The Viral Voice that Sounds Like Siri || STEVE HARVEY

– My next guest blows my mind and I’m sure she’s gonna
do the same for you. Matter of fact, you’ve probably heard her, the voice that’s going viral
with over 17 million views and counting, take a look. Starting route to 3730 Songbird Circle. In 900 feet, your
destination is on the right. Arrived. (laughing) (clapping) Hey folks, please welcome Caz! (cheering) – Hello, hi. – I was not expecting this. Not this at all. When did you first realize
you could sound like Siri? – It’s just something that I’ve been doing for a very, very long time. I just, it’s kinda like how an artist can look at a picture and
just draw it line for line, the shading, ya know,
everything is just spot on. I do very good with hearing
things and just mimicking. – Where were you when
that video was taken? – I was at a party with some friends and I just did the voice
and people recorded it. Somebody recorded it and it went viral. (laughing) – Man, I’ve been hustling my whole life trying to, took me 33 years to get here and she done do one video. 17 million people, this is unfair. (laughing)
(clapping) Give us a few phrases that Siri would not normally say so we can hear this for ourselves. – OK. Cutting the light. Letting the window down. In half a mile, the dice
game will be on your right. Arrived. (clapping) – Wait a minute. Did you say cut on the light? – [Caz] Cutting the light. – See, on this show, we had Alexa and the lady was saying,
she would lean over to Alexa and she said,
“Turn on the light,” and the light came on. So we talked for a little while. She said, “Steve, you try it.” I said, “Cut the light on.” (laughing) The light didn’t come on. So I said, “Cut the light on.” Well, cut the light on is a hood phrase. Alexa didn’t understand that. So I got mad, you know, ’cause I’m going, if Alexa gon’ be in my house, Alexa need to learn some hood phrases. She just said, “Make a
left and your dice game “will be on the left.” See, that’s information I need. How do you plan on using
this newfound fame? – Well, I want to get into
professional voiceover work. I wanna be a professional voice actress. – [Steve] Really? – Yes. – Hey Siri, tell everybody that we’ll be right back. – You are now watching Steve. We’ll be right back. (jazzy music)

  1. Apple Employer: what makes you want this job?
    Caz: in half a mile your destination will be on the right.
    Apple Employer: You're hired!

  2. I loved the Big Bang Theory episode where Raj was obsessed with Siri and they portrayed her as a person. In the end of the episode he tried to talk to her but b/c of his problem with speaking to women he was stuttering and Siri responded by saying "I don't understand ugh, ugh, ugh. Then it shows Raj waking from a nightmare.

  3. Skills and talent and just being yourself makes a human or animal so special and unique. Don't be afraid to be yourself and try new things

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