Tijuana Migrants used by Socialist Groups to Achieve Open Border Goal, Expert Says

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Gina Shakespeare, Today on Declassifed Migrants are being used as pawns by socialist
and communist groups to achieve open border
goal an expert says. Just before we get underway, please
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Facebook and Instagram. Caravan organizers are trying to weaken the Trump
administration and the United States, according to Col. Fred Peterson, former chief public affairs officer of
Joint Task Force North, the Defense Department’s counter-drug
and anti-terrorist operation. He told The Epoch Times. “This is a very well-funded operation,”
“It’s not spontaneous at all.” The migrants themselves are being exploited
for political purposes, he said. “They’re just props in a
political, staged play.” He anticipated that the organizers would intentionally
put the migrants in dangerous situations to create an incident that could be weaponized
against the United States. “I would expect them to stage an event where innocents
are intentionally killed,” he said. Department of Homeland Security
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended Border Patrol’s use of tear gas during the
rush to the border fence on Nov. 25, and accused caravan organizers of pushing
women and children onto the front lines. Nielsen wrote in a Facebook post on Nov. 26. That “It appears in some cases that the limited
number of women and children in the caravan are being used by the
organizers as ‘human shields’ when they confront
law enforcement,” “They are being put at risk
by the caravan organizers, as we saw at the Mexico–
Guatemala border. This is putting vulnerable
people in harm’s way.” Nielsen said there are 8,500 caravan members in
Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico, and also reports of additional
caravans on their way. A month ago, Vice President
Mike Pence said intelligence from foreign partners pointed to leftist
groups behind the caravans. Pence told Fox News on Oct. 26. That “What the president of Honduras told me
is that the caravan was organized by leftist organizations, political activists within Honduras, and he said it was being funded by outside groups,
and even from Venezuela,” A video posted on the Netnoticias.mx
Facebook page on Nov. 25, shows a Mexican police officer pleading with migrants
not to listen to caravan leaders who were telling them to put
the kids on the front line. the officer is heard saying in Spanish. “Don’t let them fool you! Don’t
let them lie to you! These leaders; the only thing they’re doing is risking that
something bad happens to your families. Because they say ‘go to the front,’” Trevor Loudon, a recognized expert on communist groups and a
contributor to The Epoch Times, said the migrants are being exploited
by Pueblo Sin Fronteras and other socialist and communist groups that
want to dismantle U.S. borders. Loudon said. “The American public doesn’t understand
how exploited these [migrants] are,” “They’ve put everything into this and
made a massive trek and now, they’re basically going to be
sitting there abandoned. And the only thing that’s going
to happen is they’re going to be used for cannon fodder
for violence or photo ops.” Loudon said organizers know the United States can’t
allow thousands of migrants to pour in unchecked which would start an endless wave “
and basically destroy the country.” he said. “How cruel to
exploit people that way, knowing that America
couldn’t let them in,” “Either way, these people
are just pawns.” He said Pueblo Sin Fronteras is
run by Emma Lozano, who comes from a very well-known
communist party family in Chicago. Loudon said. “I know they played a very active role
in encouraging the caravan right from the very beginning,” At the migrant camp in Tijuana, where more than 5,150 migrants are crammed
into a dusty sports complex, communist propaganda fliers
are being distributed. One flier, of which the Spanish version
was handed out to migrants on the night of the failed
border-rush attempt, says “Open it up or we’ll shut it down!
Everyone must be let in!” The flier was printed by an organization
called “By Any Means Necessary”, a communist organization based in California
that describes itself as a “Coalition to defend affirmative action, integration & immigrant rights and fight for
equality by any means necessary.” The flier is a rallying cry for the
migrants to stick together until their goals are achieved,
including the message, “Trump must go or be removed BY ANY
MEANS NECESSARY.” A second flier written by the Communist
Party of Mexico in Baja California, was handed out the following evening. The single sheet, with a hammer and
sickle in the top-right corner, rallies the migrants to: “Let’s
organize active solidarity and defense against any nationalist
or government attack.” It goes on to say, “Your struggle is our struggle. … It’s not enough to just
leave the country, but to also organize ourselves to fight in a revolutionary way
to transform our place of residence.” The flier also says the migrants are fleeing “from
the society ruled by capitalists,” and blames the United States for
the conditions in Central America. Loudon said the groups
behind the fliers are trying to unite the migrants by giving
them a sense of grievance. “That this is a civil-rights issue and President Trump
is being a tyrant for trying to deny these people access,” he said. “And that they deserve to
go to America because America has basically created horrible
conditions in their own countries.” In reality, Loudon said, most of the countries in
Latin America have Marxist, socialist, ex-guerrilla governments that have allowed
gangs and drug cartels to take over. “So most of the problems in Latin America
don’t come from America, they come from Marxism, criminality, and
interference by the Chinese and the Soviets and the Cubans over a very
long period of time, to create basic chaos and poverty in most
countries south of the border and then they blame it on America,
as they always do.” Pueblo Sin Fronteras hasn’t responded
to several requests for comment. Several migrants expressed disillusionment and
said they may as well be back in Honduras. Abel Noe Ratcliff-Ponce said he thought he’d
be able to enter the United States because he has a sick baby
at home in Honduras. He said he came with his
17-year-old nephew, who has already been taken by caravan organizers to the
United States port of entry as an unaccompanied minor. “Why stay here? It’s better if
I go back to my country,” Ratcliff-Ponce said. ”It’s the same
here as in Honduras. Why stay here without my family? I might
as well go back to my country my family is there.” Guatemalan Luis Conde has been in
Tijuana for about two weeks. He said he doesn’t intend to apply for
asylum in the United States, because “they’re not going
to give it to me.” “If they don’t give papers,
well to hell, I’m going to jump—there’s no doubt
about that,” he said on Nov. 26. “If one is an opportunist, you have to
grab the chances that come, and when they come and when you
see that it’s not dangerous, Bam, you’re there.” Kirstjen Nielsen said that 90 percent of the
caravan members won’t fit the criteria for asylum. Only 9 percent of Central Americans
who enter the United States and seek asylum are granted such protections
by a federal immigration judge. “Most of these migrants are seeking jobs or to join family who are already in the United States,” Nielsen said. “They have all refused multiple opportunities to seek protection in Mexico or with the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Seeking employment or family reunification are
not grounds for asylum under our laws, or any international obligation.” Many of the men in the caravan have said they
will not enter the United States legally and apply for asylum. Honduran Marco Gómez
said “It’s a waste of time. It’s a process that takes months
and years—it’s a long time,” Gómez told The Epoch Times on
Nov. 24 that the plan is to wait until an expected 20,000
migrants arrive in Tijuana and then enter the United
States en masse. “We’ll stay together and be strong, and then
move on to the U.S.,” he said. “Peacefully, like people going from one
country to another. Marching.” Frank Martinez, who is traveling
with his father, said they will cross illegally. “I personally, and I know many people
will attempt to do the same thing it’s to cross illegally. I will enter
illegally,” he said. “Because we want a better life,
and I’m in a hurry.” He said Mexico has offered him asylum,
but he won’t take it. “It’s not my intention to stay here,
in this country. My intention is the United States.” Loudon said that with most of the communist groups in
California actively involved in the caravan now, expect more incidents to occur. “To keep the issue in front of the media … expect some people to go through the border
and actively stir up trouble.” But resolution of the issue is largely dependent
on Mexico’s response, which has been mixed so far. Loudon said, “You just don’t come into
Mexico when you feel like it, so the Mexicans let this happen,” referring to the caravan being able
to cross into Mexico and travel virtually unimpeded
to Tijuana. he said. “Mexico thinks it has the right to export
its problems into [the United States] and to basically declare war on America by
allowing these people to cross its territory, knowing full well what their
intention was,” Loudon said that incoming Mexican President
Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a pro-Cuban socialist, so he “can’t see any real cooperation coming out
of him unless he’s absolutely forced to.” “I think he’s pretending to collaborate
with President Trump right now because Trump has really put the hard word on
him and is actively closing the border. I think [Obrador] will try and subvert that by
any means necessary,” Loudon said he thinks Trump will follow through
on his threats to close the border which will stun Mexico economically—and
eventually, the migrants will disperse. Loudon finishes by saying, “But it’s still providing
a big propaganda thing for the left around the world telling everybody how heartless the
American president is because they’re only getting
half the story,” That’s all the time we have for today,
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  1. Plug any hole or fence where illegals are jumping the border. Build the Wall. Run razor wire along the border. Step up patrols by CBP and US Military to deter illegals. "Encourage" Mexico to prevent entry into Mexico along their Southern border. End ALL US of A Government assistance to non citizens. Any group or individual that aids illegals in crossing illegally into the USA needs to be charged with a felony. Strictly follow the 14th Amendment to end "Anchor Babies" and birth tourism. End "chain migration". End the immigration 'lottery'. Expel, immediately, any foreign worker who has over stayed their work Visa. Close the Borders, all of them, to impress upon our neighboring Countries that we are a Sovereign Nation and will not tolerate illegal entry at all. Fine any US Employer not the $1,500 per Illegal per year for each illegal worker they hire to $15,000 per illegal worker / year. Make it a stiff fine. Make it hurt. Make it interesting for employers of illegals. E-Verify all potential workers. Rewrite immigration law to allow REASONABLE Limited immigration for deserving immigrants. Put America and Citizens of the USA first and foremost providing Government Aid and Assistance only to American Citizens. And the Hell with leftist Judges who interpet the law for their personal political agendas. Best

  2. You want hundred percent correct but remember something that none of y'all mentioning and being is so that the media is not addressing this that makes the media including yourself part of the conspiracy what finances Marxist organizations? Drugs drugs is the number one economic source of the Marxist socialist movement remember that socialist do not give a f*** about this people or children remember that great job keep up the good work

  3. True journalism; representative of all parties and willing to cover the hotspots the MSM will never touch! Thank you for upholding the integrity of the craft. Keep em coming!

  4. I could have told you that…All Soros Syndicate minions – all the way up to B.O., HRC, May, Merkel, Macron, and on it goes. Then there is Trump. Panic World-wide.

  5. Excellent reporting, excellent page. Very happy to have found this page. You do fantastic, honest, REAL journalism. Thank you for your hard work, and thank you for giving us REAL NEWS.

  6. NEWS FLASH!!!! Soros is Flooding the Planet with ALL races in an effort to appease Lord Rothschilds who wants the Planet to Report to the Rothschilds Family~  it not gonna work!

  7. thanks Gina the beautiful its to bad these people were mislead by the democrats they are completely heartless its time to shut down the democrat party once and for good

  8. Hi Gina!

    This movement is nothing more than a new kind of attack that the leftists-globalists groups are trying against the free world.

    And people must know about it.

    Thank you very much. You've done a great job regarding the raising of consciousness of people.

    I was in the US in 1999. I fell in love for that country. No better place to live in the world. But it seemed to me that the people I talked to those days weren't quite aware of what was going on in the world.

    I used to say, "please never take a rest,  because the rest of the world won't. Stay alert."

    Looking back those words looked like kind of prophetic, because two years later 9/11 happened…

    In reality, I think I was sensing something in the air. One day as I was going under the check in process at the San Francisco airport, I told the security officer that I had scissors in my hand luggage, because I used it to cut my finger nails. Should it pose any risk I would have handed it over, no question about that.

    He answered that I could carry it with me, that it was ok.

    The day 9/11 happened this story wouldn't go out of my mind.

    It seems that I'm constantly trying to prevent bad things to happen.

    So I'm really glad that you did this video about this migrant caravan. People must be aware. The US government must be aware. They're powerful, but they can't watch everything everywhere at the same time.

    I'm a Brazilian, but it seems logic to me, if we intend to continue to live in a free world, we ought to help the US government. That's obvious.

    I keep those scissors till this day as a souvenir and reminder of how dangerous the world became and how alert we must be.

    Best wishes, take care,

    Your friend,


  9. This video illustrates one of the most frustrating things about the average American leftist. While they have every right to fight for their beliefs and vociferously disagree with Trump and the GOP, their willingness to tolerate these poor people being taken advantage of just because it makes Trump look bad is disgusting. These are the same leftists that call people on the right heartless and lacking compassion. Absolutely ridiculous that they cant see through the sham that is this caravan.

  10. 2:30. Trevor Loudon. Excellent guy. Have been following him for more than 5 years. He is always very insitefull & informative.

  11. One teenager understands what's going on.
    This migrant situation is awful, but go back to your own country and create your own paradise. My God, people from the USA go to Central America for holiday and retirement because it is so wonderful.
    Read OUR history. See how painful our growth has been to be the magnet it is today. Go home and go through your own process. Choose a type of government, fight to create it. Then live peacefully among your neighbors. We fertilize the ground from which our nation springs, with the blood of patriots almost every generation. We are, TODAY, involved in a struggle to return our government to its rightful owners, the people. And it will most likely require the spilling of blood. Please leave us alone as we go through one of our own growth processes.
    This will be difficult enough without your plaintive cries for help. The number one rule in saving a drowning person is to secure one's own safety FIRST! From this position, a rescue can be organized. Today, and for the near future, we are in a struggle" testing whether this nation……….. can long endure."
    We have NEVER had unregulated immigration as a nation. There was a time BEFORE this was actually a nation, people came and went at will. But after joining the community of nations, we instituted immigration laws. Laws. Laws which we decided were more important than a religion, a family, emotions or other nations opinion of us. Lastly, we, as a nation have been ( with the exception of rogue elements we seem to grow like weeds in our government) extremely generous and kind to our southern neighbors. Our system does give rise to some awful leaders from time to time, and more than one has monkeyed around with your nation, as well as others. To this, I am opposed.
    Many, many Americans view YOUR small piece of the Earth as a bit of paradise. That is a pretty damn good starting point to help create your own system. No system is perfect, but there has not been a system created by humans that exceeds capitalism in contributing to the economic mobility and well-being of people. I find NO argument with those that say it has its flaws and it is subject to being abused…even hijacked, which is the case today. But the results of this system is what draws YOU and millions LIKE you to our borders, asking to join us. So, there is a blueprint, should you choose to follow it.
    So, as I said, leave us be. We will NOT allow you in. Under any circumstances. Feel free to watch the show. There are at least 2 factions here at war. It is a life or death struggle.
    After our ordeal has concluded, we will be happy to assist you and yours in creating the type of government that can give you the results that drive you to climb a fence in the face of military after a 1000 mile march.

  12. Since when do the socialist and communist parties run the United States? We have laws on immigration now that need to be enforced. We are a country of immigrants, but they come here legally and from all over the world that gives us the great diversity we have today. We bring in a million immigrants a year legally, and that is enough. All these illegals from South America only help to keep wages down for the poorest of Americans. If this illegal activity continues, you can expect poverty to continue to get worse in the United States. That is not fair to our citizens!

  13. This news is outrageous BS. Tired of these moochers taking advantage of US generosity and at the same time calling us bigots and racist. Demanding housing, food, medical and not paying for a damn thing. Is there anyone, anywhere that would put up with it? Only leftist butt wipes that never see the damage they’re causing everyone else. This is how wars start people. And rightfully so…

  14. These invaders are Communists and criminals not wanting asylum but wanting to overthrow our government with the DNCs help .

  15. Obama couldn't demoralize our nation enough and Hillary lost. This is all because of their collusion with Communist groups outside and inside this country to overthrow a legal U.S. election. Yes, Obama did set up FEMA camps at Walmarts and ISIS training camps with no- go areas on public roads throughout this nation. There are many videos of same on the net and YouTube.

  16. Interesting that some of them think they can march "peacefully" across the US border with twenty-thousand people!!! That is an invasion and it will not happen here, peacefully or not!


  18. This is how it works: the left wants horde of illegals to drain USA resources. They want to open borders. Years later, they insist on amnesty, their plan is to perpetuate in power forever. No matter how.

  19. Trump stands his ground! Too many people cave-in to words Britain has
    rolled over, who would have thought it. At the thought of being called "racist"
    they go weak in the knees and their spines turn to jelly. Oh how they laugh
    that without bullets & bombs they are taking Briton with words, media & bluff.

  20. If this is true, then Democrats must be considered culpable! Investigated for sedition and be prosecuted….yeah right like Hillary was?

  21. We are at war with communism and communist exploit our laws to push their failed ideology. You MUST kill communists.. or communists will kill you.. don't believe me.. research Pol Pot.

  22. The gangs and the drug cartels are enabled by our drug policies. We are not the cause of their problems, but we've often actively done things that made things worse for them. Our interference in Latin America in general is not something we should ignore, and something we should be ashamed of.

    As I said, their problems are for them to solve. They are their problems. But our hands are far from clean.

  23. These traitors need to be rounded up, immediately, for their high treason and be prosecuted, expeditiously, to the full extent of the law, without mercy.

  24. No one can support making people move from their home land to a foreign land. No one. It would be in EVERYONE'S interest to see them taken care of in their own land. This story is the same here in Europe. I've met a family from Syria who desperately wants to go back and rebuild their business, but they know if they go back, they have no funding to help rebuild. That is why they remain here and yet they don't want to be here and the Europeans don't want them here.

  25. These commi organizers need to charged for treason and terrorism. They need to be punished to the full extent of the law by all countries involved.. if there are politicians involved they need to hang to doing this to the United states. I'm so sick of all this corruption, the DOJ need to start investigating all this corruption. It's just too much we the people are calling for justice.!!! Trump needs to get his DOJ in order to start indicting and sentencing these people to hang or life time in Gitmo!!

  26. The former Mexican President allowed those people to travel the length of the country . Why has he not been questioned about this decision ?

  27. Build the wall. Close the border. Put extra patrols there. Change the laws to protect citizens. Clean out 9th district California court. Remove all representatives that won by illegal votes. Deport illegals. NONE OF THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. WE ARE SO SCREWED! Welcome to the Socialist non border country of Democrats. Glad I probablywill not live too long in the new s***hole of democratrhino making.

  28. It's organized by George Soros and his paid puppets; the same "Open Society" that has bought the corrupt nobodies of the European Union and flooded Europe with innumerable hordes of illiterate, money-grabbing pseudo-refugees–good 90% of whom are young , CNN, ABC, CBS, or The New York Times would never admit to something like that. They are all left wing extremists and they are ruining the world with their false news ! Nice report ! Thanks !

  29. These trashy people trashed their own countries and now wants to blame someone else for their mess. Go home and clean up after yourselves. You are not wanted here for us to take care of. Stop being leeches. They are so illiterate that don't they know they will automatically be deported. The law has changed. To hell with communization.

  30. Yah exactly it's the NWO Agenda to flood AMERICA and other countries to Destroy them in Every way and eventually take over.its absolutely pathetic.

  31. President Trump needs to declared marshal law and lock these treasonous funders of the caravans up, including the church groups, Soros united Nations and catholic charities, he needs to sign declaration of war and announce to the world that no illegals will receive any funds from our citizens, those that harbour, house rent hide, sanctuary , house or rent to them is also treason subject to criminal prosecution, USA tax payers need to protest, refuse to give tax money to fund illegals, supporting the crimes of human trafficking, drug smuggling and the demise invasion of our USA.

  32. We should get rid of all free government subsidized programs for illegal immigrants and undocumented aliens….then let's see what the Democrat party can do for these people without government funds.Iam tired of paying for illegals…..Take care of United States citizens first.

  33. Look at France, Germany, Belgium, Europe. We don’t want to become them in the US. Open borders and lame leaders have turned Europe into the new Third World. The migrants still in Tijuana have been offered asylum in Mexico and refused, they’ve refused to get passage back. We all saw the money being passed out to them. One picture CNN and the rest of fake media on that woman and 2 kids running didn’t crop it fast enough. On the far left a male had a child by the back of her head by the hair pushing her to the fence. When we all noticed it was cropped out. Parents who put and keep their kids in this situation are poor parents. It’s child abuse. They charge the border, they’ll be rounded up and sent back. Or wait in line. For years.

  34. Our beloved #POTUS @realDonaldTrump asked what we thought about the development of a #Truth News Network, once the massive incoming arrests have been carried out and the MSM collapses ~ I responded by mentioning that I was a Floor Director for a teLIEvision News Station, and would not think twice about supporting (and possibly working for ) an idea whose time has come ~

    My point…

    In my humble and professional opinion, I think you, Gina, would be an excellent choice for a top anchor position, should this idea ever come to fruition ~

    With your permission, I would like to bring your reporting excellence to President Trump's attention ~ I think you would be an outstandingly brilliant addition to the spreading of REAL NEWS on a broader level ~

    You are a #ClassAct and would bring the polish back to News viewership ~!

    Your thoughts ~?

  35. President Trump meets to end incentives for illegal aliens in this country and do it immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!👈🗡️🔰☝️🇺🇸 the only reason I Can See For so-called parents to put their children or children In Harm's Way is if those children aren't even theirs something here isn't right!!!!!!!👈🤔 what people need to understand is that there's a lot of bad people in these Caravans including gang members murderers and rapists don't get me wrong there's good people as well but there's bad in there too we don't know who these people are and from what I've seen it worries me👈🤔 that's a lot going on behind the scenes that mainstream media doesn't even report like the rapes and other terrible things people need to wake up the rack is serious and we don't fight to take our country back is going to turn until another London Sweden you get the picture!!!!!👈🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 a lady 9 months pregnant her husband two other children I heard hop over California border had her baby on us soil now her her husband and her children wer Kevin a court date to come back we all know they're not kind of show they're going to live like queens and kings that baby that was born on us soil it's going to qualify for free handouts including welfare benefits no one is ever going to hear from them again this is why I say what I say President Trump needs to do more!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Department of Homeland Security should interrogate caravan members as to who is organizing and financing it. Communists from Chicago? You mean OBAMA !!

  37. That was obvious to ANYONE who knows what the Globalists are trying to do, and it has become GLARINGLY apparent to anyone who happens to notice that the migrants were paid and supported all the way TO Tijuana, but now that they’ve arrived— who is paying for their food, laundry, necessities, and especially the CLEANUP after all those pathetic folks?
    The citizens of Tijuana!!!
    I’ve been saying from day one, that the costs of defending against this invasion should be charged to the people who sponsored it.
    Maybe if we offer them a free ride back to Honduras as long as they take an AR-15 and 1000 rounds of ammunition, they can go home and solve the problems themselves…?

  38. Socialists and communists use people because their ideology is all that matters.
    Hillary would have let them in, because she only cares about money and power, not humans. People are only votes, and once you have their vote and/or money, Hillary no longer cares about people.
    There are diseases in the caravan camps, but liberals don't care. They are happy to sacrifice their children to diseases for ideology. Unfortunately, they are sacrificing all children, not just their own. If the caravan people get in, CA schools don't check immigration status. So if caravan children have diseases (not the child's fault), they can spread the TB that is already in caravan camps, or polio and typhus which are common apparently in Central America. Disease doesn't know boundaries.

  39. Now most of them would like to go back , and there is assistance to help ( planes and busses) , but the "pawn users" are telling them to stay. The conditions and environment they are in is worse then where they marched from.. smh

  40. I'm native Californian. Praise God for President Trump. I say close the border. Or bomb the border. No more criminal illegal alien invaders. Americans are suffering. Americans first. We can't even take care of our own. Go back to your home nations. Your lawlessness and godlessness are not welcome. You just want free everything. IT IS NOT FREE. WE PAY FOR YOU DEGENERATES. We don't want socialism. We will declare war,to preserve,protect our families and our nation.

  41. funny… you forgot to mention the global pact for Migration.. which is a satanist move against any nation signing it.
    Mexico is on the list, and I think the US should pressure Mexico not to sign it as Chile and many others that have refused the pact.

  42. Excellent report, people are gullible and that's fact, they hear and see what they choose, I have to go get gifts now, my kids were told Santa Claus is coming, I know that sounds ridiculous, but most of us were told he was real, and we believed that. Don't blame the USA, we are a country of laws, we fought for our laws, go home and fight for yours.

  43. oh no, another conspiracy, probably funded by trump so that he could use this caravan for his own political purposes. people are saying that you know.

  44. Reporti g that the migrants are entering the US , n being apprehended by Border officials , is being over reported!! We need to know what really happens after they are apprehended ?? Where are they placed, for how long , how are they treated , n are they finally deported?? Who provides financials for these people until the issue of asylum is decided? If they put the leg brace n are released, do they get housed , n fed at tax payers expense????

  45. So, why doesn't USA or Mexico give out " Flyers " to the useful idiots, telling them,
    "They been lied too, and used" .. " There's no place like Home " ..
    So, go the hell home, loser !

    It's funny how Millions of People do just fine in Guatemala.. But, these people can't gets jobs, cuz they are not suitable for work.. They're liars, They want welfare, like all the other fence jumpers.

  46. Promoting NO WALL and open borders ATTRACTING MORE illegal aliens and services for them is STUPID !!! Haven't these assholes figured out yet you cant have WELFARE and SOCIAL programs with OPEN BORDERS ??? SMH… these asshole FOOLS belong in the hell their creating !!! DUMBASS DEMONRATS ARE THE DEATH OF US ALL… AND OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE !!!   🎅

  47. This people are not fleeing anything.. they want to destroy America. That is their one and only goal. I fear for the President. Everybody is so hateful towards him and don't respect him.

  48. Who are the socialists and communists groups, that actually have influence and power? The left, in the US has very little power. The POTUS is a right winger, and the majority of legislators are GOP. So it makes no sense to label Trump as some lone man fighting against "all the communists in power".

  49. I keep reading “it’s the left” that is to blame.. why is the right not pounding their desk saying the same? Not a peep? So no they are BOTH on board because this is Israel’s baby along with the UN oligarchs.. and that’s the name of that tune

  50. You are a most excellent journalist and I wish you and Epoch Times were America's mainstream news station.

  51. Lady already happened. Its to late. Wake up people. This is Zionists communist. Look who the Bolsheviks were. There distroying white people on purpose. Wake up because she will get cut off YouTube. Look for different places than you tube for truth. These people came to a place to hurt the people they hate. We dont have 11 million here we have 40 million. Wake up.

  52. Old Nazis Soros, got the billions, he's ready to do everything he can, to destroy America, Canada, all Europe, because his Lord Hitler, lost the Second World War, he wants to see this destructions, before he dies, very old he needs to act now!

  53. Mexico does NOT allow "dual nationality"…which is why people come "illegally"; as it's not like they want to lose the support of their "home country".

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