ThinkTank # 3 - Anti Communist Propaganda in Mainstream, the Capitalists are Scared

an interesting phenomenon has happened in the bane street media where there seems to be a surge in anti-communist rhetoric and messages in movies TV shows etc particularly I right now I'm watching the third season of the show stranger things and if you watch this show you know that in the first scene in the first episode there is a scene that takes place in the Soviet Union during the 80s there's a scene that takes place in the show and I'm not gonna spoil it too much if you're watching this show but basically this science experiment that goes wrong which sacrifices the scientists involved is conducted in a Soviet Union laboratory that's located in some super secretive mountain and there's particularly this scene where there's a Soviet Union General and an officer they're all mad at the scientists for some reason so the officer chokes out the scientists with his bare hand just one fucking hand so then after that it shows the general walking out of the facility to like a helicopter and that camera pans and it shows a hammer and sickle flag now okay we know that this is indeed a not only cheesy but ridiculous work of fiction and you know if you just use your fucking logic here it's like why the fuck would the Soviet Union fucking kill its own scientists even in the fucking revisionist government period that just doesn't fucking make sense well they kill their own fuckin scientists labor pool and I'm not gonna sit here defending the revisionist government of a Soviet Union that was the shitty social imperialists introduction of capitalism with in the USSR but I will say let's say the average American watches this show and sees that scene what do they think about the Soviet Union after seeing something like that I mean obviously we are not strangers to knowing that Westerners and Americans are so ridiculously gullible and they would be inclined to believe that the nature of the USSR's to conduct evil science experiments and kills their own scientists in the process what's also funny about the show stranger things and this episode that I'm talking about is the scene right after all of this shows the main characters which are literally children making out for at least a minute and it's so fucking uncomfortable like yeah sure make all the fucking anti-communist propaganda that you want but the scene right after that you're literally fetishizing kids about to have sex and in the context of this show it's like fuck man how are we supposed to believe that you and the Americans are so much better than the now okay it's not like I'm just suddenly awoken to this anti-communist propaganda within the mainstream media and seeing it in the show stranger things and obviously these anti-communist films TV shows what have you have been going on for quite some time now way before all this but what I find fascinating is I've been seeing a lot of movies TV shows that are pretty close to Nazi glorification and fascist apologist behavior now this could range from a variety of films that pertain literal Nazis and portray them as just plain all human beings like I get all these trailers that pop up on my suggested YouTube video feed that has a lot to do with Nazis that have a role in the movie whether it be a character or a plot there has been an abundance of shows on services such as Netflix that have these kinds of movies or TV shows that are just very Nazi apologist unfortunately I can't really think of any films in particular that do this stuff but I have been seeing a lot of these new movies doing this but alongside all of this are these new anti communist films that are coming out as well you take a film such as the Chernobyl series for example on HBO that just came out where it shows that the Soviet government tried to cover up the entire Chernobyl incident which is clearly not the case because at the time the Chernobyl incident was happening there were Soviet Union newsreels that were hoarding on the situation of Chernobyl at the time that it was happening and again I'm not gonna full fledge idli stand by the revisionist governments within the Warsaw Pact or Soviet Union but I will give credit where credit is due of course and when we look at anti-communism in mainstream media we have to realize that the audience watching this from the most part has no knowledge about you know communism Marxist Leninist maoism they just think it's all the same thing this phenomenon as well isn't even exclusive to films it's also present in video games too and I'll just give a quick example of this but the video game franchise battlefield the most recent title battlefield 5 I believe it is there is a mission in that game where you play as a Nazi commanding a tank during the Battle of Berlin I believe it's just very unsettling and kind of creepy to see like basically the humanization and glorification of Nazis and Nazi soldiers that fought for a fascist and genocidal cause and obviously media and art of any kind is a reflection on our current society and if our media is going to glorify make apologies for Nazis and fascists then I think that's a pretty clear indicator that we live in fascism when you have institutions set up to combat the uplifting of the proletariat the establishment of a working class order I think that's a pretty clear indicator that the United States government is scared of the masses they are scared of us gaining enough class consciousness to realize that their rule over us is illegitimate so they need to keep pumping out this anti-communist propaganda the because they know that we have the way out of this disease known as capitalism they know that the contradictions are becoming clearer and clearer within capitalism and socialism is definitely on the rise and they have to do what they can to suppress that so in short the capitalists are scared they have to keep producing this shitty propaganda to maintain their legitimacy and this episode not gonna lie totally call for a beer well I talked about these things because it's cringy to me the legitimizing of fascism within mainstream film and what have you let me know what you think I didn't mean for this video to go on too long we'll be covering more important topics in the future but I just thought that this was important to cover so we don't bat an eye when we talk to the masses about Marxist Leninist Maoism that we clear up any Red Scare propaganda that is being produced by these films and TV shows and it is definitely something that we shouldn't bat an eye to when analyzing the current stage of the capitalist class thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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