Theory of the New socialism P19 (vietnamese, english, spanish)

Nam when the Datong EconomyFreshwater agent MirindaThere are overlapping investments and overlapThen in the alliances they will tighten the continent alliancesHands can not say about the communist world or the capitalist worldThe Mainland dollar exchange rate is the Dai Dong dramas and bourgeoisie in the communist stateWhat continental alliancesThere are countries whose roots are called communist and there are originals of children called capitalistsThey will be linked together to patronize the economies of their continentSuperintendentWhite shirt that when asked to link together, he continent is very strong but eatEvery continent including home networkSociety to hit the economy is not able to bearWhere are you playing?Naturally now he will cease some time will go asuraASEAN is what it is like to be AsianThe president is also thinking about thatBut that is how slowly that Asia is calledEuropean stone that unified the United States that it can not bear can not bear with a whole continent.That is why it should be united in thatThis is I said in front of the house was released Mai Mai one of the economic fight against a pile of where is not there againNote this is a teamThey will patronize water that is weak in a blockThe Dam Vinh HungMotorized countries sponsor small countriesThe price of car plugs of foreign investment blisters the co-investment in the law outside that insert into it, the higher they will be.Miss AsiaWhat are the other continents that yesterday held the so-called economy as a major force in scientific cropsWhat they will break a link is something that collapsesBut what I said earlier that common currency is notToday is the common currencyTrying to keep one’s own money for a month is a national prideThere are measures of human leadership that people post pictures on itMake a second if the economy will not be able to withstand that pressureThese phenomena that Duc Hoa East Germany and West Germany at the time was not able to stand Dong Duc under pressure Hanoi economic pressure of the landJust barely making itIt is we economically led financial Gold ChungLeading their children to the bank they met again to do general economic development is DatongBut not to 2 Chinese coinsI’m alone because that is his pride that I have not caught with meLook at the value of each otherOne childI am a continent togetherOur home may be a free trade agreementIn that freedom, then it will go out. Hatched out according to your negotiatingChildrenLike this, Actually now I have not seen his headI see itGet back the balance in the water that I will be in the countryCapital tragedy When the capitalists in the countryIt was then that Dat Dong came out to internationalSample of Dat Dong sample to international and then the link in the lawThe continent continent is a continental continent that fights against each otherWhere in the fashion economy have not you playSo much so that too many European goods that overflow for too much is not good because the Asian Union re-eatNot holding the balance in this mother again if not message againThe rate of trade in it will be damaged as it will be all overIt was later the battle it was soFor example, now Vietnam imports Japanese cars with a very limited pictureTaxation then the type of the next Continental Union together they do soThat is how much of the singer through Germany is in a definite agreement they let throughIt’s not their distant line of thingsStrongThis is what is important is not what is produced but what is not where the shares are slippery on both sides.The Spirit of the Assembly to perform quicklyIt was just for Miss Dieu There was a room where she had just taken her over. This was automatically taking this child to make this all-third eye or play one.I do not bearWhy would she find that key but it was so long that she was at least 30 years old?In the next 30 years, it is the new shop that is at that time the third is the new civilized civilization civilization of the beautiful world.That is to make the economy more competitiveSchool roses are still protected continental money togetherBut which continent to the Asian continent to take the word up 10%In Europe and the Americas, there are somePython is up 10%, then Asia and Europe are oddHi, this continent is growing up and back to the continent while looking at the two grandparentsThe inner workings have the overlap on the calledShareShe had to go home without stopping to stop the flow of goods through itWhat is the name he just took money from Phan Anh for money and then he sold two more sistersWhy is the Party determined?Back to the Red ArmyThe Fate of Universalism that I rebuilt is coming to that mode as it would beBut then who is the only government to look at? Government does not do anything to own business than LaosWhat are the continents they are spell bound to?Computers and continents are home to the first American of Tra Vinh District 3Rich manHow American stars can get her firstBut to wait one day must not have to invest in the third party must also tell them is also to protect the economy as QuynhThe three are AmericanAnd America is a late America, the United States a pink newspaper protection AiUncle Ho talks about what is still lends to make moneyThe talk about loans that people learn to play wireThe great economic benefit is that later on you will have many things to sayWhy do you have to do it to do it is how it will be when you get out of balance in the waterVictimWhat is the balance in the water then?At that time both sisters took back the foreign balance, meaning that the shares on both sides were overseas agents.Beyond what’s in frontThat is just foreigners, so that it is so that she is new to the Datong to the level called the continent levelGamechickenThe hiccup must slowly be done slowly Nothing nowThe scene is very much time even 30 years a picture of what this is done in the country is not sure already and do not sayWhat the family said 30 years to the International Day, she moved to bad luckPi RetirementDepending on what you want to do or notHoly regimeThe world of capital 25 and the behavior of Pham Duy Hung to power her off the sample separation is not sure yet finishedDo not say what, but that the international to the internationalThat is the way the water comes in to tell youThe mode of talking that is done or not is to spend a very long timeThe whole world for you there they are hot tooPeople are saying too hot things that we just want to change one soon after the dream is goneThirty years of life is not necessarily easySport Dongfang Commune of the continent that is so thatToday’s advantage is that I’m talking about itStill tomorrowI will talk about the topicWhat language do I speak?I say the name of the topic is called the Buddhist conceptThe international experience is beautiful and the lines are called intelligenceTuoitreSouth Asia have you doing it The sisters go everywhere to gather intelligenceNow I’m talking about a specific problem, and intelligence is too far awayMother of business world economic world economic world is that it has that part of the salaryHello there is something that must be the words to put intelligence through to the water that isStar Share Star Share Send a picture always silently Where is the way the guard and hold the stock is what is the intelligenceThen tomorrow I will talk about what is called the old international startupNational Intelligence ExaminationThe game you Chuc sister success

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