1. I think the Laws on Bike Helmets was more about the fact, that after a smash, The 'Head Pieces' were kept in 'One Place' so to speak. It's easier to find the Smashed Skull if it is in its' 'Own Jar/Bowl'.

  2. thats because the time of the capitalists has been and gone. they made their monopolies, bought and payed for everything, and 100 years later we're living in their shadow.

  3. So you are a distributist then? Because that is the system you are describing. A market based private ownership economy with strict anti-monopoly mesures, and no mega corperations.

  4. Man.. I got to disagree with you saying people should be free to not wear a helmet. Even riding a dirt bike, an injury will cost tax payers somehow. Accidents do not happen in a vacuum, they can effect the non negligent in ways too.

  5. corporatists fucked up early free market capitalism, then progressives compounded the problem by adding big brother intervention-which is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

  6. Work or die if people don't contribute they should get nothing. There is a huge welfare culture in America, millions of people getting paid to sit around at home and they can all work. They take advantage of the system just go to the welfare office every car outside is a Cadillac Escalade. Driving Cadillacs mooching off the government and getting food for free eating steaks every night. The working family is eating hamburger helper and ramen noodles it's wrong.

  7. When I become emperor of the NWO with my psychic powers I will consult you on the dismantling of it and the liberartian of the people

  8. We are going to make you the ruler of the US. If you fail you are going to be crucified and take the sins of the world.

  9. look at cars. The people who mine the iron ore and coal are taxed. The people who haul those things to the steel mill are taxed, the steel mill people are taxes, as are the people who haul the steel to the carmaker. the car people are taxed, and so are the people who haul the cars to the dealers, the dealers are taxed, too. All that taxation has to be added to the price of EVERYTHING that you buy and then you buy it with money that you've been TAXED upon. What a pile of crap.

  10. And I just watched video where you claimed, that argument about that we did not yet had communism therefore we can not criticize it is absurd. Hypocrisy much?

  11. Government intervention is a significant problem in this country. We need to see healthcare and education back in the private sector.

  12. You pay around 40 percent of your income on expenses and premiums in countries such as the Netherlands. Compulsory health insurance is already a reasonable expense. In addition, you may still pay a deductible and share the hospital bill and treatment providers that are not even covered by your health insurance. If you have the misfortune that you get health problems, the bills can quickly ad up.

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