TLP - 79 - An Interview with Kim Ruff 2020

and there was a time in this country a long time ago when reading wasn't just for and neither was writing people wrote books and movies movies that had stories so you cared hello and welcome back to the thanks liberty podcast this is episode 79 and I'm your host Kaitlyn joining me this week is Lonnie Dupree Lonnie how are you great how are you I am exhausted I mean packing up to move to Ohio and packing in yeah one of my least favorite things especially lately since I've moved twice this year yeah and it's Ohio Torino moving from Minnesota to Ohio it's basically moving from South Canada to the other South Canada yes it's not really much so it's kind of like a lateral move it's not really an upgrade yeah I don't know though I'm moving to a man's field and they have door – so that's gonna be an upgrade I'm looking forward to that god bless the free market rate I suppose we don't have door – here so oh it's so great know what they do okay so you can order like delivery for any restaurant you want that signs out all your door – yeah we have something that's called waiter I actually believe that started in Louisiana mmm I interviewed for them to be a delivery driver one time because you actually had to do interviews with them and I didn't get the job so oh man we also have a special guest this week Kim ruff who is seeking the libertarian nomination for president in 2020 thank you for joining us Kim how are you very well and thank you so much for having me on also Jordache is the magazine I just started using it this week and if I can just convince them to stay like five minutes later and feed it to me right or bring it to you on the couch so you don't even have to answer the door at work and I thank God for them because if I didn't have door – I would never eat lunch yeah yeah I was I was in California for in some libertarian party business stuff and I got door – like every single day while I was out there because I just I had to take advantage of it because I live in a podunk town in Minnesota not used to that luxury is an ATM but door – come at me bro right all right so we're just gonna jump right into it we have a ton of questions and I think it would be great for our listeners to get to know you as a candidate and hopefully support you in 2020 good what sets you apart from the other announced libertarian candidates okay I get that a lot that's a very good question probably the best way to distill it are a couple of things one is the structure and the intention of the campaign itself which is we are building an infrastructure gathering resources and/or we can effectively transcend a lifespan of a campaign typically you do have large-scale campaigns that do acquire donor information or information of Delegates or you know put together a policy or research and then that information dies with the campaign itself this is a long-term fight that we as libertarians are waging we want to be able to have those resources at the disposable at the disposal of everyone at the local state and federal level to use in perpetuity so you can build on that rather than reinvent the wheel with their campaigns the second aspect of our campaign is that we are very focused on trying to cross-promote and I hold down ticket candidates because those are the people who have the highest probability of being elected and kind of fact positive change in your area so we're really trying to drive as much tension downward to those candidates who are talking about issues in your area and to those state affiliates to help build up their own infrastructure and build up their own warchest and make them a viable threat in their areas so that's that's the aspect of the campaign itself as far as me as a candidate obvious fact that I'm a female yeah the it is refreshing to see the other aspect of it is that even though I am an anarchist I'm very much an anarchist and voluntarios because I think the only ethical government is one that is strictly voluntary there what I am doing in my campaign is focusing specifically on issues that pertain to that role and that office only and not proposing to use the abusive amount of power vested in currently in the executive branch to enact my will but rather set a precedent for years to come that we only do within the existing scope of office as defined by the Constitution and nothing greater than so my focus is strictly on what you're supposed to do as the president not what has been done and what policies are and how I can make positive change in the executive branch I really love that you have infrastructure as one of your main focuses as your campaign because it's something I see is lacking from a lot of campaigns not just other POTUS candidates but a lot of down ticket candidates as well how far are you in building a national infrastructure for your campaign like how many I guess offices do you have that kind of thing my goodness we actually have we've been doing this since July of last year and now said early so you know it's funny the impetus behind us even doing this in the first place was that we have come from the activist portion we have worked at our state affiliate or county level and we've assisted other candidates and campaigns and we have been you know in our respective places John in Illinois me here in Arizona also in New York when I lived there first fell you know the effort the real movement happens at the volunteer level at that boots on the ground level and a lot of times especially during presidential races you have people who come in they promise us everything they exhaust our war chest they weary our volunteers through a petition gathering and then they leave off to pick up all those pieces and then move forward they take that brain trust they built with them that's a huge amount of momentum that's lost so we we basically said ok you know like we're not gonna wait around for the perfect candidate quote-unquote to announce we're gonna do it ourselves we know what libertarianism is we have been in this movement for a decade plus both of us we recognize that as a slate we can be separated at the convention and we are totally okay with that because that's the way our governing system works for the L&C and the Libertarian Party national Jen but we're gonna act like we are we are chosen and we're going to do it and we're going to build that infrastructure and continue to help people at that local level because that is where the help is most needed your job as the presidential candidate it's to use that platform and podium to talk about these ideas and set a precedent for what we stand for what we believe and then allow down-ticket candidates to build on that by focusing more on the local level I really I'm kind of going in a tangent oh no you're right though it builds their their volunteer base ahead of time so they don't waste half of their campaign trying to recruit volunteers when or you've already won it we're hearing right so take your original question you said how big is our infrastructure we have goodness we have about a hundred people in the national campaign itself and that's in a variety of roles whether it's on our comms team which is helmed by Aaron pile from Indiana field development which is done by Michele McCutcheon and Tyler Smith Michele hails from Ohio and Tyler is from South Carolina those two are a co-director field development people you got some runners on your team yeah he was like a variable who's who of kick-butt activist heck yeah Erin Nile is she's one of the best activists in the party I know where she's fantastic and you know it should seek her out to help yeah she's amazing and she's such a stitch shorter than me and the most adorable human being she's the same height as me and we bonded over that at the convention last summer they're awesome so we've got a bunch of people in those roles fleshed out and then they've been working diligently to build up their teams and set state directors in place who in turn have been responsible for building up teams at a local and county level which is I mean we've got it we've got people all over the place who are pulling to make this happen and it's really amazing I I told my team multiple times I'm like I feel like an eighth in the company of tens you guys are incredible well that's that's kind of what the campaign is you know it's you surround yourself with these amazing people and they they do the groundwork and it's it's pretty fantastic watching these campaigns you know form and the good that comes out of them and it seems like you have a lot of good coming out of your campaign with your infrastructure strategy with helping me down candidates and creating that infrastructure that the party severely lacks it's actually one of my biggest issues with the party itself is the lack of infrastructure and the lack of snowballing off of the election and I'm glad to see that somebody stepped up and is taking charge on that we accept that and we will continue to push forward because ultimately the end goal is for us to ensure Liberty in our lifetimes so regardless of what happens to us as candidates or the campaign itself make this push because people's lives are literally in the balance you know what we're talking about kind of got on the party there a little bit is there any part of the lubricating party platform that you disagree with and if so can you provide some examples things you might change things you would leave out completely you know stuff like that oh actually I don't have any issue with the Libertarian Party platform in 2005 when I switched party affiliations from Republican Chi libertarian and has it as its evolved since I've been very happy to see so many of my opinions and values represented I felt like for the first time in my entire life I saw defined and well fleshed out concepts for what I'd already been thinking and feeling it was it was really like a homecoming in a large part because I'm like oh my god this is my tribe they understand all these things that I've been thinking about and and I'm feeling for a very long time so no I don't have an issue with the platform at all and my favorite aspect of it is actually the statement of principles I think that is it's beautiful it's a beautiful call to action and a summary of our overarching philosophy and then everything from there on the platform is a distillation of that on different issues and I would like how they did it you made difficult topics they are able to they have been able to articulate in a way that is very humanistic anding of the importance of Liberty I agree there I do I am a huge fan of the platform I think it's it's written really well to where it's still like you said humanistic but it also sticks to the principles and it's the logical conclusion of the statement of principles good to know that you are your on board of the party platform I think a lot of people are curious where the presidential candidates stand on the platform itself what made you decide to run for president of all things well as I kind of touched on a little bit earlier a lot of it it came out of the fact that in previous election cycles as activists you have just sort of stood out of that one you've had opinions on it of course but you step out of it because it's not your purview here's something more local based whether you're doing intra party politics or you're focusing on outreach or building up a chapter or helping a down-ticket candidate or whatever endeavor you're doing at a local or state level the presidential candidate campaign has been more just something that you were a spectator of Heiner way not something that you participated in per se so we've typically left it just okay you'll you'll pick whomever whoever is gonna run will run and then as delegates will make the decision here 2016 I really felt like we had quite a few people who came into the party as delegates for certain candidates who ultimately you know in the case of Carrie Johnson I'm not gonna knock him I think he did the best he could do but I don't think he had a second run in him I agree with you there and I think that's the nicest way to put it yeah I just seemed very exhausted like it he just it was a very reticent run for him and to that ends you know I'm I'm sorry that we pressured him into it basically and but I was very very very frustrated and angry that we selected bill weld yes our PennDOT that surge of vitality and principle that we needed to counterbalance I felt like we'll weld spent the entire time on the campaign trail ignoring what we believe in pandering to major parties and then basically throwing his weight behind Clinton yeah it was a big disappointment it was and it very much muddied what we believe and it was incredibly hard for down-ticket candidates because you explain to people what it means to be libertarian yeah then we National candidate who is doing such a bad job articulating these things to the point of basically looking like use a shill for somebody else so we just said we're not gonna do this again and we're not gonna wait for somebody to come in and save us we're gonna do it ourselves and hopefully in so stepping up we can encourage other wonderful people because there are so many awesome people in this movement do take that challenge and do it themselves you not be afraid to throw their hat in the ring because we all have the ability we do it all the time at fairs and ever the heck else we're doing outreach we're already talking about this all the time you know what to say you know what you believe don't be afraid to stand up and grab a microphone because you have every right to do so too we want to encourage other people to do the thing I completely agree that Gary Johnson and bill weld running in 2016 was underwhelming and the problems that we still face because of that run you know you have a bunch of people coming into the LP based on what gary johnson and bill weld told them on national television and it's just wrong because they didn't stick to those principles and we're paying the price for it you know all of our candidates have to you know right out of the gate explain libertarianism on top of running for office it's it's fighting a losing battle and running these underwhelming candidates who are not the most principled is just not the answer I we definitely need more principled educated well-spoken people running for this office whether they are gonna win or not that's what people see when they look at the Libertarian Party they see the latest presidential nominee yeah not only do we need principle to people but we also need relatable people to I mean someone that can emphasize empathize sorry empathize with the the average American also because that's that's where you need to get your ear votes from so you know what do you what do you feel are some of the greatest challenges facing Americans oh my goodness good heavens that's a hard question breathing very inextricably linked so you know even if we try to talk about a singular topic there's so many other aspects that play into it because of overarching government policy in various different realms and how they all knit together into this just extraordinarily binding tyranny that makes it impossible for us to do anything I would say at least from the pursue to make this simple to simplify it I'm just gonna focus strictly on what my role addresses which would be I think probably the two most to me and the two things that I really really want to tackle more than anything else are ending foreign wars of aggression that's a huge one for me I was married to the military I have a lot of military friends my husband husband was in the army from that background and I've seen it and the extraordinary amount of fraud waste and abuse that is committed by the military notwithstanding just the extraordinary loss of life and property that war causes that is something that absolutely needs to end we have a foreign policy approach where we are effectively perpetuating this consistent cycle of abuse we are the aggressors on the international stage and we have back that up a little bit we not the American people per se but the powers that be that make these decisions commander-in-chief and those that are complicit in it they are responsible for creating this imperialistic no and aggressing on the international stage and in so doing put the rest of Americans in incredible harm's way and that needs to stop does a major one for me the second thing is the gratuitous abuse of the criminal justice system yes on this concept that every person regardless of economic background station education whatever was supposed to be able to have the same rights afforded to them in a impartial court of law where prosecutors state-based prosecutors were supposed to seek the truth above all else matically chipped away at civil liberties to the point where we don't have habeas corpus we don't have mens rea or act estrella we and to comply confessing to crimes they didn't necessarily commit because they don't understand that they should take it into a court they should take it to trial so they'll plea bargain out because we bully them we freeze their assets we do civil asset forfeiture on a non crime or for an unethical law it's so disgusting to me there's so many people in prison right now that have no business being and they are in there for an indeterminate amount of time and even if they have the great fortune put at that of being exonerated by some of these advocacy groups like the Innocence Project there's still a really long wait time before they're liberated at that lost time they don't get back that lost property who they could have been it never comes to fruition because they've been denied that chunk of time it's just as horrifying so I absolutely can do it at on a federal level and one of my big things is it every single federal prosecutor I'm gonna do a full-scale audit of all of their conviction rates and study in depth every single case and if they are found guilty of prising a conviction above actually seeking the truth and justice I'm gonna have them disbarred and kick them out and make sure they never ever practice law again because we do not need those kind of people in courts that is monstrous you got a lot of people that they're in these positions that they're they're chasing convictions because that's what leads them to career advancements to various things like that pumps up their resume so they're just seeking convictions or that's that's it it doesn't matter whether or not someone committed something you know we we have a job to do we have to convict people of crimes this is we have to prosecute you know that's that's it seems like that's all they care about they don't care about you know figuring out the truth and actually being a part of the justice system you know the the justice part it just it's going I agree wholeheartedly I think that's that's really bad the way that it's set up is it incentivizes penalty it incentivizes conviction for prosecutors it incentivizes meeting certain quotas for police officers that are responsible for enforcing these laws you basically put citizenry who should be protected theoretically by these institutions you put them in a position of being criminals and deemed guilty before ever deemed innocent and that is such a problematic way of thinking it's innocent until proven guilty as a joke it it does not exist in the justice system as we know it yeah it's just a constant fight to prove your innocence rather than trying to prove guilt with the Innocence Project which is you know they have in order for them to exonerate people that have been convicted of crimes they not only have to prove their innocence they have to find the guilty party that's they actually have cracked cases that have been so poorly mishandled have been guilty of prosecutors prosecutorial misconduct or what-have-you they have to basically find the person who was responsible for the crime in order to additionally exonerate a person I don't know about unconstitutional but there's got to be some kind of law against that right like the so insane that they would have to basically do the job of the police to be able to get out of prison for a crime they didn't commit the idea is at that point if you've been convicted it is presumed that you've been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt which is the litmus for whether or not a person committed a crime or not in an in a court that you've proven beyond a reasonable doubt that this person has indeed been guilty of this crime so in order to exonerate them you have to prove that they didn't by showing who did that's how much more legwork has to be done by the Innocence Project in order to get people are currently incarcerated out of the prosecutors are responsible for this gratuitousness conduct or you know they don't they don't get held accountable for these things they don't get tried in a court of law for violating this supposed to jeffersonian model of jurisprudence that we were founded on yeah the whole system is is structured in a way that it does not help the person it helps the system the entire system needs to be completely restructured and honestly like I don't think prison is a you know viable punishment for 99% of crimes committed I think it's outdated I think it's pretty stupid I don't think you know locking people away is an effective means of rehabilitation so there definitely needs to be a lot of work done reforming and pretty much throwing out the majority of the justice system greed what would the first hundred days of a rough presidency look like on a plan now it's it's a good it's a wonderful question the UM well that's probably the first thing I'd have to do is to legalize narcotics because I'm gonna need a lot of meth Oh kidding first thing I would do because this is just something that needs to end full stop is that I would make sure that any person who is a political prisoner who's guilty of quote-unquote whistleblowing which everyone should do everyone should be a whistleblower anyone who's a political prisoner whistleblower is not guilty of a actual crime that has a legitimate victim federal level again I can't do that at a state level would be immediately pardoned and have full restoration of their rights whatever I could do to ensure that they had back as much of their life that was taken from them I would do immediately because just sit on that even another minute would be unjust and cruel and that would be like in the first minute of the first hour the first day the next thing like I said the next thing I would do is immediately cease all foreign wars of aggression and this doesn't just include ones where we have legitimate boots on the ground but even places where we have advisors or we're doing drone strikes or because we have what like seven seven different Wars going on not just in Afghanistan which at this point has outlasted Vietnam in terms of duration but we still have issues going on in Iraq we've got Syria we have fitness a bunch of other places as well including in Africa we need to pull people out of there now and then I would come up with a plan to basically remove military influence from various different countries because we have overseas bases and seventy different nations like we need to pull our presence back and stop occupying those countries we have no business being there the mentality that had been the impetus behind us doing that that arrived during the Cold War its way outdated in our current atmosphere so we need to stop that full-scale and then like I said I would do an audit of all federal prosecutors and make sure that you know based on what that was a conviction or they were seeking truth and to have them disbarred if it was conviction that they prized above truth yeah I would do is I would reduce the size of the executive branch by about seventy five percent a lot of the biggest lifers in government are actually the recurring elected officials it's the people that work at the White House or work at Congress it's all the laypeople in those various departments that have been there since Carter or Ford or Nixon all the people pulling the strings yep exactly so it's you know it changed the head of office but we still have the same group of people just continuing to do what they do and I'm not gonna say that they're bad or evil I think there's just that's their job and they've been doing it but I don't think that job needs to exist so I would get lit I would encourage anybody who's listening to this now that currently works for the federal government resume and start looking for work in the private sector because you have no business being in the public sector anymore so that would definitely happen in order to reduce the size and scope and then I would trim the cabinet down to about four positions well reason to have all those various different positions the Department of Veterans Affairs can be merged with the DoD and the Department of State the you know Bureau of Indian Affairs as well as like the Department of Interior and a bunch of other things they can be merged as well and then a lot of them are just not even constitutional there's no reason why we need to have the Department of Education it's not covered in the Constitution but it's the states let them to decide and get us out of it so that's that's a lot of the stuff I would do and hundred days and then maybe there'd be a press conference or something so you mentioned foreign policy being really important to you it's also a huge issue in the current news cycle you know everything going on with Iran we're kind of on the brink of World War three yet again what Hugh believes should be done regarding Iran Saudi Arabia and the crisis and Yemen so with our foreign policy approach is that we have this arose during the Cold War in particular so out of world war to emerge to quote unquote global hegemon which was the Soviet Union in America and then we basically became stuck at loggerheads with one another because we felt that each other's ideology was not respectful of the others ideology and then in order for us to have peace on an international scale it was imperative for us as Americans to send the tide of communism and it was imperative for the Soviet Union to stem the tide of capital so a lot of the concepts that we use like first world second or third world that arose out of Cold War first world was capitalist nations like America etc second world was communist nations like the Soviet Union etc and the third will third world were all those untapped swayable countries so our entire foreign policy approach had been set up as one where in order to ensure greater peace on the international level we had to essentially block the Soviet influence from infiltrating other countries hence why we had Korea why we had Vietnam why we were in Cambodia why we were in the Middle East and we deposed the democratically elected prime minister and reinstituted the Shah of Iran though the Iranian Revolution in 1979 where Ayatollah Khomeini who had been exiled came back and they created a theocratic nation so a lot of the stuff that we've done and what we're observing now is effectively below back from all of our poor decision-making playing in other countries affairs and we do so in such a way where we either give them financial or material aid which is to say we give them you know military aid or advisors or we sell them armaments or we give them money or we give them resources and we have the CIA go in and depose their existing leadership or provide armaments to guerrilla groups trying to depose the existing leadership a lot of what we did in South and Central America aided these power vacuums or something far worse is coming to – it's for and they recognize rightly that America has been messing with their stuff and they are angry at us so we've created this very hostile international sphere and it's justifiable Americans are bad people but I'm saying our foreign policy approach of messing with other people's business and constantly trifling in their affairs has created this nasty international environment where we are regarded as the aggressive imperialistic nation that it needs to be stopped things like 9/11 happened where Saudi nationals hell-bent on penalizing us for our trifling in the middle he's decided to attack our country you get decades and decades of blowback we in order for us to stop that we have a duty to recognize that we cannot unring that Bell he did what we did acknowledge our virtuous missteps and then make a concerted effort from this moment going forward to build healthy diplomatic relationships without capitulation because we're not Neville Chamberlain we aren't going to concede to a tyranny climatic relationships and engage in free-market economics as a way of building a bridge between us and other nations and then start minding our own business there's a high probability and it's very likely and this is why it's going to be a minute before we can get rid of the military at large but we're going to continue to deal with these ripple effects of our foreign policy approach so we need some routine a strong defense but it's strictly as a self defense measure being the you know taking an offensive measure that we have been doing where we go in before we think there's gonna be a problem it's not acceptable we can't do that anymore we should not be presuming other people's and guilt but basically and then going in what we need to do is focus strictly on our home and taken care of so that if we do get attacked we can defend our home right right and if we get attacked right now most of our you know military is on deployment or there across the world like you would think from a strategic standpoint if you want to defend the United States like the military is supposed to do they would be in the United States exactly that's exactly right like we are very much a sitting duck in that respect and you know we can't use the fact that you know we are strategically between two large oceans and we have a full relationship with Canada and a largely not hostile relationship with Mexico so we're okay like we additionally you know attacks have really evolved beyond your brick and mortar or firearms and boots on the ground it's really become more cyber based and we don't have necessarily the skills or abilities to do that because we're too busy collecting metadata on American citizens and keeping them in giant servers without even reviewing them until we assume somebody's guilty of something so really we are about 50 years behind the times in terms of foreign policy and we seem to make the same mistakes over and over again because we just aren't paying attention to our own history well that was a that was a lot it's good to have a candidate who knows what they're talking about with I'm I'm very glad to actually hear very many who-knows-where answers yeah we're getting thorough answers here this is this is great I have a two-part question here okay so first part okay you said you were an anarchist typically the position of anarchists are that of open borders would that be your word position as well yes and no so do you explain okay well you know we talk about that there's every single topic has a variety of sub components to it because it's inextricably linked this is a really good example of one of those I am absolutely appropriate for the free movement of all I don't think that a political boundary is a justifiable deterrent or excuse to keep somebody from moving from one land mass to another well to do that now in this country this is just wider discussion of immigration there are a couple other topics that feed into it I'm not saying I definitely take broth Bard's button on all issues which is in no particular order hey you can't open up immigration or streamline the process until you address welfare or public property or the war on drugs or all these other things that feed to this larger discussion it shouldn't be an if then it needs to be all the things all the time so I'm not gonna take that tack I recognize the fact that the war on drugs is a huge cause of the border violence that we rail against when we talk about this in the wider political sphere we need to talk about the fact that the assault on second amendments is why we have this whole thing about illegal firearms coming across the border and they're bringing violence you guys are going after second Amendment rights and you guys being government that you're attacking Second Amendment rights has created this ability for the black market you is the same thing with the war on drugs because you have the war on drugs you have created cartels you've created the incentive for the black market you've created that violence it's there those policies are the fault of those very things that they're trying to quote-unquote prevent them coming across the border I live in Arizona they're already across the border it's your fault government stop so that stuff needs to absolutely be addressed as well as things like like welfare is absolutely something that relates to this issue now we're not talking about necessarily whether or not they take Social Security because most people that come across here illegally get fake IDs and pay into a system that they never actually take out of because of the fact that to take out of it would basically tip people off that they are indeed illegal so they pay into it when they work they have taxes taken out of their paycheck but they aren't actually able to recoup those things that are taken from them in government services they still do have access to public schools which is something that needs to be privatized and they still do have access to hospital visits which they can get and that are offset by the cost of other people's insurance which is exacerbated by universal health care feed into the problems that the layperson and when I say layperson I don't mean a libertarian I mean like most people conflate these things and these are the objections they have to the issue to have this conversation with the layperson about what's going on you need to actually systematically prove that every single thing that you object to is not an individual crossing an imaginary boundary is with problems caused by and exacerbated by government policy yeah it's those secondary and tertiary effects that are not exactly related to the border but always gets completed exactly that's exactly the violence that they talk about happiest people ever been to the border that violence is not what you're talking about it's not there mostly it's people who are bedraggled and exhausted dehydrated starving as their peope they're just people and they're coming from a crappy part of the country not our country for their crappy part of the world it is crappy because of our foreign policy approach and because of the way we handle these issues and how it causes problems in their homeland asylum and to turn them away and to perpetuate those same policies is incredibly cruel so no yeah so I am very much for open borders those issues also need to be addressed at the same time in no particular order does that make sense yeah yeah it does so I guess borders part too electric boogaloo with no particular order and and things like that I guess one of the concerns that I have with an open border right now is going back a little bit to our foreign policy and how we've been occupying many countries for decades and starting all kinds of wars and them and killing innocent civilians and things like that we have a lot of people that do not like America and yes there are people out in the world that walk to do America harm and an open border would give them a chance to just walk right on in that is one of my concerns with it this is this is what I'm wondering is how can you open a border and then have you know no particular order for all of these other things I mean I'm not worried about social security I'm not worried about welfare I'm worried about people using that as an advantage to harm innocent Americans I'm picking up what you're putting down you ready sure okay I think that's that's a really wonderful question and I think that's a very big concern for a lot of folks so here's my I'm going to distill this down to a microcosm and then explain why this can also play on the macrocosm a lot of people who are very very resentful and angry of America because of our foreign policy approach and to say otherwise would you be deny effect II the probability of all these people gathering together to wage war on or to violently attack or terrorize our nation hello and what I'm saying is the microcosm would be something like with respect to when we talk about having an alarm system on your house that is a functional deterrent for most people like it D incentivizes them breaking into your home it D incentivizes them coming to cause harm or steal from you who are hell-bent on doing those things are not deterred by a locked door or an alarm system or the fact that you have a security guard patrol your complex or whatever they will find a way regardless so denying other people entry into this country because there might be a small minority of folks that are going to come and wage harm is to deny all the good people that could greatly improve our culture greatly improve our economy a small minority who would find a way in any way just on 9/11 and come in across an open border they came in on visas and they did so with government permission it's yeah but you can look at the European Union right now and see the effect of and innocence and open border and how things have greatly ramped up as far as tax you know various asset attacks on random citizens you know trucks driving through crowds things like that I understand the sense that people are gonna do bad things regardless if they're hell-bent on doing bad things it's a lot easier with some economic restrictions stuff like that as well yeah I think I'm with Kaitlyn on this there's a lot more factors that go into it than simply the fact that they have either open borders are open immigration there's myriad factors that contribute to people becoming resentful and waging violence we have violent actions in our country between citizens and that has bupkis to do with immigration and everything to do with a lack of Economic Opportunity people European Union is much more restrictive on pretty much everything so there's a lot of I guess economic strife within these communities that's a lot of economic strife between the for lack of a better word native populations so it creates this I guess war between you know immigrants and nativists and it's it's just about perception when really the enemy is government restrictions it's you know limitations and situations that are orchestrated by governments to make the people hate each other instead of the government one thing we can do and this is kind of where I have an issue with no particular order ISM you know I mean anarchist I I understand the fact that we want to end all of it I do think that the drug war should be ended before we opened the borders I guess because that would help people in these countries where they're coming from you know Mexico Honduras Colombia Guatemala that would help those countries become more safe you know a lot of the violence in these countries a lot of the situations are fleeing is because of the drug war in America it's propped up these cartels you know you have that CIA you know propping up cartels in Mexico I do think that the drug war should be ended first I do think you know nobody should be restricted from going over the border I think our immigration system absolutely needs to be completely redone immediately and in no particular order you know go to a more Ellis Island style immigration system first and then we work out all of our other issues and then go towards abolishing the border that that's more of a stance that that I'm more comfortable with you know a a gradual move but no I like that you you know understand that it it's a very complicated process and that it's it's not as simple as just saying hey you know everyone can come over immediately and nothing else needs to be done I it's good that you recognize that there are other factors that go into you know the drug war and you know economic factors and everything else so that's very good one of the things that you mentioned was the Ella Silas island style of immigration and I know that's something that Larry sharp is a big advocate for I have talked about and this is because I have people in my life who have experienced this with sponsorship I have a I call her my surrogate grandmother but she was a family friend and she was living in Germany right at the time that it was going toward Nazism surprises Nazi Party her father was a doctor she had a sister and her mother and they had sought sponsorship from a former patient of his in Minnesota I believe basically vouched for them said okay I can I can vouch for this family I will find him a place to work as a pharmacist and I will find a place for him to live and they can come over here and will look out for them and that's how they immigrated to America is that they were sponsored by former patients of his that's a good idea because it creates that sort of community like I'm I will sponsor this family you know you're not having people come over and they're struggling and they know nobody like you have that built-in community and that built-in support system there to help that family or that person stay out of that poverty trap that a lot of immigrants fall into when they come over here and they have nothing it's a great way to do it yeah I thought that was a very good idea so it would be I would like to see I mean we could absolutely do an Ellis Island style but I also think that having somebody here who's like I'll look out for you would be just incredible to build up the community which is really the last bulwark against the tyranny anyway yeah yeah okay no that's great and it doesn't also you know helps with the attitudes towards immigrants you know you have somebody who's already here vouching for them you're gonna have the community surrounding that person see that okay this person that I respect and I know is saying this person is okay it's it's gonna lead to better attitudes towards immigrants and that's something that's a huge problem like I I live up here in Minnesota I have a huge Somali population in my oh yeah that's how I live in oh yeah and the attitudes towards these immigrants are horrific at best and it's it's just really sad to see I guess stereotypes and attitudes towards immigrants it's just not true and having somebody to vouch for them and to sponsor them and to help them integrate into the community I think would go a really long way towards you know the cultural side of immigration so what is your elevator pitch to the average voter I my short answer to the average voter is that my sole focus is to ensure that the executive branch is returned to its constitutionally defined limitations recognizing that the most important thing that we can do for Americans is preserve their rights to life liberty and just acquired property create situations that would deny them of any of those things that would be my short answer I mean really and you guys could probably attest because I'm sure you've spoken to other people outside of the Libertarian Party most people hate government you have people you're like the representatives most people recognize it you can misplace their anger a lot but it usually goes right back to the government like no matter where on the spectrum the person is if you say you know the government sucks they're like you know what yeah yeah it does like it doesn't matter where they are they know we agree on that right like they might have their pet issues that are more important than the other but by and large they recognize that government at its best is inefficient and incapable of doing what it claims to do and at it's very worst is tyrannical so people range from that kind of thought process that it they don't think that it's effective or many times yeah they don't think that it's effective they don't think that it's necessarily good they think of it as sort of a necessary evil if they think oh and knowing that and recognizing that they the foundational document of the country outside of the Declaration of Independence by saying okay this is this is what we're going to agree to even as anarchist we will stick with and stay within these confines so that we can stem this tide of tyranny and bring you back to something quote and quote reasonable and then have you taken the helm from there and push for greater because you know you deserve it then that is what we're trying to do that's like that's our pitch our goal is to we will get it to dare then you take the ball and run with it all the way to home and home being ultimately Lord willing a voluntary Society set free in our lifetimes I like that it's simple and to the point and it it gets across to a lot of people no matter where they are on the spectrum and that's that's what a lot of running for president is it's about you know getting through to the most people and connecting with people and being relatable like you have to be able to sell it and you also have to not come off as a stuffy politician so that's gonna lead us into our rapid-fire question round it's gonna be a lot of non-political questions to help us get to know you a little bit better okay let's do it all right a favorite movie um To Kill a Mockingbird favorite president Lynn Coolidge least favorite president god we've had so many bad ones right and um I'm gonna say Abraham Lincoln because the whole argument about freeing the slaves for political expediency not because he actually gave a yes all of that soda or plate Oh we say soda out here I think you got my last book you read Oh actually the book that I'm reading right now is from Coptic all-girl by Norma Jean Almodovar who sounds interesting no no ah Norma Jean Almodovar was a traffic cop for the LAPD for about ten years and then she became a call girl escort and she wrote this book about it and then she ran for lieutenant governor on the libertarian party ticket in California she's a sex worker advocate awesome woman and it's a really really enjoyable read really that sounds hella interesting I'm gonna have to read that like is it like Fifty Shades kind of interesting mostly it's just about her observing how messed up and hypocritical the LAPD is and how way more ethical being an escort and sex worker was managed I mean yeah I mean do you tell in it but it's it's really well written unlike Fifty Shades of Grey and she's right entertaining brutality she's a really she's on Facebook she's a lovely lovely woman a real she's a real kick in the head favorite philosopher Immanuel Kant your most statist opinion pedophilia I think that's like the one where I have the hardest time you know I agree with you that's one of mine favorite hobby mmm I love gardening gardening is my favorite thing to do best founding father I miss Jefferson pineapple on pizza yes or no am I not something I pick but not bad okay all right so you're not authoritarian about it it's fair in the final question what is Aleppo oh it is a city in Syria congratulations I just make that one in there and I'll ask every presidential candidate I think we should if we want to I don't think we should force them how do you feel about companies having to put that stuff as gluten in it or not to do so right yeah there's another Gary Johnson thing oh I don't think anybody should be obligated to do anything I just think it's good business practices to be honest and fully disclose I mean I have friends who have major issues you know they have Crohn's disease or I can't think of the term for the folks that are very severely allergic to gluten Celia but thank you celiac thank you so they do have major issues that result as eating gluten but you cannot compel a biscuit while I should say you should not compel someone to disclose information it behooves them as a good business practice to disclose fully to their consumers what their products contain so they can make educated informed decisions if they don't disclose and I do think that consumers should have a legal recourse to go after them for withholding that viable information but they should not be forced to disclose it good we've established that you're not Gary Johnson oh yeah yeah definitely so before we go why don't you go ahead and plug your website's okay well first I wanted to say thank you to both of you so much for your time I very much appreciate it I know it's much later where you are so thank you for staying up with me and and chatting with me this evening my name it was a pleasure have you one it was and Lonnie thank you for your questions they were very insightful both of you in fact but yeah you asking me some challenging questions sometimes I get asked a lot of fluff a lot of softball questions yeah I wanna throw a couple softballs in there but I also wanted to kind push it a little bit further than maybe some others so you're gonna be asked a lot harder questions than anything that we ever did so about the the we are libertarians debates that hodie does is that he writes really really solid questions that are you know you initially will listen to it and you're like God what I do about that and you're like wait a minute your question is fundamentally flawed and here's why but he are things that people would ask because they think that way and I appreciate the fact that he's preparing us to yes yes fantastic debates I love ho D and I love the we are libertarians podcasts they're fantastic people they always good work oh he's such a stiched too if you ever talk to him personally he's one of the funniest people I've ever met it's got a humor well anyway it's a close that up so you guys can go get some rest my name is Kim rah I'm seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for president in 2020 my running mates name is John Phillips jr. he hails from Illinois you can find out more about us on our website at ruff are you a facin Frank eveson Frank like dog barking H I ll and that's a rough Philips 2020 calm or you can find us on Facebook at em ruff slash John Phillips for VP and POTUS in 2020 we also are on snapchat Instagram interest Twitter and various other social media platforms well we will get all of those links in the show notes so our listeners cannot go to those things and before we go be sure to check out think Liberty on all social media platforms just search think Liberty on Facebook Instagram Twitter and any other platforms you use and check out our website thank gosh Liberty com don't forget to subscribe to the think liberty podcast network for almost daily uploads of new shows leave us a review and tell a friend whether you like it or not we'll probably be back next week

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