THE STORY OF STUFF - Consumerism, Capitalism, & Environment in America [HD] [Full Video]

  1. I am a Director of Engineering for one of the largest delivery companies in the world. I am seeing an explosion of volume increase associated with internet shipping. It is socially accepted to order all your stuff from companies like Amazon. It's fresh, easy, clean and convenient and most times it's less expensive. It's cool to come home and open that package with you new stuff inside. How long before people see that every item now has another set of packaging and another travel segment associated with every new delivery. Big box store shopping used to take place either to or from work with your own car or on the weekends during your trip to buy groceries, stop at the bank…ECT. and dont forget midnight madness at the malls where we used go to look at the girls. It kinda works like this, if enough people believe something is right it becomes right. I had a conversation with some one about the impact of the environment by internet shipping and he said that eventually big box store will change into other real estate as they phase out. He actually believed that wall mart stores would change into parks and recreation spots helping the environment. People will justify their actions in their own mind to make themselves feel right. I am not a kid but I have 2 in their teens. I am really worried about what this world is becoming.

  2. The present world economic system is obsolete and long past its sell by date.It is time to dump this Dog eat dog Rat Race into the Trash Bin of History. To this end, let us all help to speed the day when this wonderful earth and its rich resources are held in common for the benefit of all humanity.

  3. i suggest reading this blog before accepting all that is stated in this short and mostly informative video…

  4. Most of you who criticize the video come with the weakests arguments, really."oh she didn't say that this way, oh she gave a definition to a word I already know gawd I'm not stupid boohoo!, oh she's not explaining that little detail correctly"
    Hey how about you stop focusing on the tiniest of things and focus on the arguments in the first place that respond to "this system is not working well" and tell me how can you debunk the statement "that it is not working well", with arguments that are clear and strong, how about that…

  5. Yeah, we are so bored of simply being in each other’s company that repetitive shopping for shit we don’t really need is the quickest solution for fun and excitement. Wonder what will happen if ever the option of shopping for stuff is no longer available…?

  6. So we ship our jobs overseas to pollute thier air lol yeah taxes amd prices are irrelevant to rhis dumbass

  7. well done but the question is:
    actually we cant do much by ourselfs
    we need more people with this kind of thinking
    we need to go hand in hand against this massive consumerism and capitalism
    its not just america
    at this moment
    its the whole world
    sad but true
    we have to change something
    its sad…really sad………
    and the most thing that makes me sad is


    please do more than just watch… not for you…do it for your children….

  8. sadly I will forget this in a week are2 sadly I'm caught up in consumerism how do I change this



  9. goyo!! si sos el de santa cebada, gracias por haberme esperado en la parada del bondi. Buen debate, abrazo!!

  10. This video and its followers are disgusting leftist Marxists. These leftist Marxists will be the ruin of minds and society like Venezuela. Watch the Wealth Creation video from Bill Whittle (Tea Party) to destroy these delusional Marxist fucktards.

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