This is why you only help Communist China... - Hoi4 - Trotsky's Revenge - Road To 56 Mod #5

hello everyone and thank you for joining me here I'm of course your host mr. Moka lover and us continue to attempt to help the Chinese out as well as help the Republican Spaniards which are doing fairly okay so right now I have readjusted some of my lines both here in Spain as well as Asia but I just want to make a quick look-see and see if I can help us push through this little tile to get to Barcelona because that would be really good for our lines but if we can't push it here well then what push will push through somewhere else so doesn't luck look like we're really winning go ahead and stop the attacks for now well reform ourselves and come back over there and a little bit also I am currently doing a world revolution which will be a lot of fun less subversive activities cost as well as guaranteed costs and everyone in the world who's not communist will get more communist influence for an entire freakin year I love it right now I am attacking this province down here I do want to cut off Japanese but if at all possible I don't really know if we're actually going to be a bit help up the Chinese that much but it's always worth a try because right now we won export the revolution but if we tried a good war with anybody that isn't gonna work out for us very well now because of the way the game set up and the way we have our faction set up it was this work Trotskyite narrative nice the only way we can change our faction name if we want to in the future is by only having puppets within the faction so I'm probably gonna have to declare war on Mongolia and as well as ten new tuva eventually but I kind of have them as a core state anyway so take 60 days I can move all my guys bordering Manchuria or Manchu Koh take out ten or two by that way actually let's not do that I could do that a little later just because we are currently helping out the Republicans because even though we're not fighting the Nationalists our soldiers or our planes are still doing a great job in the air so I don't want to get rid of those guys our guys are definitely needed and over here this is just a mess it's a giant mess I think Japan's really gonna win in the end which is really unfortunate oh the Molotov would have been dropped at the German Foreign Ministry has proposed a non-aggression pact between our two nations this treaty will greatly include increase our mutual trade and an additional secret protocol suggests the division of Eastern Europe into German and Soviet spheres while the fascists in Berlin may not be trustworthy this pact allows to deal with Finland the Baltic states and Romania without fear of outside interference the eastern territories of poem will also befall us in the event of a polish collapse if we do that we get claims we cannot do closed economy we can't go to war with Germany for two years but we'll become a little bit more friendly I think that's a great idea the Polish state was a mistake an absolute mistake and we can whatever we do that is our goal to take rid will get rid of the Polish state and integrate the poles into our alliance yes yes because they are the workers you know we're Leon Trotsky or Trotsky daddy and this will definitely help the revolution out in the long run if we can take out the poles all right so you guys are there we go a toast to our new German friends cool actually I'll go Texas area necks when our guys are all ready to attack because within our light tank divisions we also have a few heavy tanks very cool now is this going we did not win here maybe yes no we'll just take all the territory we can nice ok then and you come down here you come over here and take up to take the rest of the territory out we have enough to modify our government mint old guard las Army XP game but more political power well I already get one point five nine a day that's pretty good over here Oh infantry specialists attack and defense or a cover e rape Oh what do we have here Oh concealment we can't do that one armor we can't do that one kind of a training clothes export it looks like this is the best we can really do and since our divisions already are in the field I kind of know am I doing this yeah number two fans a little more attack not gonna hurt us hopefully hopefully cool I really don't want the Japanese to be linked up so I'm gonna keep my soldiers over here uh actually you know what I'm gonna extend this front line just a tad but if you can you can move around if you need to I want you to come down here let's go back over to Spain espana all right looks like our guys are pretty well poised to strike since you can't move over there you're gonna stop let's see so we're having all four of our divisions with air support attack five enemy Spanish divisions which is not bad not bad I'm gonna give you guys a little bit of a force attack boost it doesn't cost very much for us and they cannot pierce our armor which is awesome awesome awesome guys give us a little more arm exp we have a lot of Eric's beat and quite a bit of naval XP oh oh no no why no they got rid of no they got rid of one of my sets of volunteers I gave to China uh this is on historical to vibe beasts on ma decided to take over China why why guys guys look at the manpower you're gonna lose all that guys you screwed it up well China is officially dead pretty much at this point then that's pretty bad well since we can't guard that side this is on historical this doesn't make sense what focus did you take join the republican government and then you do not do power struggle zyi be Sun Maas not ai-controlled god dang it Oh God welp turn how about Chinese was a mistake well not really a mistake we still got some army XP which is not bad which is pretty good but guys why this AI love it love it to death oh nice by these we're winning in Spain oh we actually made an encirclement so you guys push it in they should not be able to pierce you at all and that's actually pretty good we're gonna at least help one of the countries that has been affected by the fascist powers because national Spain's of fascists as well as Japan in this game uh let's see if 1939 happy 1939 everyone what we want though right now is construction speed because my gosh we got to keep building up up up up because our industrial power is okay our military power is okay it's not great do that that looks pretty okay for now good good good we only have a hundred forty-five factories we really gotta kick things up a notch and if we can get Republican Spain in our lines that would definitely help us out quite a bit in the long run I might have to betray them someday but you know whatever just make them our puppet awesome good job guys good job if you can help out and take Zaragoza that would be a lot of fun since these guys are defending we help attack and we've got a couple of our divisions back home all right uh Vasily Choi cuff you did a great freaking job you really did you know I'm gonna actually just add you over here but I'm gonna replace you with with Vasily because he's got so much more experience now he's totally worth using awesome wall revolution is done wall tension has increased to 40 some percent I think maybe forty one percent cool awesome awesome awesome and we can do state a perpetual warfare which give us quite a bit more political power justified workout time goes way down but just a pope justify war go time on us goes way up or it goes way down as well hmm actually let's not do that until we go to war with it maybe the Germans some Decca's they might have to manually justify onst instead of using a focus but regardless more daily political power gain localized quality control recalibrate industries that takes 35 days that's 70 days these are all good but I like that but there's other options we can also take some of these are really important like invest in engineering we can get more industrial electronic speed and more production efficiency cap industrial focuses will now gain industrial push national spirit as an additional effect which gives you even more construction speed it takes a hundred days we could get more rubber construction technology or just some steel improvements for assembly line production now which one is that it's somebody the line production advanced machine tools oh that's a 1941 stop hmm hmm see infrastructure is pretty good a little bit more oil chromium steel transformation of nature oil concerns world key with oil for now obviously force urbanization is not bad to get more factories in the state a little uh stability but whatever socialist science sounds like a fun thing to do let's go ahead and now let's do this one they get more construction speed and I like that and faster research speeds cool so basically China's dead because I only three volunteers to send them and these are the Communist Chinese I sent because zyb you sent them all they can't hold this all by themselves there's no way in the world they can you know what since we got three divisions I'll put you over here too so and yeah make your way over there Leon Trotsky is called for a world revolution communists everywhere – chain unchain themselves and overthrow the capitalist governments around the world taking up arms and law russian sfsr struggle to bring about world revolution one thing i'm gonna think about is that venezuela their fascist they're probably gonna join the axis eventually ah yes commented influenced but I wish there was a button to see like who currently has the most communist info Paraguay communist influence all their communists already oh I love that hmm because I really want I'm gonna need some sort of a lie here ooh Mexico's fascist so I'm sort of a lie I can begin to invade South America eventually now I'm thinking Cuba but we might have to wait on that well the USA also has some communist influence I like that could I spawn a civil war in the United States who the screw stability of a receiving nation should be lower than eighty percent is currently eighty nine percent if you continue to lower their stability through less party popularity support that could work we could try a Lacoste point zero eight a day we got enough political power sure why not we'll COO the United States see what happens if they join us they Jordan so they don't join us well then they don't join us Oh something soon to help out to screw it help these guys out oh they really want to defend this place they have six divisions there now No and some of our guys are not feeling so good right now about that sixty visions yeah we're not doing really that well so go ahead and pause that whatever that's fine something infantry division go that way these guys probably need some help and I'm clicking some buns on my keyboard to see oh well these are our allies plans mmm for some reason we couldn't see how many enemy divisions were on screen there all right well whatever I think for the moment the Republicans should be able to at least hold the line let's go that way let's do that can we actually break through here because their tanks are pretty good if we led the charge we'd be okay let's take it try to take bizarre goes at first and then as our guns do doesn't work or if it does work we're gonna start cutting off little pieces of the enemy nation which will be great I'll look at those divisions are so strong I love it looks like we're actually winning the Republicans are actually pushing back while I give up on the Chinese wow they're just gonna hold for now just if you have to retreat you have to retreat you know intergrated support I love it great more soft attack more organization well we're just gonna keep doing land doctrines if we can nice I only need really like two of you so come here does anyone else need more armies on this side of the world no we don't know no oh god dang it one two three come over here one two three over here one two uh for right now um there's really no good place to put you all I'm gonna have like some sort of defensive bad really terrible defensive line like that there you go and you all nicolai about balut but but tootin but to attend oh we have someone else here army Morales and we can save our political power the word revolution I love it love it love it love it love it let's get bizarro Gaza can I put any more planes over national Spain no we lost one well that sucks nice engineer company too is done hmm let's get this person industry 3 maybe have a little bit more coffee maybe maybe not good good good industry is looking pretty nice ah very good coffee is a great thing to have it is 1939 so we do have to watch what's going on in the world we have Zaragoza and now we're gonna try something a little different I'm gonna keep bringing it up but having all these old songs play I don't even know what they're called but having them playing the background is just so great I love it anyways everyone comes in Zaragoza and those that are there right now try to get across the river as fast as you can great get that motorized and cut off the northern portion of this part of Spain good good good and actually they're gonna need some help so we probably come up here to give up on the Chinese you say yeah exactly I'll give up on them because the AI the Chinese a I became stupid and didn't want to mmm hold his own or give up or get taken out by a puppet or a warlord I guess in this case unfortunate oh good we split them up awesome Luis but I'm up if we can't help some people we can help as many as we can't possibly can do that these guys will get crushed inwards from the Republicans which would really help balance out more of this civil war Oh Baby why are you attacking me like crazy what have we ever done to you just keep attacking me though because you're probably panicking and running out of supplies Oh missing production equipment medium oh we're out of medium bombers I'm not even making any medium bombers torpedo bombers heavy fighters good we are we are yeah we definitely need to meet them bombers we definitely need more guns yeah we definitely extremely need more guns take me you'll give me two three we have enough artillery at the moment that's that'll be good at least that's a little somethin'-somethin battle fleet concentration we have better we're making better guns we have already really good artillery we have to wait till 1941 to get the next heavy tank the kv-1 which I heard was really fun to use in the war I really don't know never played water tanks but anyways uh Ino atomic research research B plus 10% oh yeah baby let's get started on that we got entertained here and go in and take that prep go ahead go take these people out oh the other just melting oh goodness oh yes we under the airfield love it just push them in they've got nowhere to run great we actually actually did something love it cool and from right now what we're gonna do in Spain Hispaniola is a slow push against direct enemy divisions I mean for us to win – I always have a good time that's really what I want what I want to have is a good time because who doesn't want have a good time it's just plush the enemies push them as hard as you can until they break down I'm not gonna make a joke about that that I just thought of so no yeah that would been a really terrible do you hope to say anyways beyond that let's see you guys you need this support equipment we just lost all that support equipment god dang it that's alright we're gonna need more divisions right we don't need more support equipment right you know what I'm not gonna put the newest rifles on just yet uh heavy fighters put this above that production oh all my goodness we need to make way more military factories do that do that that looks ok for now just make as many factories as you possibly can and if we can push in somewhere that would be absolutely delightful ANSI talk pile right now light tanks are good heavy tanks aren't bad we could probably swap out one of our light tank divisions or battalions I mean we would actually get less soft attack we would lose one point to soft attack get a little bit more armor that's not worth it be a little bit more Armour slightly more piercing a little more defense and a little bit more heart attack that honestly is not worth it yeah it's really not worth it holy cow anyways Oh take you and take you pushing this way take you as well they can't pierce ooh these Lighting's anyway so it doesn't doesn't really matter 1.34 ideology in United States becoming quite communist I see nine percent oh yes Fair Labor Standards Act oh that's good oh good good good good yeah eventually just please go down to desegregation of the Armed Forces United States but anyways we have the means which is pretty good I want to get some more supply consumption factory output and then construction speed which will be extremely useful for us very very useful it is 1939 hmm Armour I mean these tanks are okay I really want the kV ones though support companies you know let's do this one first of all because we could use a higher production efficiency cap cool yeah I just just slowly push people in you know they want to be pushed in they want to be bullied around especially if they can't bully around tanks oh look at that 42 43 I'm completely ignoring the Chinese crying oh maybe not I mean they're holding and that's really my goal here's just a whole get more arm exp which is doing pretty well boorish a shop show niche kickoff Oh polish Romanian Alliance they think that will save them well you're still part of the axis and you are guaranteeing the independence of Poland what Poland is now in the allies this isn't looking good for a lot of people huh hmm well then we'll see if Romania seizing the alliance or the faction called the axis or not that'll be very interesting to see what they do oh we have a lot of political power great I do want more stability but that can wait for a while mmm socialist education and that Iranian communist Authority sounds like a good idea we could use a little bit more manpower but military staff we have army driller defense is a bad old guard of course and division speed industrial concerns I mean this is all right really hmm let's see more arm room and heart attack speed and reliability I like the reliability a lot and this gives you a liability and soft attack but more max speed plus 5% for a 5 kilometer per hour heavy tank that's almost nothing but I like the reliability let's see it's almost 1915 1940 next year so we could do infantry equipment stuff but mmm I'm thinking not the distro concerns how about down here was this lessons of history let's see justify war goal time gets even lower also gets even much lower but we lose political power I don't want to do these ones yet and for these you can do limited rights for women more population but can cost more consumer goods or total equality which will kill off a lot of consumer goods which we actually really need right now ship designer could be really good I'm always could be really good hmm you know what screw up let's just do Industrial Research speed just because I'm gonna use industry a whole lot and maybe maybe focus more little bit more on decision snacks like Institute press censorship and improved rooker conditions that are probably useful actually that will be useful you guys since the Spanish are helping us out just keep pushing against those pesky nationalist divisions take a quick look at China we are holding strong and that's part of China mmm whenever your coffee always remember kids wash out your mouth cuz it can stain your teeth anyways light tank division yeah just I mean there's really nothing we can do we're just hold hold hold Oh Japanese provocation at our border as part of maintaining the demarcation line on the border between US and Japan a work party was set down to check the demarcation markers near Lake Khasan when approaching the board of the work party was taken under fire by a local Japanese help us we have lodged a formal diplomatic protest but the Japanese ambassador maintains that the work party was sent to move the markers to allow us to claim more territory the Japanese have assured us that they will respect the border but will not allow any tampering with the current demarcation and will respond with force should we attempt to do so this effectively means we can no longer move freely about our territory and the territory in the area absolutely unacceptable something tells me you're not really ready to fight me just yet Japan how oh my goodness we don't need is so much more infantry equipment and support equipment hmm how are the factories oh yeah don't worry about too much about that about the infrastructure stuff yeah just keep just keep doing factory stuff Oh Dee I love it do that uh yeah whatever Oh invest in engineering great nice force urbanization which will give you monthly population and max factories in the state which is good less stability unfortunately for about a year and the construction speed you increase for 30 days as well as factory up socialist science it's pretty good too hmm construction speed steel imports well our Steel's ok we've got quite a bit of Steel develop the year old mountains more infrastructure develops a variant industry I need more military factories so actually let's do that one wait oh wait effects is not complete within 26 days it affects our loss Japan will get armor and land option clash between our border guards and Japanese soldiers at the shared border in Korea so we have to put more soldiers down here so go ahead and where are you right you know what take you you guys are not very good actually do this send every division you had go send you down here that's basically what you have to do anyway so go ahead and do that just in case hopefully within the last little less than a month we can actually do that and we are still trying to push this direction so let's stop cuz our tanks getting kind of hurt all man they're veterans though oh wow now they need 11 more support equipment pretty typical guns are doing better supported one is doing a little bit better alright and yeah the Nationalists are pretty much on the defensive it really looks like we will attack here again though we definitely will I see I don't want to take over a river but can you get down here oh you can 2 divisions alright no construction three is done great feel from refineries resource efficiency gains I love it but I don't really need it I do some recon cuz we can yeah it sounds like fun no one saw what maybe we're winning now maybe we're winning to break across the river great I like it still can't Pierce us we do not have air superiority huh what happened what happened here fighters are you doing okay hmm interesting now we don't have air superiority which is a little different than normal for now I think the Republicans really have it up there I want to try to cut these guys off but everyone here and then cut these these guys off go ahead and if you can go that direction if you please see what happens yeah it's purely Japanese defeat nice following the clash between Soviet Japanese forces in the border area around Lake Kisan Japanese ambassador in Moscow has requested a cease fire several Japanese assaults on Soviet positions failed with heavy casualties during the battle awesome and several Japanese assaults yeah and raising concerns in Japanese military about the capabilities of their forces a victory for the proletariat where happened my other divisions oh okay well whatever cool great keep doing that and let's make sure that you come here oh we can't do that guy doing it I'll try and no longer it gets effects from industrial push so be it not bad not bad we only have a hundred fifty eight factories that's why I'm really not trying to get into any sort of early war looks like no one's really winning this so no one's winning just tell them to win harder look at these veterans love it you guys are planning oh and ask me one love it cool cool cool and then we'll take these three divisions and attack this way as well oh the Germans are down there mm-hmm because they're almost ready go ahead and push again so we can surround these guys nice they're surrounded take these two divisions attack this way and we have something wait oh wait oh it's not done yet Japanese provocation within the day I guess we're still having a land border crisis so be it didn't really expect that alright then good enough just burst industry awesome mmm fuel from game feel from refineries we can do those later let's do that because we saw the air XP for now great great great oh wait they are no longer encircled gutting it go ahead and hold can you pierce these guys it's an infantry division oh do they add another one oh they added another national suspend your division over there God dang it hold on guys hold on now we want to attack you must be successful right let's attack this area down here next now I suggest a company to is done infantry stuff I have Mountaineers we must get better better Mountaineers they are attacking us she's whatever you know take this guy out if you can take this guy out then this division will have to die good good good awesome awesome awesome send you down here to immediately attack defend attack defended attack attack of defend these guys are getting really experienced I love it something thinks it's way too pushing man nice sound divisions are here we got five enemy divisions great-great-great-great 163 factories and it looks like the Nationalists are really on the defensive now I'm gonna ask for anything better and they have how many you guys maybe nine divisions over here nice one Yakuza Blanco is not gonna like the results of this battle Oh baby I told you we could win the Spanish Civil War the Soviets not no problem awesome and we just develops a variant industry for more military factories and a little bit more construction speed and factory output for the next couple days and we help develop blood of a stock we get two more civilian factories Toomer military factors and and added infrastructure love it or we do social science well that doesn't help me with any more science that just gives me more population in factory outputs let's do that first take a look at how this is going guns are doing much better as well as support equipment do that I'll probably take all these guns off eventually it's fine just push a German poop in just push them in if you can three divisions oh man if you need to help detect cross river I will end episode very soon I just want to see how far we can get and nice nice nice nice nice advanced machine tools great we're doing that naval doctrine sounds good et let's go ahead oh we got a bonus is this for land doctrine it is Breland doctrine I don't want to spend any land auction points for this stuff so it's 1939 leg infantry recovery rates acclimatization factor I like her cut faster recovery rate sounds like fun thing to do right yeah I think so Poland refuses German ultimatum Germany has to ignore it every warning that sounds like a good place to stop it's only July 19th 1939 excuse me but I think that's we're gonna leave it here for today what have we done what we basically given up in China we're just now defending for the Chinese lives what's up what happened is Ivy's on ma now just Yunnan oh my goodness Jesus no wonder we're going to lose war in China anyways we did that we are actually hoping the Republicans go on the offensive and push back the enemies within the Spanish Civil War and we're making pretty much every country in the world more and more communist with the United States already 23% commies which is amazing forced guns Quebec conscription so anyways hope you enjoy this episode guys leave a like if you did subscribe if you're new and I will see you tomorrow you're not becoming more communist what the heck as we will hopefully win the Spanish Civil War for over the public in Spain thank you very much for watching

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