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thing one tonight after the New York Times reported over the weekend that former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly personally agreed to pay thirty two million dollars to a colleague to settle new sexual harassment allegations The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today that O'Reilly has been dropped by his talent agency UTA ouch saying it would no longer be representing him when his agreement with the company expires the end of the year now to O'Reilly this appears to be another example of being unfairly attacked by people who want to hurt him as evidenced by the most recent commentary on his website my enemies who want to silence me have made my life extremely difficult hurt me in the marketplace whether that will be forever I don't know but they've damaged and it's me and my ace investigative team really good good people good investigators against this cabal then Bill O'Reilly a devout Catholic said he feels personally victimized by a higher power am i mad at God yeah I'm mad at him I wish I had more protection I wish this stuff didn't happen I can't explain it to you yeah I'm mad at him if I die tomorrow and I get an opportunity I'll say what you guys worked me over like that or maybe God as a woman and that conversation will go a different direction either way there's a great little video clip about personal responsibility that bill might want to watch and that's thing to in 60 seconds am i mad at God yeah I'm mad at him I wish I had more protection I wish this stuff didn't happen I can't explain it to you yeah I'm mad at him after the New York Times reported that Bill O'Reilly settled new sexual harassment allegations by personally forking over 32 million dollars he's placed the blame on everyone from the media to the Almighty any but himself don't you think it's time for a little personal responsibility we're living in a time of denial our culture is cluttered with excuses for bad behavior it's always somebody else's fault not the individual screwing up all of us make mistakes but how many of us own up talk to teenagers today you'll hear a litany of excuse making for just about everything and while those immature Minds can be understood we often don't challenge the Dodge our schools and courts are chock-full of people in authority will allow excuses to mitigate awful behavior celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have an excuse for everything and you know what's likely to happen to miss Lohan a grisly end that's what substance abuse rampant in America cyber violence an epidemic irresponsibility off-the-chart and what are we doing about it what are we doing about it making excuses and that's the memo hey there are Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

  1. Talent Agency? Bill O’Reilly? Oxymoron much?

    Clearly he’s an old perv and as dumb as a stump.

  2. The Devil made me do it!!!
    Jesus died for my sins.
    All is forgiven.
    Rinse. Repeat.
    Take responsibility…

  3. 2:25 "All of us make mistakes…" but the graphic says "all of us make EXCUSES"

    Was somebody who works there trying to tell us something about O'Liarly???

  4. Amazing the liberal idiots here.. complete empty headed morons.. the liberal press and the liberal idiots cannot compete in the arena of ideas..

  5. MSNBC Sucks, same as CNN. I'd rather listen to egotistical O'Reilly anytime vs any one of the A$$wipe phony suits on MSNBC or CNN

  6. Mad at God, but played with the Devil. He lies, steals valour, sexually harasses, bullies and by the sounds on it rapes. Paying out may save him in the short term, but this Bill Cosby of the News World will destroy him self in the end.

  7. Is he reaping what he has sown? Considering all the hatred he has directed towards other people, now that he has been thrown under the bus he is whining his head off!

  8. What an ugly man! … just look at him. He looks like a cadaver left out in the rain for 2 weeks

  9. You can't explain it ???….it started with your first sexual harassment claim….perhaps if you stopped there maybe it wouldn't have gone much further….own who and what you are …just a very ugly human being…and I ain't talking about your looks!!!

  10. He sounds like someone. …you know …that bizzare creature that is running your country right now..

  11. Nether one of you know god, read the bible again. seek and you will find! Or interview a few that know God if you can handle it.
    My life is not perfectly just right ether OR WAS NOT, but I know one who does make right and I know how he does. Evils destruction.

  12. So why did he pay out all the money if its not true? Why not let it go to court and prove your innocence?

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