1. I liked your supply and demand answer it was much better than watching Yaron ad hom and waffle. 👍

  2. So you think someone should be allowed to own tanks, bazookas, military grade explosives, rocket launchers, attack helicopters, B52 bombers? You have to draw a reasonable line somewhere.

  3. I think he meant it’s structured like a hierarchy. There are people more important than others in corporations. Even if it is via free association. Wtf? Do you realize humans think hierarchically? You’re not gonna get Yaron but I bet you can get Rucka Rucka Ali on your show.

  4. I'm curious if you make enough money from this disenthrall thing to not have to have a normal job, given the view count and comment numbers I see on these videos lol.

  5. And mainline Objectivists tell everyone else they're not radical enough. But if they took the NAP to its logical end, "voluntary" government is a contradiction. They're just afraid Anarchism = moral subjectivism.

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