The Trump Economy, Debunked

most people take a serious issue with President Trump for one reason or another he's offensive he's incompetent he's dangerous and all these things are correct but a pervasive falsehood is that Trump has created an economic miracle through his business expertise and fiscal policies pull us out of the miserable economy created by Barack Hussein Obama record employment record growth record wages and sadly the progress response this narrative has been somewhat lacking sometimes not always but sometimes they just point out that it's unsustainable or pivot to a different point without debugging the original point being made so in this video I'm going to analyze the Trump economy and debunk some the talking points before by his supporters there's some wonderful metrics for the economy the unemployment rate GDP growth wages debt and deficits inflation and poverty and inequality now inflation hasn't really been a problem since the 70s in fact The Economist isn't more concerned about deflation so I'll cross it off the list and focus on the other five well let's start getting employment rate because this one enrages me because I remember I remember the Obama years I remember how he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression and Republicans blamed him for the high unemployment rate and then after the stimulus and the bailouts stopped bleeding and the unemployment rate started to fall and has been falling ever since and I remember Republicans saying that it would never fall below 8% on Obama's watch but then it did and then I remember four years of Republicans saying that these were fake numbers and that if anything the low unemployment rate is a bad thing since people stopped looking for work which skews the numbers and then if you can believe it the moment Trump takes office they give him credit for the low unemployment rate unbelievable the unemployment rate both the u3 ray and the u6 rate which accounts words coach workers so that talking point is also bogus have been following since Obama's first term anyone who tries to have Trump credit for this is either an idiot a hack or both no exceptions Trump gets exactly zero credit for this next GDP growth the second quarter of 2018 GDP grew at four point one percent so a bunch of right-wing hacks rejoice that The Economist said it couldn't be done but Trump proved them wrong but they also conveniently leave out is that Trump at the time in all those economists we're talking about annual GDP growth not quarterly in fact there's nothing significant about 4% quarterly growth now we have seen high rates like this before in fact we've seen higher quarterly growth rates during the Obama administration quarterly growth reached four percent or higher four times during the Obama administration it actually got above five percent at one point in 2014 but what about wages didn't a bunch of companies give raises and bonuses after the tax cuts yes but not because of the tax cuts most of these were pre decided often because of union negotiations which Republicans are in the running it's a pretty dirty trick for these corporations to take the actions that they were already planning on taking then turn around and say this was because of the tax cuts because of course they want more tax cuts very few people surveyed actually saw their wages go up only a few percent and you might notice that all of these stories are anecdotal a few cases that got a lot of media attention and then of course there's this gem but the overall statistics are far less favorable nominally we just have been rising for years but when you account for inflation cost-of-living you find that real wages have gone down not up and if you look at wages relative productivity they're absurdly low but wait a second if those trillions of dollars and tax has didn't go to the workers then where did they go gee I wonder speaking of trillions of dollars in tax cuts debt and deficits the party of fiscal responsibility has been awfully selling about the skyrocketing deficits caused by their tax cuts now again I remember I remember years of Republicans wailing about the debt during Obama's presidency even though the deficit went down by more than half but this is what Republicans do while they're in power they drive up the deficits and only even mention as an excuse to cut things that help poor people otherwise they drastically increased spending while cutting taxes Republicans did under Reagan they did under w bush and now they're doing under trump that once the democrat takes office they blame them even as deficits go down but yeah we're talking about trillion-dollar deficits for the first time since Great Recession poverty and inequality the poverty has remained about this named since Trump took office which is saying something since I was falling for years under Obama the stagnation is probably at least in part because it's from the administration's been doing everything it can to undermine the porn working class three million Americans lost health care because of his undermining of Obama care the trunk administration has been rolling back protections and cutting key programs like food stamps and Medicaid while hindering access housing and of course the benefits of his tax policies of overwhelmingly gone to the wealthy furthering inequality and of course many conservatives libertarians will say something like well would you rather live in an unequal country like the US or a more equal country like Venezuela first of all Venezuela is more unequal than the u.s. and second of all the answer is neither I want us to be more like other highly developed countries that are far more equal in the US or Venezuela yes any holy does matter because when you have low taxes on the rich you consequently have low services for the poor the rich in large corporations are doing great right now well five million Americans live in third world conditions but instead of trying to address this problem the trunk ministration attacks the UN for reporting on it aside from issues of morality and poverty you should care about inequality because when mass sums of wealth are being accumulated by the wealthy and the lower classes don't have enough wealth to sustain that consumer spending that supports it it crashes you can't exactly blame Trump for the stand alone equality that was already the case before he took office but despite his claims during the election that he was going to make the Republican Party into a Workers Party protecting the Forgotten man everything that he's done while in office serves to exacerbate the problem he's on a very little to help the poor while continuing to redistribute wealth in the wrong direction so we can't let him get away with pretending that he's saved the economy you can argue that so way to give Obama so much credit because the president doesn't you know hardly control the government and the government doesn't control most of the economy there are countless factors long-term trends at play here even though certain Obama era policies definitely helps the recovery it's a perfectly valid argument to make but you have to be consistent you can't say that for Obama Wall tanking Trump for the recovery that started years before he even announced his candidacy no matter how you slice it there is no Trump economic miracle but there are very dangerous policies being put forth by his administration and their public Congress if somebody defends these policy is targeting the people in the environment by talking about jobs and wages set the record straight and as I can't stress enough the midterms are coming you must register to vote and then you must show up to vote do not be complacent do not forget and do not make excuses get involved in any way you can or things will only get worse

  1. Trump has made our economy way better. Obama added 9 trillion debt. Printed 5 trillion new cash. He also wasn’t burdened with interest. It’s stayed at zero his entire term. Trump economy is miraculous and denying it is just bias. Hack!

  2. Obama doesn't get the credit for the economic recovery during his Presidency, why should Trump get it?

  3. I agree with what you're saying, but you're thinking faster than you speak, which causes some slurring which was hard to understand at times.

  4. Those people coming off health insurance chose to, because Trump removed the fine of 2% of your annual income, you can't use that as a poor economic indicator sign, only that 3.2 million American's never wanted Obama's shitty insurance.

  5. Look at manufacturing jobs, that's what its all about. Obama said what magic wand does he have, and he whipped it out and brought the manufacturing jobs.

  6. Donald Trump: Our Council of Economic Advisors estimates that this change along with a lower business tax rate would likely give the typical American household around a $4,000 pay raise, and that’s money that’ll be spent in our economy.

  7. Okay you changed my view on trump but you have to admit that the reply from democrats has been really pathetic and disgusting, example: AOC's green new deal, kamala harris shaking her head when the drug caravans coming through was lowered etc
    Instead of making a strong reply to the republicans they are bashing trump and delving themselves in identity politics.

  8. No reason that republicans should have such hate on Obama, given that he ran the country like an republican.

  9. While most of your analysis is fine…you need to moderate your reliance on "economists". They're snake-oil salesmen. Go with strictly mathematical analyses, or just skip it. Economists don't know anything about economics.

  10. I tried to watch your video, audio is crap, voice is boring and inflection annoys me. Sorry I tried but I just can't.

  11. Nafta and Gatt too several years to work it's way out to put us in the walmart service based economy later more jobs were created and more under the table jobs too, but didnt pay shit also many part time jobs people working two partime jobs etc

  12. Don't want to say that he's a Nazi or anything. But the Nazis did the same thing when Adolf Hitler came to power. The unemployment rate sunk before he came to power but they took the statistic and cut off the start off the sinking rate. So people believed he gained it
    It's a nice little trick and people fall for it

  13. "… Inflation hasn't really been a problem since the 70's…"
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index we've seen a 547.18% devalue in the US dollar. How isn't that a problem? You lost me at 53 seconds in by literally writing off an argument because "economists are more concerned about deflation".
    Not only that, but you literally claim that inflation is to blame about "real wages going down, not up". Are you confused or just spouting nonsense? Seriously please back up your information and provide proofs.

    Later, you proceed to claim that the deficit was reduced under Obama but in reality the opposite is true. The deficit grew by 74% under Obama's presidency and with Trump's current deficit trend we're looking at only around a 29% projected increase.

    This is literally a bunch of opinion pieces with no solid base stitched together. I would be inclined to listen and learn if there were actual sources provided or legitimate information put forward, but all I'm hearing is a speech and debate dropout making an argument based off of what he "thinks" not what is actually fact.

  14. Hi PoliDice. I am a very skeptical person and have often agreed with a lot of what articulate conservative outlets have to say. I have only recently come across your channel and am very interested to watch more of your videos. Could you (or anyone else) recommend any other articulate liberal outlets?
    P.S. Idk if its my audio but I often find I'm missing bits when you talk and would like to offer a friendly suggestion that you speak a bit more clearly. I think what you have to say is valuable and it would be a shame to miss parts of your arguments.

  15. You did a good job here and got it right, but you should have talked slower and given people to read the stats that you use. Thanks anyway.

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  17. I cant help but notice almost all the sources in the video are partisan publications. Sometimes the wording is deceitful without being factually incorrect, like the obama reducing the deficit quote for example. This is similar to a religious person quoting their religious book in an argument.

  18. Listen to trump himself about Economy and the Democrats, you'll be surprised;

  19. I do not have anything against criticizing Trump where it is worth (Still nothing on healthcare from him??). And applauding him where he does right (For example, right to try act… that is revolutionary! His greatest achievement in cutting regulations thus far.) However… same has to be done for Obama… (Escalating few more wars? While being awarded nobles peace prize?Huh?WTF?). While he at least tried to solve healthcare problems but sadly failed. Also… Trump actually did have the single biggest quarterly growth in USA history, in terms of raw money it brought to the economy. (Sadly I do not know what the result would be if we adjusted for inflation.) Will Trump turn to be a good or bad president? We will know by 2020.

  20. I like how your video got debunked by the December jobs report and a White House economist called Kevin Hassett.

  21. I don't understand how anybody who has lived through the last 3 presidents can still vote Republican.

  22. I don’t even know where to begin with this ludicrous video, I will only be responding to the things that I believe are incorrect. While you are correct that President Obama inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, I would say that he did a pretty godawful job considering that it has been the slowest economic growth since WWII. And I don’t recall any Republican saying what you have claimed they said during Obama’s term in Office. He is the only president since WWII to not have an annual GDP growth above 3%. Now granted we don’t know if Trump will either but that is for us to see in the future. And as for the Quarterly GDP Growth, while you correct that he got as high as 5.1% GDP growth he also got insane lows like only 1% GDP Growth and that was in Q3 of 2015 whereas Trumps lowest GDP growth was 1.8% and that’s when he just took office, ever since the tax cuts were implemented it has yet to go under 2%. what Trump has done, is that he has gotten rid of the of the regulations that Obama put in place, and because of this consumer confidence spiked and the beginning of Trump’s presidency and is at an all time high And the fact that you say that anyone who says that Trump deserves at least SOME credit for the economic growth is a “right-wing hack” I guess that makes CNN one, And the other claim that you make is that poverty went down during the Obama years but has stayed the same in trumps presidency, this is again not true, the poverty rate was 12.7% in 2016 and in 2017 it was 12.3%
    Oh and most if not all economists say that trump deserves most of the credit for the booming economy, I’m more inclined to believe the experts, then some guy on YouTube. and it’s not just “the wealthy” getting tax cuts, 90% of Americans saw their taxes decreased and finally, the bonuses were indeed because of the Trump tax cuts wish you would link your sources of where you get these “facts”.

  23. Stop giving Obama undue credit, we would have been better off without a president during his terms in office

  24. Taking income inequality GINI for, i.e. Venezuela, Cuba, Libya under Gaddafi, DPR of Korea except during the Arduous march, etc is highly suspect because it does not account for rather massive benefits spending that is close to equal and always above a certain minimum. Quite simply, unequal incomes don't matter as much when everyone's basic needs are met through state housing, food, healthcare, etc at no cost to anyone but the state. It's not even a matter of taxpayer funding either since many of these countries forego income taxation in order to fund benefits programs through the profits of state-owned industries where the management is elected by the workers. This is also why GDP data for these countries is highly misleading. Providing free stuff to people does not increase GDP, even if that stuff would theoretically hold monetary value.

    "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" results in a GDP of $0 and an impossible-to-define GINI, yet most people agree such conditions would only be achievable in a highly-developed, industrialized economy that long since abandoned markets and money.

  25. The trumptards worship at the altar of the retardocuck. There is no getting through to them when their politics are a feelz based religion.

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