The World around Us: Primary Social Studies for classes 1 to 5

Cambridge University Press India presents the world around us primary social studies textbooks for classes one to five the world around us is a series of books covering the primary school topics under the social studies subject the series contains a total number of five books four classes one to five key components of the series include student book teachers manual and interactive cd-rom each book contains a table of contents mentioning the units to be studied it also gives an overview of the objectives to be fulfilled by the various contents of the books it also shows the formative and summative assessments given at the end of each lesson key features of the series are simple uncomplicated layout with child-friendly illustrations set field at the start of the chapter to lead the learner to the main topic the books provide suggestions for class discussions examples are taken from the learners immediate world for better understanding text and image strike the right balance I learned emphasizes on a concept and get going encourages application of a concept or skill in specific areas get going helps in making connections between what was studied in the text to the activities exercises are clearly marked under formative and summative assessments teacher tip to help the teachers plan the lesson did you know gives information beyond the text new words learned in books three four and five gives the definition of new words and terminologies appearing in the text gbox in books three four and five contain information or environmental awareness chapter layout is attractive and learner friendly with the right balance of illustrations and text the world around us book series covers a multitude of topics of interest to the students these include rooms in a house diversity in festivals family tree first aid concept of neighborliness people who help us plants around us mass communication whether food habits and balanced diet inspiring lives early humans invention of fire invention of the wheel water cycle India is a land of variety real images of important physical features satellite images for a better understanding of the area under study inculcates a sense of nationhood and common identity our Constitution governments at different levels our material heritage new concepts of family introduced components of cd-roms are let us learn concepts animation covering the key topics of the chapter let us practice interactive exercises for reiteration play and learn live a method of revision did you know interesting facts presented in an image gallery former assessment printable worksheets for practice glossary new words and terminologies explained for more information on the world around us please visit slash cambridge india


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