crap world we’re living in? “You should count your blessings” “for the advancements that” “came along with capitalism.” What advancements? When you’re forcing 2 billion people to live in poverty and 1 billion people in hunger, while the food we produce can feed us and have leftovers. “No, no. You see my boy,” “capitalism is not complete.” “But it did give everyone the right” “to go to market with money” “and return with a much bigger profit.” “That is the pinnacle of its magical majesty.” What you call profit is just surplus value and comes from exploited workers. It’s certainly not magic from above. “Get off your soapbox,” “with last episode’s tired content.” “You know very well that” “capitalism developed cities” “and established universities” “and advanced sciences.” “It’s what moved us forward” “and fostered creativity and innovation.” Creativity and innovation are natural characteristics of humanity, BTW. And, it’s us that developed technology, not capitalism. Even that you want to monopolize!? “B#*$H Please! Where was this creativity” “and innovation during feudalism?” “We undertook a revolution” “and liberated serfs and slaves” “and gave everyone the complete freedom” “to choose where and how to work.” “You see, Shalaby,” “man is greedy by nature” “and thinks only of his interests.” “When he gets a job” “and works hard,” “he’ll make it to the top.” “And the entire community will benefit,” “but, you just need to remove yourself” “and leave the invisible hand” “to do it’s thing and the market will thrive.” Of course not! You’re the ones that dispossessed people of their land and forced them to choose between being exploited or starving to death. “Isn’t better than being slaves for kings,” “like during feudalism:” “with a couple of backwards people” “controlling a couple of knights,” “churches and mercenaries.” “And right when we created” “a couple of institutions and some banks,” “they completely fell apart.” “You know, Shalaby?” “If you were living during our time,” “and just as enthusiastic about” “change as you are now,” “you would have joined us.” “And been just as radical as those FB kids,” “but capitalist and working that mind” “of yours for the right cause.” “Oh boy, wouldn’t that have been great!” (*blows kiss*) Complete BS! Frederick II
Symbolic of Feudalism You know that you’re a thug and a thieve, don’t you? “Me?” “I brought stability to all my lands;” “kings, nobles, knights, peasants,” “we were all content.” “Until capitalism came along” “and screwed us all over.” So, you’re against capitalism? “Of course I am.” “This land is the greatest blessing.” “We were comfortable” “and the peasants farmed our lands.” And you also hate bigotry and exploitation? And class division? “What? No, no.” “Capitalism just made all” “the rabble immigrate from our lands,” “and go to the city to learn a trade” “and we have no one to farm for us” “or pay us.” So, you’re against capitalism, but support a class system that divides people? “Well. people are born different.” “I mean, you can’t have the servant “dine with the queen.” “Or are we going to live” “like primitive people;” “with no development or” “really any purpose.” “They didn’t even grasp” “the concept of private property.” Random Statute
Symbolic of Primitive Society So, you all were living without any division? “Why would we divide ourselves?” “We go every morning and hunt” “and then return to divide the bounty.” “Living day by day” “and content.” Certainly, you weren’t all the same? Don’t exaggerate. “No, really, not that much division.” “We might choose a chief among us,” “but, ultimately, everything is divided equally.” “If we were divided, we wouldn’t survive.” But, you were a primitive society. You didn’t have any technology or produce anything worthwhile. “That was just at the beginning.” “Sustenance was scarce” “and we weren’t greedy.” “But, then, we started” “farming, collecting and storing.” “And ever since,” “Things got bad, my friend.” Oh! The Pain! Marx and Engels
Berlin Capitalism is built on classes and every one screws the one below them. “Did you figure that out” “all by yourself?” Wait, a sec. Feudalism was built on classes, but was not overflowing with such aggressive competition because all classes were static and there wasn’t any incentive to make you work harder and they stayed that way for centuries. Then you had peasants that were dispossessed of their land and that’s when they got the idea to head to the bigger villages and small markets and sell their working hours to the capitalists that were revolting against the feudal system. After their battle, capitalism was victorious and became the ruling system. And it advances rapidly. And, if there were classes prior to capitalism then it wasn’t always there because in primitive society everyone cooperates in order to live. However, when abundance came into play, and there was no need for everyone to hunt together. Then you had storage experts and sales reps and various other divisions of labor and that’s what created classes. “Yeah, duh!” “Didn’t you read anything I wrote?” “Or anything I wrote?” As such, we as humans, can very well live without competition and can certainly cooperate. Just as we have done for more than 98% of humanity history. Just as the capitalist system was previously nonexistent, it can one day cease to exist. “I swear, I said all that” “in my book. ‘Origins of the Family…'” “Did you go see that, b*&%h, Adam Smith?” “He probably gave you his tired speech” “about thinking of just yourself” “and that when businessmen benefit,” “everyone benefits.” “And you believed him, right?” Don’t mock me, bro. “Capitalism is full of contradictions.” “It is unnatural.” “Its contradictions prevent it from succeeding.” “Right when it appeared,” “it was met with revolutions right away.” “A system that started with blood” “and continues to expand with blood” “so it can open new markets to profit off of.” “Capitalism also created the working class,” “the very same class that is” “required to bring down the system.” “Because when productive forces” “conflict with relations of production” “all hell breaks loose” “and we get a social revolution.” “Feudalism’s problem was with scarcity” “and this was solved through depopulation;” “so, through famines, wars, plagues, etc.” “The problem with capitalism is abundance.” “Extra products don’t even make it” “to the markets, so profits aren’t compromised.” “And since the rich are all that matter,” “millions dying of starvation of disease” “is inconsequential.” “And the workers get screwed over,” “Just like I said in my book,” “The Condition of the Working Class in England.” “Shalaby, dude, please hook the viewers up” “with links to my books in the references.” “In addition, capitalism has to” “develop its means of production constantly” “under the pressure of competition.” “At the same time, it has to maintain” “the relations of production that” “creates its surplus value.” “And here’s where the contradictions appear.” And that’s why it will end. But if we left it, it will continue to save itself and if it changes on its own it’ll take us somewhere worse. But, if we did to the capitalists what they did to feudalism, we can change the system, get rid of class division, get rid of competition, and get rid of exploitation and alienation. And live in a world that is not capitalist. Exactly! Congrats! Genius! Welcome to EgyptAir. Beef or Chicken. Would you like a taxi? Where you going, sir? Every system that humanity has created has its advantages. Even capitalism. But, now, we live in a world where the richest 26 people have more money than half the world’s population. Equivalent to 3.8 billion people!!! In the US, 40 million gallons of milk, are wasted annually, so that no one can get them for free and so prices stay high. You have more than 4 million people with cholera and the treatment exists, but isn’t profitable, and therefore, people dying of cholera every year is more than 100,000!!! Women get paid 3/4 of what a man gets paid for the same exact work. So, minorities are screwed, the poor are enslaved and companies are throwing away food and people are starving and the houses are empty and people are homeless. There is no justification for these gaps. Marxism states that the working class was created through capitalism and it is the only class capable of overthrowing the system And through them, class division will cease to exist. Meaning, technology, advancement and innovation in every field. Meaning, freedom and not having to do something against your will. So, instead of competition, cooperation. Creating products and services that we need, not what creates profit for capitalists. As one viewer, Ahmed Adel, aptly put it: “Communism is ‘you AND I’ not ‘you OR I'” If you like what I’m saying, share the love and likes. And if you don’t like what I’m saying, meet me in the comments and we can philosophically duke it out. And check out the references! I’m Shalaby and it’s been real, peeps.

  1. احنا ما نقدرش نتخلى عن الرأسمالية كلها احنا ممكن نعدلها يعني مانسيبش الاقتصاد مع نفسه بس الحكومة تدخل شوية تقلل الاستغلال و طبقية زي أفكار ديمقراطيين الاشتراكيين او اشتراكية النوردية

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  9. لوجمعنا الرأسمالية والاشتراكية وضربناهم بالاخلاط سوف نطلع بنظرية حديثة ترضي جميع الاطراف؟؟؟.

  10. Rock and roll. Half the western socialists/marxists I know can't come close to coming up with anything this dialectical and humorous and consumeable

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