1. Government doesn’t need to “manage” the economy through financialization, all they need is to get out of the way of businesses to let them do work.

  2. Humbug! Both are playing good cop, bad cop! Would love to hear what their opinion on how they control a farmer selling his farm for airports that are built 30 kms outside a city, and buys imported cars! The airport/ metro/ driverless car or the core infrastructure is imported….cmon! And both agree that the government monetises it's asset's? By selling it to whom? The petrodollar? You want to monetize PSU assets, organise your bank's team building exercises in these stadiums you mentioned, and pay the PSU usage fees!

  3. Great discussion.Even the anchor is knowledgeable and measured. If only our raw crude politicians listen to economists while making economic decisions.Everyone knows what was the biggest contributor to the slow down but reluctant even to utter the word.India misses technocrats.The only time India shined was when 2 economists ruled the country.

  4. One major issue of India is the scams and Loans given to corporates without due diligence. Lakhs of corers r siphoned off. Its clear economics when u give and u dont receive it back it become deficit. Nobody in this media agency is there to question Ambani, doot, Naresh Goel , Malaya.
    I will not blame Congress or BJP for this situation. Its individual banker responsibility to use his intelligence and prudence ,how to avoid political pressure so that their skin is save. Hope Sanity will come or ready to become competitor of PAK

  5. Enjoyed 2 brilliant people talk. From what I understand unless the structural issues are resolved growth will not come back, my thinking is, if the government puts it's act together we should see growth coming back in around 3 years. But for a sustained and a continuous growth government should go back to basics like reforms in education, healthcare, infrastructure and rural mobility to urban. Last 1 minute was contrary to what was discussed in the first 42 minutes.

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