1. If people don’t stand up to Trump, you will be under Russia 🇷🇺 and Vladimir Putin!! Trump is a Russian Jew, who wants to overthrow our Government!! Somebody better stand up!!!

  2. This shows how stupid, pathetic, and desperate CNN is when they have to make stories about a spider web.

  3. WOW! This is what tRump has done to media standards. News networks reporting on a spiders web.
    It must have been a REALLY slow news day.
    But isn't it sad that a spiders web is worthy of news time, but tRump's lies don't rate a mention any more.

  4. Sad state of affairs when a spider web garners this much attention. Will sleep better tonight knowing cnn can find spider webs but not 30,000+ e-mails hillary lost. Fake news is a compliment compared to the BS in this story.

  5. The truth is that it was a failed assassination attempt from the deep state. Stop playin' dumb C.N.N. You couldn't slam that damn Russia Gate on Trump and you caught your own fingers in the latch. Hahahahahahahahaha – FAKE-NOOOWS…………FAKE-NOOOWS

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