Those “Far Left” Democratic Socialists Are Actually The New Mainstream

Even though we’re still a good year and a
half away from the 2020 presidential election, Republicans are already trying to paint the
entire Democratic Party, whether they’re a centrist corporatist or a full blown progressive. They’re trying to paint everybody on the left
as some kind of socialist who hates the United States. It is pushing these insane policies that nobody
agrees with. The only problem that Republicans are running
into right now with that talking point that they’ve actually been using for decades is
it the public doesn’t believe it because according to a new poll, the majority of people in the
United States actually view these democratic positions that are so extreme that they’re
borderline socialist. Um, they actually view those as mainstream
according to new poles. Majority of people in this country believe
that the Democratic Party represents mainstream America better and more accurately then the
Republican Party does. And that’s across the board. That is on every single issue. We’re talking environmental issues, reproductive
rights, medicare for all living wages, fiscal issues, taxes. The public says the democratic views on these
issues are the mainstream and we trust them more. This is very bad news for Republicans who
want to paint anyone on the left side of the political spectrum as a socialist. Because as it turns out, the American people
actually want these. So by going in and salting these issues that
an overwhelming majority of people in this country, including Republicans, find popular. You’re insulting them as well. They want these things and they want politicians
who are going to do these things and Republicans have no plants. And that’s the other side of this coin. You know, this wasn’t something that the poll
talked about, you know, who do you trust more on this issue? Who Do you trust more in this issue? Most people said Democrats, but, but here’s
the thing. They didn’t go into it and ask the followup
question for the people who said, I think Republicans are better than what’s the Republican’s
plan? That’s the second part of the question that
should have been asked. Tell me what the Republican’s plan is. What is it to block the Democrats plan? Well, that’s not a plan. That’s just obstruction. What do Republicans have to offer the American
public hate fear division? Tax cuts for the wealthy deregulation. There’s literally nothing else folks. That is it. That is all the Republican Party stands for
and I think more and more people in this country are actually starting to wake up and realize
that that even though we went through two solid years of complete Republican rule, uh,
including the majority of states in the United States, nothing changed. Nothing got done because they have no ideas. They only did two things. They cut taxes for the wealthy and they cut
regulations for corporations. They didn’t pass a single thing that benefited
people in the United States that we’re not super rich. They have no plans. And that’s why people are starting to be drawn
more to the Democratic Party because for the first time in a very long time, the Democratic
Party is putting out ideas. They’re putting out plans. Some are better than others, but they’re all
putting out plans. The 2020 election is not going to be pretty. The Democratic primaries are not going to
be pretty. But the one glimmer of hope is that everybody
who said, I’m running for president in 2020 on the democratic side, they at least are
all putting forth ideas and every one of them has at least one good idea, which is more
than we can say about our crop of candidates in the past elections.

  1. I'm an independent and yes, we need to educate this country. I got a post from a trump supporter saying "i don't need school. I can learn by the Internet……………."

  2. The light of hope is there. We need to keep pushing. No time to stop and no time to look back until its over. Let's do it!

  3. I wonder how many Republicans and people on the right are willing to return their social security/Medicare benefits on principle.

  4. LoL they're so mainstream Baldie Farron… You'll never get 60 votes for any socialist regressive legislation 🙂

  5. Mr. Pappantonio, I'm sorry but I cannot possibly support The Ring of Fire because of Mr. Cousins viewpoints salaciously driving a political party car. Unsubscribing.

  6. Trump and his fascist buddies are really frightened of AOC the smear campaigns are already beginning. Trump can't argue policies or beliefs because he doesn't haven't any. Personal insults, lies and smears are his style.

  7. I’m glad to hear there’s still a flame of humanity left in America! Wake up, rise up and fight to take America back from the forces of greed and hate in 2020!

  8. THE GUY FROM RUSSIA TODaY said TRUMP hacked the election. TRUMP said DNC hacked itself. MY liberal brian cells cant process who might be telling the truth. PLEASE RUSSI NO. TAX ME FOR PHONY INVESTIGATION and sell the conclusion ON AMZON NOOOO BEZOOOZ HACKED ME. TRUMP FOR PRISON THO HILLARY IS A VICTEM

  9. Yes they are the mainstream.
    🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸 They should just call themselves

  10. Republicans have become a party of right-wing extremism
    The Democracts are the only sane party we have.
    Embrace progressivism!
    I fully denounce the Republican Party for their hypocrisy and their willingness to defend Donald Trump, obstruct justice, and cheat their way to winning election.
    I am leaving the GOP and will be joining the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party, I will be working fully with the Democratic Party.

  11. Democrats are considered to be like the conservatives in the U.K. who are on the right, I’m a Labour member and on the left, I’d probably be shot in the United States lol, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for Bernie and co 👍

  12. We need to have universal healthcare through expanded Medicaid for the poor, Medicare at age 50, and a Medicare public option for those who want to buy-into Medicare. We also need to have some kind of green energy program. The first should be to CONSERVE ENERGY through more efficient fuel standards or electric vehicles,energy audits, improved insulation of buildings, more efficient appliances, improved city lighting with LED's and the phasing out of all coal power plants with solar, wind and natural gas power plants. We also need to help college students with two free years at a community college. We need to invest money into our infrastructure. We have abput a $4 TRILLION backlog of infrastructure projects. Some of these costs crossover into a Green New Deal. But we generally get about a SIX to ONE RATE OF RETURN on infrastructure investments.

    Can we do any of these things and more without getting rid of the filibuster? The Trump tax cuts have to be repealed. Capital gains taxes should be raised to the same level as the highest income tax bracket at 39 percent, with 50 percent preferable for both. We should pass transaction fees on ALL securities sales on Wall Street. We should pass a federal sales tax on all goods sold too. Tax code loopholea must be closed to eliminate the top one percent from parking money offshore in tax havens, such as the Cayman Islands. But again, how do we do this as Democrats without safely getting rid of the filibuster in the Senate? Here are some suggestions:

    1. Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. need to immediately become states. This action would give us four more Democratic Senators for a generation plus. Guam is another possibility and American Samoa, as two more states in the future.

    2. The Supreme Court needs at least two to four more justices added to it. We can proportionally add more federal judges across the country too. Our population has increased substantially but for the last 100 years or more we have had nine justices. Why not thirteen justices for a country with 330 MILLION people?

    3. The U.S. House needs anywhere from 60 to 70 more representatives added to the U.S. House. Again, for the last 100 years we have had 435 Congressional members in the House. A nation of 330 MILLION people needs at least 500 plus representatives.

    4. Congressional districts must also be set up, by an independent commission, in each state of retired judges, from that state after the federal census. We need FEDERAL laws dictating independent commissions made up mostly of retired judges to draw districts along economic, social, cultural, and known community lines.

    5. We need public funding for all federal and state elections. Costs can be reduced by mandating free candidate newspaper columns, radio and television broadcasting time for major party candidates. Political advertising from corporate PACs would be eliminated. We would have candidate townhalls, speeches, and debates moderated by local newspaper editors and journalists familiar with important issues in their respective communities. We would only allow small donations from state residents subject to open disclosure laws with specified limits. Corporations would be limited to donate to political parties to the same limit as individuals.

    6. All Americans must be registered to vote automatically at BIRTH. We also need to maximize vote by mail in ballot across the country.

    We can safely get rid of the filibuster. However, only if we do some variation of the points one through six, to make our country more demcratic for the people instead of an oligarchy for corporate special interests.

  13. To a European, living in a country where democracy – with all that means, basically what the US CONSTITUTION stands for or should stand for, if properly interpreted, all that the GOP has (failed) to achieve is detrimental to what a democratic rule should strive to achieve.
    I.E. equal voting rights for every adult citizen, regardless of race, gender or other factors. (What about the recent North Carolina "elections"?). Not to mention the 2016 presidential election.
    A modern, wealthy (relatively) nation should also take care of its poor or less fortunate citizens and provide healthcare to everyone, affordable healthcare. Which sometimes means free – to the individual.
    In a GOP USA those who cannot pay should be left to die or – at least be victims of bankrupcy, eventually dying because the for profit insurance companies got rid of them and handed them to the funeral homes.
    The British NHS might not be perfect, but, basically,it works! while the US health "care" does not.
    The Swedish system, in which each patient pays just about (depending of the rate of change) USD 120 per annum for medical consultations, plus 10 USD per night in hospital, including lab fees and roughly 240 USD for prescription drugs, also per annum.
    How is this possible?
    It is called loyalty. If you are part of something, be it a family, a club, a union, a neighbourhood, a state or a federation, such as the USA, you contribute to others that are in need , yoy help them, and the others contribute to help you, when and if you are in need.
    That's called solidarity, which is what nations are founded on.
    Whether the United States of America is, remains an open question.
    Hans Stromberg
    Swedish journalist, consider him to be a liberal conservative

  14. The Repukes don't want to hear any policies that aren't about validating white supremacy, stripping women of all rights, naming christianity the official (and only) national religion, and kicking anybody who has any melanin in their skin out of the country.

  15. Seppos have no clue what leftist means, seriously the Seppo view of far left is merely leftish in most other countries.

  16. WE, are all in this together.
    Well, except for those in a certain party that are focused on (as Farron accurately stated) Hate, fear division, tax cuts for the wealthy deregulation and more.
    That is it.

  17. From what I can tell the Republicans are running on tax cuts for their doners and a wall, and even the wall wasn't that big a priority until the Democrats took back Congress.

  18. Mainstream for poverty and starvation and genocide and child deaths. like socialist countries IE Venezuela, Haiti and any other sick country which isn't a capitalist run government. Democratic as bernie likes to call it isn't falling anyone morons

  19. Republicans are like toilet bowls. Their only purpose in life is to receive crap. Like a toilet bowl, they cannot form plans or ideas. They have no other use than that of a toilet bowl.

  20. The American unfortunate poor citizens are for a Green New Deal….
    Being in this category of not being able to live the American Dream
    then you must be five cans short of a six pack of beer…

    The Republicans know this and to persuade the poor unfortunate
    Americans otherwise, the burden of proof falls on the Republican's

    The only problem that the Democratic side is and will have is that
    the only one that can convince the American unfortunate poor
    Americans of this Green New Deal would be Bernie Sanders…

    But the last time he ran, he turned into a wet noodle….

  21. I love how you call the Dems "the left" lol. Only a handful of them are close to it. Mostly it's a centrist party (the whole equality, green, fair taxes things tend to be more liberal than labour. The left is more likely to nationalise utilities etc. It does depend on where you're talking about, but that's a rough guide). Having said that, being a lifelong liberal (not libertarian, that's totally different), I have been thoroughly impressed by the new crop of Democrats.

  22. The problem Conservatives are going to have to deal with eventually is that for the past 4 years they've allowed Donald Trump to define the Republican agenda. The agenda has shifted to "if you don't fully embrace every single policy idea we have (tax cuts for the wealthy, complete overturn of Roe vs. Wade, border wall, etc) then not only are you a Democrat, but you are also an enemy of this country". You can't define your party line that rigidly and expect moderate to independent voters to be willing to jump on board with that.

  23. The old republican party with family value and any real moral and ethics have 4 year to start up a new party for 2020 and break away from this one.

  24. Republicans really need to stop they had two years to prove their self they had all three branches what did they do try to take healthcare pass a big-ass tax scam they failed the American people not standing up to 45 Republican pretend like they care about America people's all they want is your vote

  25. Wait, there's the WALL. How else will the republicans get rid of all thst is not white. Oh yes the poor are next

  26. Most of these semi-socialist govt policies that Americans want and need are already enjoyed by most developed countries..None of which are "evil dictatorships bent on destroying freedom"…………Stop listening to the right wing propaganda: (Semi) Socialism is about giving the lower and middle class a fair go and extending a bit of help to the less fortunate….Nothing evil about it: Quite the opposite in fact..

  27. If you want Medicare for All and opportunity for All you need to go to Bernies web site and donate now. Yhe people need to engage in this fight now or watch their children become even bigger slaves of the rich. If you love your children donate to Bernie NOW!

  28. I hate Trump and I hope a D wins back the WH. However, I don’t believe a far left socialist will ever get enough support to get elected. We need a more moderate democrat in order to win states like Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc.

  29. The suppression of the people in socialist countries like Norway, – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Australia and New Zealand ++++ who ARE socialists. You can see every day on TV how BAD things are in those countries! The poverty rate of the lowest, all the shit the working class are left with every year by corrupt governments. But it is understandable, considered that these are also ATHEIST countries(!!!), not bounded by biblical law of moral and ethics. God save America!

  30. Don't get me wrong I loathe Trump and watch this channel for telling the truth but there are times it feels like propaganda of it's own and might as well end the video with vote blue. I just hope the agendas honest and it stays objective

  31. America has no actual socialists. People don't understand what a socialist is. America has capitalists that dont want to shove a big rod in everyone else's ass. That is the "socialist" America has.

  32. Far left in America, centrist everywhere else. Shows just how fucking backwards the Overton window is in this country.

  33. You are reading that wrong. The majority of the people believe the Progressives have the right plan, not Democrats. The Democrats do not have a plan except SOS. Only the Progressives any ideas about how to save the human race. Learn how to analyze the facts.

  34. Sorry try again is it just me or are the U.S. rangers and the U.S. marine corps not two of the most socialist organizations in America, after all, rangers believe no one gets left behind and marines all have to start from a even level, boot camp no matter they be infantry or pilots

  35. Please do not use the word socialism together with democratic. They contradict each other. Every word with the ending ism means that there is one organized group that shares an ideology and everyone who does not share it is considered an enemy. That is the exact opposite of democracy. Progressives want social democracy which has nothing to do with the ism in socialism.

  36. dirty $ Crazy eyes Cortez is in big trouble now…u can't make it up if u tried. The Dems r the gift that keeps giving

  37. Yes the Republicans are worse than the Democrats, but both parties have failed to protect the citizens of our country from corporate greed. I'm tired of being given the opportunity to vote for whichever candidate I view as the lesser of two evils, or slightly less beholding to corporate interests. Good candidates are destroyed by the implementation of good old boy politics, smeared into oblivion by the lies of those who want to keep control. Our government is broken and our chances of fixing it go down with every election cycle. Wake up America. Before it's to late.

  38. The republicans have been gaslighting the citizens of this country for a long time posturing as though they were middle of the road saying that the true mainstream is radical left and too many people fall for it too many times (be prepared for an onslaught of trolls and other naysayers from the right )

  39. Hate is powerful energy, don't underestimate power of it. Hate is stronger than all that these "Left" can offer. Power of lunatic mind which can't comprehend anything what "Left" can offer or explain.

  40. How did you all think it was going to turn out knowing this country's history, never ever repenting for its wrongs too this day.

  41. I remember when a tea party used to run around dressing like they're about to audition for a Long John Silver's commercial. The Republican party set themselves up to be the cult of trump long before trump came on the scene.

  42. as much as i admire the willingness to combat the evils and wrongs of the american economy, i hope that electing muslims won't backfire. look at europe,

  43. Are you f***g kidding me? Clinton had an entire BOOK where she outlined her plans, many of which where taken directly from Sanders. Did it help her? Not one bit. People in the US are so incredibly stupid and intellectually lazy, they always vote with their gut. That's why you guys are so prone to vote demagogues into office.
    Sorry dude, the US population has lost all credibility after voting Trump into office. Seriously, I understand that Clinton is not particularly likable, but jeez, how dos this matter more than the fact that she was infinitely more qualified for the job than this tumbling bumbling criminal man-baby you have now?

  44. What amazes me is the hypocrisy of the majority of the right wing politicians. I've NEVER EVER in my entire life seen such hypocrisy. If I contradicted myself and lied as much as they do, I'd be completely ashamed of myself and not be able to even sleep at night. But they manage to do it because they're psychos and only care about money. I hope people wake up and just give the finger to republicans. and when I say republican, I mean the corporate Dems as well. The corporate Dems are just as republican as Mitch McConnell as far as I'm concerned .

  45. the phrase 'no shit' comes to mind… but i live in new york wtf do i know… im a "communist/socialist" by default…its kinda in the water up here..

  46. All the Republicans have to sell is racism and fear. They will fail miserably in the long run. They still haven't realised that their ship is actually sinking. They are drunk on that Trump snake oil currently but they won't recover from this mess for a long time.

  47. The split within the Democratic party (There is one) is abouit how to implement those policies. So far progressives don't have a realistic plan to reach those goals. Unfortunately they are almost as dogmatic as the tea party and have a similar "my way or the highway" attitude. Of particular concern is while many of the new members of Congress can speak in sound bites, when pressed for details the depth of their ignorance becomes apparent. It just gives fodder to the Republican side. For the good of everyone they need to learn to work with and listen to others.

  48. Welcome to the republic comrades. United states socialist republic U.S.S.R. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!🤯🙈🙉🙊🇰🇵🇰🇵

  49. I, too, have no plants. I do have pants, though! Maybe they need some pants?

    Jokes aside, is it REALLY that hard to take 5 minutes to proofread your transcriber?

  50. they actually care about people unlike the republicans who are too busy bowing to their fuherer agolf twittler aka trump

  51. I think the big problem for the Greedy Old Pricks is that Agolf Twitler has torn down whatever facade that they might have had. People are catching on to the fact that, no matter what they say otherwise, RethuglieKKKlans are the party of the wealthy elite. They only care about making the rich richer, no matter what it costs everyone else. And I'm hoping that this will cost them dearly in 2020.

  52. This Country is finished
    Right, Left, Center..
    It is irrelevant.
    Hard times ahead.
    The winter will last a lifetime.

  53. If anti Semitism means we would have a socialist American society will you democratic socialist be ok with it????

  54. Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, very limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. The role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve their own problems.

  55. Republicans are the socialist all you have to do is look at our deficit $8 trillion Bush tax cut – 20 million jobs promised "0" jobs created $1 trillion state & federal tax breaks to move 17 million jobs from red states overseas. Don't forget that 13.5 million of those 17 million jobs went to trumps commie china $2.8 trillion trump tax cut – 3 million jobs promised and as usual not created That is $11.8 trillion in Socialism is A-OK for the Rich deficit spending by fiscal conservatives Please remind everyone of how much the Repug-Bull-Cons gave to the rich since 2001

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