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PPC PPC PPC I’m Danielle Metz
I’m Robert Vaughan and this is the Danielle Metz show quote individual freedom what
is that does every culture in the world celebrate individual freedom I think
that it was Jordan Peterson a Toronto professor who said it best when he
talked about the intersectionalists the people who are talking about all the
different clusters of groups and collectives and ethnicities and races
and sexual orientations and breaking them down into intersections and he said
all they have to do is keep going until they get to the real polity that is the
individual that’s what individual freedom is all about it’s about
individual rights that’s what is core to identity it means
that the government is our servant not our master we are the polity of Canada
this is a small segment of a speech that my esteemed co-host Robert Vaughan gave
as master of ceremonies introducing the leader of the People’s Party of Canada
Maxime Bernier at a function here in London Ontario as I said to him then
now in private and will repeat now in public I am so proud to know him and
have him as my co-host some of you may have noticed that we missed a few shows
during the last couple months this hiatus was necessary for Robert to
fulfill his role as campaign manager for Dr. Salim Mansur
who ran for the People’s Party of Canada in London North Center a task which took
precedence over this rinky-dink podcast rinky-dink Robert gave of
his time to engage in the fight for freedom which is a tough and bloody
fight he physically stood up to hecklers wrangled a bunch of ragtag volunteers
put out fires and held up spirits despite knowing the inevitable outcome
the People’s Party of Canada did not only lost the last federal election but
its leader Maxime Bernier lost his own seat So Robert where do we go from here
yeah you’re right about the already knowing the outcome when you’re entering into
this fray although to tell you the truth there’s
always hope there’s always that little bit of glimmer of hope because you know
you look at Brexit and Trump and all of these other movements over there that
have succeeded there was always the hope that
this PPC thing could succeed as well and we’d get a few seats though the polls
never changed throughout the entire campaign even after Maxime was allowed
onto the debate stage with the rest of the leaders which was a momentous
decision by the Governor General Johnston to allow him to do that that really
changed the dynamic of the entire election unfortunately it didn’t result
in any uptick in the polls whatsoever so I was a little despondent about that
that we weren’t going to get more than one or two percent of the vote but one
or two percent of the vote is still almost three hundred thousand Canadians
supporting the PPC and the party’s only been around for a year just a little over a
year yeah September 14th was the anniversary right yes so 13 months we
ran in almost every riding and got 1/3 of a million people voting for us and
made some great friends and acquaintances and connections and
networking so all in all I think it was successful for a first run I like to
think that this was our Juno Beach and we’re waiting for our Vimy Ridge to
liberate not Europe but Canada and of course Juno Beach for those who don’t
know was the designated landing during the Second World War of the Canadian
contingent to help liberate Europe on the beaches of Normandy so and that was a
success one of our fans actually said it was Dieppe our Dieppe I’m going well
Trevor Dieppe was a failure I don’t think this was a failure this was a
success it was a beachhead this was our beachhead and from here on it would have
been foolish for us to think that Oh Maxime was going to be Prime Minister
and we’re gonna fill the Parliament with PPC members that was never going to
happen this was the beachhead now we’ve gotten
it we’ve got 45,000 members we’ve got a network of people
across the country now who are yeah interconnected very important yeah we’ve got
all of the stuff that is necessary to run a credible campaign as a matter of
fact I think we in London North Center with Salime Mansur ran a fantastic
campaign we spent about $60,000 we had 700 we had hundreds of signs we had
almost a hundred thousand pieces of literature delivered knocking on doors
and for that though you still only get about two percent of the vote so it
almost didn’t seem like you would the the money mattered at this point but the
credibility certainly does matter when you’re able to garner that kind of cash
and that kind of enthusiasm with a team of people to to field a
candidate it feels good and we you know that you’re part of something that’s not
necessarily going to die overnight if it does at all this is a this is a movement
so when you ask where we go from here forward to quote Justin Trudeau you go
forward but this time it means something when he says forward it’s a meaningless thing
when it comes to us it’s like somebody I spoke with recently said you know in
Egypt they know that the pyramids the foundation is the hardest thing to build
that takes the most time and then as you go up and up and up it becomes
easier and easier and easier and less work we are at the bottom of the pyramid
and we have to keep in mind that the fact that we even got this amount of
enthusiasm in that amount of short a time and that we had campaigns that had
so little time to get rent offices get signs do all that stuff and had
no ground work crew in place like the major parties or the established parties
have and yet they still got all this stuff done I look at this as that was a
dry run that was a test then the next election which basically started now
because this is a minority government and we never know when this is going to
collapse got to keep going as if we’re still an election mode at least at a low
burn but keep it going in the sense that don’t lose connections keep
the contacts close make sure everybody is talking to everybody else get better
known for who is responsible for what and what to expect going forward and I
think that’s really what has to be done at this point in time and it’s a great
time to introduce the PPC to Canada I mean we are fighting the media the
mainstream media or lamestream media or the establishment media they are our
worst enemies they are the ones that are going to keep trying to ignore us
defame us calling us racists xenophobe whatever the current buzzword is and we
have to defeat that narrative by approaching Canada on our own and then
when the elections not on so there’s time to explain our platforms time to
explain what we believe in what we stand for which is the people of Canada and
freedom I would agree and it just remains to be
seen what our target or targets should be during this hiatus between elections
and I think it should be the Conservative Party of Canada you mean conservative yeah exactly I
think and I’m I’ve been doing a lot of thought about the role of the
Conservative government’s role of the Liberal Party Conservative Party and
Liberal Party coming up to this next election and that would be the
Conservative Party is a firewall if you will to use actually a Salim Mansur
term that he was hoping that the PPC would be but he’s a firewall between the
people who support the PPC in other words individualist freedom-loving
Canadians Canadians who are have an insight into what it means to be truly
Canadian in a political sense and government the Conservatives
are that group of people that organisation which is preventing Canada
from being free and the Liberals have always been more or less the mainstream
media like to call them the natural ruling party of Canada and that’s only
because they won most of the elections in the past 90 years the Conservatives
have only four majority governments in 90 years four governments and yet they hang on that’s because the seat of power is in Quebec and most Liberals come from Quebec that’s true now they so in with this dismal record of minority governments only four
majority governments in 90 years they they cling to this conservative and I’m
put that in quotes because because they’re not none of them could tell me
what they’re trying to conserve you know this Conservative Party is preventing
people and movements like the People’s Party of Canada from succeeding because
people think that they are the natural opposition to
natural ruling party which are the Liberals and they’re not they think they’re
voting for the opposite but they’re just really voting for more of the same but
just a different colour and a different letter exactly the brand of the
Conservative Party of Canada has been taken over by the Laurentian elite by
the left just as much as the Liberal Party has been taken over by an elite
group of and I have to call them they’re insane they’re absolutely insane the
Justin Trudeau Catherine McKenna type of Liberal Party today is nothing like the
Liberal Party 50 years ago of a Pierre Elliot Trudeau nothing like it it is a
bizarro world that we have somebody like Justin Trudeau and his cadre of buffoons
and clowns running this country again and people should look at how much of
the polls it took to get this this clown show elected because now I haven’t run
the numbers recently but the last election 2015 Justin Trudeau’s Liberal
Party was elected with only twenty six point one percent of the electorate now that’s different than twenty six point one percent of the of
the turnout because he got more than well got somewhere between 30 and 35 percent
of the turnout of the votes but he only got 26 percent of the electorate and by
that I mean that of all the people who could have voted only 26 point one
percent voted for Trudeau in 2015 he just lost a million votes in this
election so you can you can be pretty sure that less than a quarter of
Canadians now support the government in power less than a quarter and the reason
for that is the Conservative Party of Canada going out there buying votes
rigging the internal election for the leadership of the Conservative Party to
favo Scheer actually hiring Warren Kinsella a professional muckraker that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve heard yeah professional
mudslinger everybody to Warren Kinsella is a racist if you don’t agree with
Warren Kinsella you’re racist and so the Conservative Party and Andrew Scheer
although they are denying it hired Warren Kinsella to spread the
rumor the false rumor that Maxime Bernier the People’s Party and anybody
who supports the People’s Party are racists and so that’s what they did
that’s how low this Conservative Party has been so going forward and I hate
that phrase but there’s no other way to go but forward so moving towards the future how
about that yes how about just not putting that in there because the
sentence sounds the same and means the same without saying going forward what
we need to do is to attack the Conservative Party as being a sham party
they’re not conservative and they have no core identity just like Justin
Trudeau said that Justin Trudeau nailed the Conservatives when he said
that he didn’t mean Canada he meant the Conservatives exactly they no they have no core
ideology no core identity you ask a Conservative what are you trying to
conserve you trying to conserve all the socialist programs brought in by all of
the Liberal government’s ’cause they are there’s not a single program that the
Conservative Party would would axe of all of the Liberal programs that brought
in over the last hundred years or at least since the last war the second
world war because all of the socialist programs came in post ’45 the
Conservatives have supported the Conservators brought in multiculturalism
officially and so they are a firewall wing of the Liberal Party they
have to be taken out of the game and that’s where the focus of the PPC should be in the future because basically the Liberal Party has the Conservatives as like a wing of
their party so when the plebs the poor people in the country that don’t know
any better go oh it’s time for a change let’s vote for the Conservatives which
is exactly the exact same policies as the Liberals with maybe minor tweaks or
putting a new fresh paint coat on it or something like that but they’re both the
same thing and it’s just it that they’re trying to
fool the Canadian public’s they say oh well you have a choice you got the NDP
which is Liberal hard you’ve got the Liberals which is the natural ruling
party of the country we got the Conservatives which just gives you that
feeling that maybe you did vote for something different for a change and
that’s it Oh unless you’re in Quebec then you got the Bloc
and if you really wacko you can go for the Greens that’s true and all of
these parties are extreme left the NDP and the Greens are pure communists they
are pure communists if they ever got into power real power that is
unmitigated power then this country would be a communist country and I now
mean that in the big capital C sense oh that word no messing around we mean it
no and the fact that Jagmeet Singh and the NDP now hold the balance in the
Parliament because now Justin Trudeau has to go cap in hand or turban in hand to
Jagmeet Singh ha ha for his vote that is pretty bad as it is well Mark Steyne
made it when remarking upon the Canadian election because he has a somewhat bit
of a stake in it because he was Canadian himself said that there are 6 parties in Canada five of them are all on the left and then you got the
People’s Party it’s true that’s the only one on the right and he nailed it
perfectly no messing about he clarified that position because I think
a lot of people think that the Conservatives are on the right because
they try to sell themselves as like not a not a other choice to Liberals but as the
opposition to Liberals but they’re not and it just it’s you can understand why
people get confused if you’re not in the know if you don’t follow these things if
you don’t see you follow policy you don’t follow anything like that you can
see how people go well yeah but that sign is a different color than this sign
so therefore they must be different but it’s not well yes and just to harken
back to our last show it’s understandable why people don’t research
the political parties out there ’cause it requires a lot of time however I don’t
think it takes that much research to be able to as Lord Christopher Monckton
once said to us to identify the rot when you see it people people know BS when they
see it and that’s why a lot them again more of them this
election than last stay at home didn’t even vote because they actually
believe the rot unfortunately that the media had to say about the People’s
Party and the lies that Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer are
saying about the People’s Party and that’s unfortunate so what we have to do
is to I would like to see more lawsuits I would like to see people who are
calling Maxime Bernie or anybody racist taken to court for slander and
liable and that’s the only way to stop this nonsense much as there have to be consequences to these kinds of things exactly well everybody who thinks that oh
well he’s just name-calling yeah but there is consequences to it it is there
should be consequences to it you are affecting somebody’s career you are affecting their
reputation you are affecting their and their yes they’re public figures but that
makes it more so of an impact like if you call me a racist nobody would
care ’cause nobody knows who I am but if you’re calling somebody who’s running
for office a racist or a public figure in any way shape or form you better have
something to back it up because you’re damaging that person’s reputation their
profile and the way the public sees them and that is that’s horrible and but
nobody wants to take that burden and it’s costly see it’s free to insult
somebody it costs you money to defend yourself right the Hamilton police made
three arrests or charges in the protests that happened outside of the
Hamilton event where the PPC leader Maxime Bernier and Dave Rubin were about
to speak and so that’s what has to happen arrests have to be made in cases
like that yeah the courts have to make the proper
decisions which is to find them guilty and in the case of some of the people
who were arrested at Hamilton if they’re not Canadian citizens gone
yeah exported not allowed into the country again those kinds of things the
rule of law has to be upheld and obeyed and enforced equally to everyone not rules
for thee and not for thee you know like that like they let those people go
well why would you if somebody on the right wing had done that you would have
thrown the book at them and you know that’s how it goes that’s always the way
it is and people start losing the respect for law when they see it’s
unequally enforced and you know antifa can get away with stuff because
they’re antifa they have people in the states the mayors of cities giving them
free rein and the proud boys they go to jail for
four years when they get charged yeah well that’s because the counselors of
Portland or wherever in the United States and perhaps even in Canada a lot
of the people in charge the judges the counselors the people who run the police
are themselves globalists communists socialists they are anti freedom anti
individual and they are comrades in arms with the antifa thugs out there who
are calling people racist preventing people from going to meetings
intimidating them which is by the way all of that is against the law the very
fact that those protesters would prevent anyone or or hinder or intimidate anyone
from going into a political meeting is blatantly against the law all of those
protesters bar none should have been arrested and charged under the
Elections Canada Act for trying to influence or prevent people from
exercising their their right to listen to somebody who’s running for office and
so that’s what we have to do going forward yeah that’s what we have to
realize that’s what we’re up against is that that kind of stuff where
no one’s on our side except for the people that believe the truth and the
law and believe in individual freedom the law’s on our side all the establishments against us yeah but the law is on their side and
that’s the main thing the law is on our side we have to find yeah well I don’t
it seems to be a little bit on the selectively enforcement side no but the
law is on our side yeah the law itself yes but the
people that enforce the law not so much that’s why we have to do what people like
Gary McHale in Caledonia did when he actually arrested a police officer for
not upholding the law he had I think you had to go back and find out the details
about this but in Caledonia where they were Aboriginal thugs preventing
people from walking down the street as he was with a Canadian flag he was
assaulted tapped the guy in the shoulder you’re under arrest for assault gave the
guy over to the policeman the policeman just walked away tapped the policeman on
the shoulder you’re under arrest under mandamus for not obeying or upholding
the law here I had given you somebody who’s broken the law and you’re not
enforcing it so under mandamus which is a little-known
thing they don’t have it in the States but they have it in Commonwealth
countries if an officer of the court is not found to uphold the law they can be
charged with not doing their duty and that’s what Gary McHale
did and he’s successful at it so what we have to do in the People’s Party is know
the rules of the game a little better yeah we have to there’s been
letters across my desk of a lot of infractions that happen at the polls
where people are voting and being intimidated to vote they don’t even
speak English which by the way which which should be a
a red flag that they’re not even Canadian citizens because you have understand newly-minted Canadian citizens you have to understand either English or
French to be able to be a Canadian citizen and you had to be Canadian
citizen to vote so if there’s people going to the polls not speaking one of
the official languages that should be a red flag they should be challenged
their citizenship should be challenged which by the way is the right of any
scrutineer to challenge anybody’s citizenship right there at this at the
polls but we’re not doing it now this person is who was at the polls and
identified a whole slew of irregularities one was that if they
couldn’t identify properly what was selected on the ballot they assumed that
it went to the Liberal really yeah because well the Liberal’s polling higher
so let’s just assume this vote goes to the Liberals even though we’re not sure
things like that that’s why we need scrutineers at the polls we need to
understand the law better we need to understand how this process works yeah and use it to
our advantage for a change as opposed to them using it to theirs exactly this
person also said that the NDP had scrutineers there and they were tough
they were asking to look at all of the spoiled ballots making sure that they
were probably the Communists are really regimented it’s true they know how to
play the game kudos to them that’s why they get power and the PPC to play this
game have to understand it have to participate in it at that level as well
not just go out there and assume that just because you have a better mousetrap
people are going to beat a path to your door they’re not you have to use the
game you have to play the game you have to understand it and game the game yeah
the problem is with people that have moral and ethical qualms with how the
game is played it takes a lot to get them angry enough to use the game
and that’s I think that’s the biggest problem ’cause they’ll go well no
everybody should just be nice to each other everybody should be play fair but
nobody plays fair this is the this is not the Canada of 1950 man we
don’t play fair anymore in this country it’s not the world anywhere where in the
world does anybody play fair where in the world is the law applied equally to
everybody not in the States and that’s arguably the freest country in the world
not in Canada which is pretty close and not anywhere in Europe I mean Brexit we see what they’re going through with the whole country voted to do want
brexit and they’re just dragging their feet stonewalling they have the Supreme
Court overturning it’s just it’s mind-boggling that the stranglehold
the elite and the traditional status quo has on the free Western world and they do
not want to let it go and they’re fighting tooth and nail to hang on to it
which is why we have to take the opportunity to make our voices heard
well that’s why PPC PPC yeah but the thing is that people have to
realize in the People’s Party of Canada that while Canada is a rather peaceful
country and we like to think that our neighbors are not out to kill us a lot
of ’em are and we have to realized that we have to realize that these people are
reprehensible and I’m not just talking about the voters who vote Liberal NDP or
Green I’m talking about the organizers the people themselves Elizabeth May Justin Trudeau
Jagmeet Singh they’re evil people holding and harboring evil ideologies
which if if they had you know total reign for a number of years will destroy
your lives and your livelihoods and so nothing stops them from breaking the
rules from lying from cheating from fraudulently for voting for
burning ballots as Andrew Scheer did and the Conservative Party
did after he won the leadership these are reprehensible people harboring
reprehensible ideologies and we have to know that this is a dirty war that were
in and a dirty game and sometimes you have to play dirty and
we have to we have to get our hands a little dirty too and I’m not necessarily
saying that we should be fraudulent we shouldn’t be lying I’m saying that we
have to use all of the tactics at our disposal to
stop these people I mean that if somebody calls you a racist you sue them
that if somebody you know has committed electoral fraud you go through the
steps to make sure that they’re taken to court and justice is meted out at
them it’s a nasty business and it’s quite easy for people to become
complacent and sit back and then just just okay well that elections over let’s
just ride it out until the writ is dropped next time and then start the ball
rolling then but it’s too late we got to start now exposing people exactly
threatening people with lawsuits the next election is started right now this is the next election
right now exactly yeah so let’s use all of those forty five thousand members in
the People’s Party and thousands of people that have networked through social
media to keep the ball rolling to keep a running record of what’s going on with
Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer and how they’re voting and make people know
about it and keep the fire to the feet of the media because they’re the worst of the bunch they have they’re no longer the Fourth Estate they are part of the
estate they are part of the government they’re the Liberal Party they are so forward
we’re not we’re not here at Just Right Media and definitely not on the
Danielle Metz Show so stay tuned we’ll keep you updated on where we’re going with this and we’ll talk to you soon cheers if you’ve enjoyed this presentation
visit for more programming that’s not right wing… it’s Just Right.

  1. AYn Rand said it the most succinct. The smallest minority is the individual! Jesus was an oppressed minority as a bastard child who would have been stoned & cast out so he knew what to say as an adult when it saw it being done to others.

  2. The Liberals had to pay off the media which was a huge impact as many people only listen to main stream media.
    We can only hope that their are some enlightened individuals in the Conservative Party that will vote Scheer out as the leader.

  3. CPC Nov 9 discussing Oct 21 – speaker is Kinsella!!!! How is that possible if PPC suing for slander/lies we are racist? #PPCdrainTheBog #KinsellaGate #disbarKinsella

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