Tinder and Cultural Capitalism

hey everyone I got a comment on a recent video of mine on my other channel the video was called wild wall bisexual West and I really I wanted to talk about the comment but it's more cultural political content so it's going on this channel instead so let's take a look the comment come on says a female friend is 38 has been doing the dating app thing she complains she has no success except the odd date there's nothing unattractive about her but I'm certain it's all due to her age and I don't think she wants to accept it why would a guy accept a date with a 30 or 38 year old face when a younger hotter tighter version is just a swipe away this is how perverse dating apps are you are nothing but a collection of characteristics and the most important is how photogenic you are you have no inherent values unique human being you can be discarded in in an instant you know the dating apps to present people's products and the photogenic part is also important because some people just do take bad photos or some people are bad bad at taking photos and if you want to get and just as a quick side note if you want to take better photos I found this somewhere on the Internet as as a suggestion besides obvious things like sunlight and there was one that didn't even occur to me but now especially the day of smartphones is you don't actually take a photograph of yourself you record a short video and then you use a video editor to pull out the still frames go through a frame by frame and pull out the stills that look best and that's actually what I've done and yeah it does seem to produce better results let me continue most girls can expect this abundance of opportunities only until they start to show the flaws of age about 35 years old more like 25 of my right lads then these girls who have been using men as objects to be discarded when update comes along finds out that they've turned themselves into an object – they've never known what a relationship is and that will be almost impossible to change when you're nearly 40 there are going to be and there are already a lot of deeply unhappy and lonely women in their late 30s all the way to old age I will pause here because he this reminded me of something that I remember getting into discussions with people back in college there were people who said that they just wanted to have fun and then settle down when they're 30 and I said well you know we're creatures of habit whatever habits we whatever things we do over and over becomes habits do we you know whichever house we practice are the ones we read for us the ones that we keep so if you've spent your teens in your twenties just getting into and out of relationships the only thing you're gonna be ready for when you're thirty is to get into or out of a relationship like all of that doesn't it's like you're practicing for the wrong sport but let me continue here teach people as a definition of a relationship is convenience entertainment the objectification and dehumanization of your partner and the rejection of responsibility in a relationship if relationship crashes why consider your actions or taking any blame you can immediately find another and forget deny the previous one existed because anything that can be replaced with a tab or a swipe never has any real value I mean part of this is the structure of the modern world I think part of why we're seeing the social problems we're seeing is just the structure of the modern world where you know you have transportation where you can move around very easily especially in the larger cities there's millions and millions of people where you're effectively anonymous you know unless you're famous but who is it's basically acceptable behavior but also we've had the loss of cultural Christianity and it's been especially in the dating market in human relationships whether it's actually even in jobs cultural capitalism has replaced it market style thinking is what I meet Margaret you know you take the basic same things that you would apply to buying any product in the store or online and you apply that same type of thinking to human beings so at least and so that's what I mean when I say cultural capitalism the comic continues this existed before dating apps he's correct about that yeah but now it's exponentially worse because you can basically swipe through people without any geographical limit these aren't relationships they're one-night stands that go on for weeks or years in that was something that surprised me that why I learned that I would have thought you try to get to know the person at least a little bit ahead of time before you really dope in deep but now from what I can tell some what people do they just find someone that they think is attractive go they focus on having fun at first then they have sex and then sometime much later they find out the other parts of the person this is one of the things about dating I got really really wrong I would have thought things like personality and character mattered a lot more upfront or at least sooner then it actually does no no completely that's not what other people are doing I suspect that virtually nobody finds a real relationship on these apps I think this depends on the particular participants lifestyles and generation – eg Generation Z not literally all but practically all have no clue what a relationship is well part of that probably is also we've had several generations of divorce that's been going on so they might not they might not have ever seen a happy functioning relationship at home they think a friend is someone who comments you up vote on social media that's I can see especially a young person being kind of fooled into that because on Facebook they're called friends that's the same as a real friend right you know and really and truly young young children shouldn't be on the internet unsupervised probably I don't know exactly what age you cut it off at but you know but have all all media is some combination of truth lies and exaggeration you know even the camera lies you know like the camera in the bottom right-hand corner the screen right now is technically lying to you you know I have increased the saturation of the color a bit so my shirt isn't quite as blue in real life my skintone isn't quite this in real life you know it's cropped off most of the room that I'm in so is the camera you that you're looking at he worked a accurate representation of reality well no of course I mean it's also limitations of the camera and that's just when it comes to cameras it's not including things like people over you know outright lying or exaggerating things on purpose on the internet so yeah I can see younger people getting on a hunt filtered Internet and having a very especially if they spend hours and hours a day on the internet they end up getting a very distorted view of reality and you saw something similar happen in previous generations for the kind of kids that were raised by basically by the TV you know or TV and movies they got a very distorted view of human human relationships and when they got older I don't know if they realized it and millions and millions of people did that is it a majority I don't know is it enough people to cause real problems looks like it is yeah counter continues I hear anecdotal stories of a friend of a friend who found a relationship but I can't remember anyone I know directly having found anything more than a date or one-night stand for a few guys I know people want safe spaces for their relationships even meeting someone in real life is too stressful these are relationships where you are interchangeable and have no value this part where he says meeting someone in real life is too stressful you know I remember even back in my generation there was there were people enough of them to notice that couldn't do serious relationship talk or even breaking up in person they had to do it overnight back then it was America Online Instant Messenger but even back then that trend was there and I mentioned all of this because very often one of the one of the common things that you see is the older generations act like they're a ok everything turned out fine for them it's that younger generation and let's pin it on you know shuffle the cards ok social media or whatever else is new you know back a few generations back it would be you know shuffle the cards oh it's TV no it's a longer term breakdown of human relationships it's it's a lot of things going wrong at the same time ok is it what it really is and it's all part of a longer-term trend I think part of what's driving this – like what's mentioned earlier about how to humanize is the partner and we don't have to consider your flaws or what went wrong you can just ignore the whole thing I think part of that part of what's going on is mold like I says the the loss of cultural Christianity with nothing to replace it you know that not even even if we had like stoicism or Aristotle's ethics some moral framework to build character but that doesn't happen anymore I mean maybe maybe in sports to some degree maybe but there's no direct character building and parents certainly don't teach it at home so slowly or they assume it's all getting outsourced to the to the schools so slowly over time over the generations basic skills like this were lost and and the thing is it's important for the individual to be able to look back and say okay what I do right what I do wrong you know if you watch my other channel you know those playing times where I say that I used to believe X and then I realized I was took me my taking me years to realize I was wrong about something and had to change my mind but with the way our modern society is you don't really have to and you're not gonna really pay for it until much later in life if you ever end up paying for it at all I really have to say I mentioned this in another video where I wondered if authoritarian philosophies like Sharia law if this is no I don't mean that there was dating apps 2,000 years ago but if the breakdown of things like this or more cultural influences that rotted away things like families and friends and you know even boyfriend/girlfriend things if that's how authoritarian regime and that regimes just III don't mean that the formal legal structure again there's another one I could use this German but you know YouTube DuPont ization and all I have to wonder if that's how things like this arose that the basic things were breaking down and that some group of people said you know what we have to stop this otherwise things are gonna get a whole lot worse so there was so they invented authoritarian philosophy not Charles to call it to counteract that because on their own people just won't do it and then where's the problem spills out to everyone else so there's my thoughts in this comment and thank you commenter for your submission and for everyone else leave your thoughts in the comment 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  1. "Authoritarian philosophy" is very male minded, it's all about order and boundaries enforced by a strong hierarchical order. Libertarian, or liberal philosophy is very female minded, it's very indiscriminately accepting and relies on group minded emotionalism to hold together (voluntary social contracts). At this point in time as conditions worsen we're finding Liberalism only lasts as long as the voluntary social contracts are honored. When the social situation gets too chaotic people will stop obeying social contracts enforced by middle class manners and female emotions and a strong regime will arise and take charge

  2. Authoritarianism probably does come from desperate situations. Though I know shariah particularly came about passively, and people who had enough of pre-islamic Arabian culture just went and joined the muslims, so the "mainstream" pagans felt like support for their "freedom"/degeneracy was dwindling and that the muslims would grow enough to form a majority and thus just make it illegal to do degenerate things. They tried everything they could to stomp out islam, and when it all failed, they tried genocide/massacres after that, and then war. Up until that declaration of war, the muslims had been pacifists even despite the persecution. And that was the end of the degenerates in Arabia for hundreds of years, but it came back eventually in cycles. There are pretty degenerate things being done in the penninsula now, all of which is in opposition to the religion, prophecies in it say that they will come back and go into details, but that it will be undercut again eventually.

  3. I think theirs a connection to religion and long term cohesiveness in civilizations, as long as there's a remembrances to maintain and cultivate the fundamentals. 60+ years of incremental complacency as we approach the times of decadence, there's tendency for a civilization to rest on their morals. The standards for what is strife rises to the difference available luxurious once many of the basic nessicities can be easily outsourced or accommodated in a generations standards of lifestyle.
    ….something like that.

  4. The problem is cultural Christianity was in fact replaced, but it was replaced with poisonous ideologies like social justice and intersectional feminism. So instead of having a legitimate morality that could curtail cultural capitalism, we have people trying to make everyone else's lives hell in order to virtue signal, and that is being seen as acting with morality despite the fact it's the exact opposite. So not only do we have the problems we'd have if we just lost cultural Christianity, but it's multiplied because it's been replaced by a subversive set of beliefs that drive division between people and create anger. When your first instinct is to view everyone as a potential enemy until they prove to you they're just as indoctrinated with social justice ideology as you are, it makes all human relationships that much harder.

  5. 2:16 well these women could go the suicide route for equality and closing the suicide gap. It would also keep them from voting, which will help on the political front.

    It is illogical for men to care about all the single post wall women, who chose and demanded their path in life. This is a time everyone, men, government, educational institutions, employers, etc gave females free rides, lower standards, absolute preference, etc to do whatever they liked… and the females chose exactly what they wanted. At some point in time, these females will be held responsible for their actions and behaviors, because time is the only thing that does not give pussy_passes.

    It is also illogical for men to care about their enemies (aka women), so ZFG by me about their self-induced problems. However, it is interesting to watch the rationalization hamster, when men are attempting to blame society or modernity for human behavior, especially female behavior. The innate behavior was always there from the start and looking for the opportunity to manifest. Similarly, your cat would not let you pet it, if it was feral… its innate behavior is to distrust humans and hiss, claw, and bite them. Your cat only puts up with you, because you feed it and force it to live with you (aka it does not have an option). The minute your cat sees a better opportunity, then it would be gone. Perhaps, the better opportunity need not be there – only the ability to leave. There are a lot of behavioral similarities between cats and females. Perhaps, males that love cats seek more female type behaviors in their pets.

  6. 25 hopeless romantic but keeping as healthy as I can hope. Come to understand comprimise a lot over my 20s I was not really shown or I cant bring up I have watched catch fire.

  7. I think people view dating as no different from ordering pizza. People have grown lazy as a side-effect of having technology capable of bringing food to your table which reflects in the aspects of their life. Why bother finding someone when you risk rejection? Why bother trying to "make a relationship work" rather than just breaking up and hoping for something better next time? When relationships are no different from fast food, obviously the relationships are going to be nothing more than empty-calories.

  8. Now you're getting it Monday. Fascism is the fever that is required to cleanse the body politic, when the disease leaves it does too.

  9. You put forth some of the most interesting ideas! Keep it up! Cultural capitalism could be a great meme…. I didnt know how to describe it.

  10. The idea that a woman's 20s are a throwaway period is bullshit. No real, dignified man will want a woman with that mindset when she is 30. Why should we commit to a woman who didn't give us their prime sexual years. yet they want a man in their prime earning years. nope. That's not how it works, ladies

  11. 11:38 well if you look at history most of human society and I mean most I mean most really most of human society around the world and his story is authoritarian based societies.

    There wasn't that many democracies are complete freedoms for people back then and even many parts of the world today one can argue.

    For example the Chinese are pretty to totalitarian, while the Europeans were pretty authoritarianism with a big level of propertarianism.

  12. Calling an over 21yo foid a "girl " is already a wrong and a contradiction in term. With such a premise, there is nothing to add.

  13. 'Some people are bad at taking photos'
    Shit, I don't even know what to do with my face when someone else is taking my photo.


    A Manifesto for Incel/FA/Autist/Low-status/Social-reject men (hereafter: IFALS men)

    by alan2102, 26 June 2019

    IFALS men must do as women and blacks and native Americans and gays and other groups did, and are still doing: GET ORGANIZED, MAKE THEIR CASE, AND RAISE HOLY HELL ABOUT THEIR RIGHTS.

    Basic interpersonal respect, and friendship, and human intimate relationship, and affectionate physical TOUCH, are human rights. Without those things, people get sick and die. They are as essential as food or water; it is just that the effects of their deficiency take a lot longer to manifest.

    (I did not mention sex *per se*, but that is a natural derivative, for most people, of intimate relationship and affectionate physical touch.)

    It is sad to watch IFALS guys get sucked into right-wing anti-feminism, anti-SJW-ism, etc., etc., i.e. right-wing opposition to the left social justice movement, when that very movement is the salvation for IFALS men.

    That movement promotes a broad, inclusive civil and human rights agenda that asserts the rights of the formerly-marginalized and oppressed: blacks, women, gays, and so on. And no, don't tell me that they were not marginalized and oppressed; the evidence is overwhelming and you don't have a single leg to stand on. It is not that the left social justice people are WRONG, it is that they are INCOMPLETE, having not yet recognized the ways in which some MEN, TOO, are marginalized and oppressed; particularly but not exclusively IFALS.

    The left social justice movement has expanded over time to include disabled people, ugly people, fat people, transgenders, and so on. All of these populations have been treated badly and discriminated-against over generations, and this is an INEXCUSABLE violation of human and civil rights. Fortunately, action is being taken, by that left movement, to give them a fair shake. And it is high time that that movement embrace men's issues as well.

    The only catch is that it will take a lot of work on the part of those most affected: the IFALS men. It OUGHT to come from within the movement itself; i.e. feminist and anti-racist activists SHOULD (at least in an ideal world) become aware of, and begin to champion, the cause of IFALS men. But they are not doing it. I think they WILL do it, eventually, when they become sufficiently aware, but that will take a few decades of work — same as it took decades of work to make people aware of other forms of discrimination. Nothing is easy or instant. We can sit around grousing about the terrible injustice of it all, OR we can take action.

    To hate the idea of social justice — as the typical alt-righter does — is, essentially, to hate most of humanity, including ones brothers who happen to be IFALS: socially marginalized and discriminated-against in the workplace, in the dating sphere, and elsewhere.

    The plight of IFALS men is one of SHAMEFUL, INEXCUSABLE VIOLATION OF HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS, and thus it fits perfectly into the broad left social justice movement, which is all about human and civil rights. Alt-right anti-SJW-ism and anti-leftism is just shooting oneself in the foot, because the left social justice movement offers the ONLY path out. Intersectionality, baby!

    (And btw, I am NOT saying that there are no obnoxious and stupid SJWs and leftists. Of course there are! Just like there are obnoxious and stupid people in EVERY area of life. What of it?)

    Yes, it is true that "intersectionality" came from feminism and is still invoked mostly by feminists, but that is not set in concrete. In fact, THE INTERSECTIONALITY CONCEPT FITS THE PLIGHT OF IFALS MEN PERFECTLY. Intersectionality deals with how "different aspects of social and political discrimination overlap with gender" (Wikipedia). Obviously, social discrimination against IFALS men is severe, persistent and (intrinsically) overlaps with gender. It is an INTERSECTIONAL issue, just one that has not yet been identified and championed.

    Well, I am here, right now, 26 June 2019, identifying it. I am the first, AFAIK. But identification is just one part, and not too hard. Others — lots of others — will have to do the championing, which is a big job.

    The left social justice movement, to briefly look at history, reflects moral progress and social evolution toward decency. It is humanity becoming progressively more morally conscious.

    — At one time, slavery was A-OK with everyone;


    — At one time, child labor was A-OK with everyone;


    — At one time, beating-up on gays was A-OK with everyone;


    — At one time, beating-up on kids and wives was A-OK with


    …. and so on, all part of the process of moral awakening and improvement.

    I hereby predict, and HOPE, that in 50-75 years or so this can be said:

    — At one time, shameful discrimination against IFALS men was


    "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice", said MLK, and it is true. Human moral consciousness improves over time; the left social justice movement is one prominent expression of this.

    But there is a LOT of hard work to be done, just as there was a lot of hard work to be done, over decades, to get a fair shake for blacks and others. IFALS men have to make their case, affirm the nature of their plight as one of human rights, then make a big stink about it and stand firm. Yes, this means counteracting a lot of feminist bullshit that portrays ALL men as oppressors — which is obviously (or, it SHOULD be obviously!) untrue. That's part of the work, but it cannot be done from the outside.

    To beat 'em, you have to JOIN 'em. Which means, among other things, appreciating the ways in which most of what they say is true; i.e. women, and blacks, and others, really WERE fucked over very badly for centuries. BUT THEN, SO WERE SOME MEN, and that's the point that they need to get, and that they WILL get, given effort over time. It is not easy, but it must be done, and the only way is forward.

    FORWARD, not backward. You can forget about bringing back Ozzie and Harriet culturally conservative 1950s, or instituting patriarchal Shari'ah society-wide. Ain't gonna happen. Ever. Besides, you would not even WANT it to happen, if you're a decent human being; those eras and ideologies saw terrible civil and human rights violations, which the left social justice movement is (slowly) in the process of correcting. The only way out is forward to social justice for ALL, including IFALS. Secular modernity and post-modernity is here to stay; we are not going back, just like we are not going back to horses and buggies.

    Now, I said that IFALS men have to "make their case". That has a specific meaning. It means, in part, dredging the medical literature and pulling together all the relevant documentation, showing that loneliness, social isolation and marginalization and defeat, and going without human affectionate relationships and touch, induce stress responses that are literally pathogenic — disease-causing and life-shortening. This is a VERY serious public health issue, but no one has yet made the case. I assure you, as a person who spends hours every week reading medical literature, including literature on social defeat and related topics, that THE CASE IS THERE TO BE MADE. There are hundreds of scientific papers documenting what I just said. But no one has pulled them together into a coherent work.

    Then, with this intellectual base, the story must be "taken to the streets". You guys must "make a big stink about it": plaster it all over social media, do interviews, podcasts, etc., etc., do letter-writing and tweet campaigns, and attract the attention of opinion-makers, influencers and politicians.

    That's how it must be done. I don't see any other way. It takes a lot of work. IFALS men have to become a coherent and disciplined movement. Tough, but possible, and ultimately rewarding.


  15. My first and only real girlfriend told me she gave me her contact info because "she wanted to have fun". I thought it was insulting. This was someone I knew from way back from childhood.

  16. We should be revolting the system and 🔨 hammering corrupt leaders' heads on spikes and attach them to our border wall so the rest of the world can respect us again. Now France is telling us to return the Statue of Liberty so they can melt the metal down and craft weapons because maybe they have a chance to preserve freedom. America totally fucking blew it. Nobody is allowed to vote anymore but only the top 0.00000000000000001% of the population with the highest IQ. The people are too fucking retarded to vote themselves out of a paper bag.

  17. Ya gotta love how people literally don’t give a fuck about using others, or manipulating their neighbor, but the whole “cultural game” we play from day to day is basically pretending we’re all fucking amazing people that we love one another….

    Wait a minute, I just realized that’s how women act all the time….oh dear lord….

    Pussy runs the world.

  18. Men are the sole problem of modern dating issues.

    All the thirsty boyos sending messages, inflating egos, offering 💰 and material things… women of course will choose the best for their needs.
    It’s like an endless river of men giving you their affection.

    Imagine yourself in the position of a woman. You receive tons of messages by random girls.
    They offer you money, cars, luxury items.

    Of course you will turn hypergamous and will choose the best woman, from this Endless sea of affection you get from the opposite sex.

    If you want change in the dating world, change the male thirst.

    Which aint gonna happen.
    And everything will remain the same.

    And average joes will still comply and incels will get even bitter by the day.

  19. It seems that most people don't know how to form a relationship they just know how to hook up with each other.

  20. I recently did a genderswap of my photo on all of my dating apps that I once frequented and was absolutely shocked at the level of results of my feminized profile. I would receive roughly 5-10 messages a day, even more if I was currently online. I got all kinds of offers right off the bat from random men that didn't even know me as a person with some offering dates. Not gonna lie, the attention was really nice but I can understand why women would want only the best of the best. If you had an endless buffet of choice from 1 dollar canned ravioli to 100 dollar gourmet meals like lobster and steak with a side of a 50 dollar bottle of wine, almost every time you're going to want the latter rather than the former. This positive feedback pushes women to require more and more feedback until they finally get the top dollar man(few and far between, even from what I had seen) but the problem is, once a man becomes top dollar he can get someone else just as quickly as she can. The funny thing is that once both genders have their high requirements to please the other met, they become awash with choice and too much choice is often a bad thing because then you can't make up your mind about what exactly you want.

  21. The problem is that without a common solid structure and framework, each person then is left adrift without a set form of protocols to follow in order to build their life. So individuals, in this absence of structure, work to make sense of it all and they end up subconsciously creating their own structures. However, these structures are false (a hollow framework without real support for the individual). With each individual creating their own weakened framework social interactions break down easily because the frameworks don't match the way they should to connect. If these structures do sorta get jammed together to fit then you find out one of these structures buckles and the whole thing collapses by default.

    Both men and women scream out for this structure (some without even realizing that they are doing it). From the outside looking in it is glaringly obvious but most are lost and don't even recognize this common desire. The girls riding the "carousel" and the girls who loved 50 shades of gray are both screaming out for help and structure and aren't even aware that they are doing this. Women who desire being the submissive and act out in these ways in the bedroom are creating a place where men can dominate them and use them for a time because they crave this structure and look to create a "balance" to the gynocentric society that exists. They need men to be men and they crave it so these impetuous out of control behaviours develop.

    Without structure a woman's behavior will often become more and more erratic. She will act out, do impetuous things and lash out. She will seek the structure of a man but the mans structure is false as well and cannot support her. So she jumps from man to man but the men who were raised with true structures will not look at her because they know her structure is weak and it has lessened her character. It will drive her to a point of breakdown eventually. There are many examples of this but I think the most visible one is Trisha Paytas. She herself has a limited understanding of her subconscious desires and she admits to restoring this balance in the bedroom. In her recent video How to Spice it up in the bedroom (roleplay) from the 8 min 30 sec. point to the 9min 50 sec mark she talks about how she creates balance. (Warning, the video is very sexual in nature and you can't unsee some things once you have seen them). She and women like her profess to love their independence but they do not realize that they would be happier trading this for a real structure of balance and strength. These false structures lie to her and enable her in her behaviors because each relationship that collapses reaffirms that she needs to be independent to care for herself which then created this need to create balance in the bedroom as a submissive. The whole cycle just keeps repeating and the carousel just keeps turning.

  22. For this 38 year old woman. I say, welcome to what dating apps are like for a large portion of men out there. Fun times, isn't it?

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