The Soviet Story - Why killing is essential to communism

first appeared in in January 18-49 in in Marxist and all around shit right on angles which of the how the class war in March in terms means that when syphilis of socialist revolution happens the class war happens there will be primitive societies in Europe of two stages behind because they're not even capitalist yet and he had in mind the masks and the Brethren's and the Scottish Highlanders and the Serbs and he calls them racial trash I've heard her up header racial track and they will have to be destroyed because being two stages behind in the historical struggle it will be impossible to bring them up to the point of being revolutionary he's make about the vulgarity and dirty dirtiness of Slavic people you see and he thinks for instance that Poland had no no Poland that has no reason to exist the classes and the races she week to master the new conditions of life must be way they must perish in the Revolutionary Holocaust Karl Marx Marx began it he was the ancestor of modern political genocide and I don't know that any European thinker the modern period before Marx and Engels ever publicly advocated racial extermination I can't find anything earlier so I presume it starts with them the teachings of Marx and Engels were carefully studied by Lenin the man who established the first Marxist country on earth one year after Lenin's death in 1924 the New York Times published a small article which at the time went almost unnoticed it was about some newly-established party in Germany the national socialist labour party of which Adolf Hitler is patron and father persists in believing that Lenin and Hitler can be compared who's speaking a certain dr. Goebbels on the speaker's assertion that Lenin was the greatest man second only to Hitler and that the difference between communism and the Hitler faith was very slight a faction war opened with whizzing beer glasses amazing the future Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels was openly declaring that the difference between Lenin's communism and the Hitler faith was very slight as we read it didn't go down well with potential voters so the Nazis changed their tactics the early campaign posters quietly disappeared they never again publicly stressed their resemblance to communists in the inner circle however the Nazis and Hitler were more outspoken I often said that that he had learned a great deal from Marxism reading Marx I mean the whole of National Socialism is based upon it he said being doctrinally based because they are by the memoir people keep forgetting that Nazi regime in Germany was also socialist it was there officially were called National Socialist Workers Party there is a branch of socialism the service where International Socialists and those were in Germany and National Socialists so it's the same scene in reality only slightly different interpretation

  1. "The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way… They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust"
    – Karl Marx ( Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981 )

  2. Killing is essential.. but the only killing that needs to be done is the genocide of communist pigs. White Terror now!

  3. Its not Communism its those in charge. Much like all the deaths and suffering caused by Capitalism . The system does not kill its the people. And that includes everyone because we all take part in the system and do nothing. We know what happens and we talk a lot. But we let it happen. Blood is on all our hands.

  4. Capitalism has never killed literally no one! That's a FACT!

    Government a form of socialism (you can't have government without socialism) has been the number one killer of all time!

    Your Taxes is going to cause the next Genocide!
    And if you don't want corporations to genocide then don't fucking buy from them let them freaking FAIL!

  5. Capitalism has never killed literally no one! That's a FACT!

    Government a form of socialism (you can't have government without socialism) has been the number one killer of all time!

    Your Taxes is going to cause the next Genocide!
    And if you don't want corporations to genocide then don't fucking buy from them let them freaking FAIL!

  6. I mean if the capitalists just give up their control of property and exploitation then okay but there is no way that will happen especially with right wing reactionaries so yeah killing is essential to communism, and there was never any slight difference between National socialism and Marxist-Leninism because National socialism is fascism where the state is treated as a real living entity and should be protected no matter what and Marxist-Leninism where the state is to be eventually abolished, so yeah those "experts" have no clue what they are talking about if they don't even know those fundamental differences and just because it has socialist in the name does not make it socialist, I could make an extraterrestrial party where we believe aliens should control the country but does that make me an alien?

  7. Both the Nazi regime and the Soviet regime were fascistic. You can't have workers control over production (the democratisation of industry) with total state control. Marx called for, among other things, universal suffrage – when did the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or the People's Republic of China ever offer these things?

  8. Lol – what about Apartheid South Africa and the deep south of America – or British imperialism in India, Ireland, Sudan, Jamaica etc. Suppose those people don't matter. They're just statistics. 

  9. but to live without worries. now and have our being. and anti-people rule the dregs

  10. Term conservative has no universal meaning. In the last days of the Soviet Union, those who wanted to keep the Communism system were called Conservative. Not to mention that people who hold Classical Liberal views are sometimes called Conservative. If the term today means someone who opposes Collectivist/Socialist views than your comment makes no sense.

  11. Killing is essential to communism because noone will voluntary live under communism. It's as simple as that.

  12. He was born after World war II…..Try former SS and whermact officers…they hated communism and the USSR!

  13. IT is rightist Latvian propaganda designed to disown their old rightist brethren….the Nazis!

  14. Thomas Jefferson had a lot in common with Hitler….including genocide of so-called "inferiors"(Jews and american indians)…..also they both had rightwing economic policies!

  15. So therefore, National Socialism, National Fascism, National Falagism were conservative and anti communist!

  16. You realize he's quoting Marx's and Lenin's written statements through most of this and providing the sources, right?

  17. I agree that not everything is completely convincing , but I am sure that if you watch more than 7 minutes you may find quite a lot credible evidence.

  18. Humans are sloppy. After being in the military, I found that civilian life is almost pointless and a waste of energy. All in all, Obama just sucks at this takeover thing though. It's all my fault, I'm sure, even though I don't have control.

  19. Among the goals of the Nazis in Germany or the Fascists in Italy were 1. Government control of wages and hours of work. 2. Higher taxes on the wealthy. 3. Government set limits on profits. 4. Government care for the elderly. 5. A decreased role in the family over personal desicion making.
    6. Government taking on the role of changing the nature of people.

  20. Both were totalitarian dictatorships. Communists were officially Internationalists and Fascists were officially Nationalists. However, the Communist International served the national interests of the Soviet Union despite whatever international rhetoric they used.
    The Soviet Unions proclaimed policy of Socialism in one country was not all that different than the Fascist proclaimed policy of National Socialism.

  21. Racism distinguished the Nazis from other Fascist movments not shared by that of Mussolini's government in Italy or that of Franco in Spain. What distinguished Communism from Fascism was that Communists were officially committed to government ownership of the means of production and Fascists premitted private ownership of the means of production so long as government control over the owners decision making and could limited what profits could be received.

  22. Communism is Socialism with a international focus and totalitarian methods. Benito Mussolini (the founder of Fascism) defined Fascism as National Socialism in a state that is totalitarian. A simular idea was echoed with the National Socialist German Workers Party (Hitlers Party) now almost always abbreviated as Nazi there by burying it's Socialist component. The most prominent part of the Nazi vision was racism in general and anti-Jewish racism in peculiar.

  23. Those who advocate the free market do so as just one aspect of a more general vision in which governments role in the lives of individuals is to be minimalized with a need to avoid anarchy. In no sense is Fascism a further exstent of that idea. It is in fact the antithesis of that whole line of thinking. The Leon Degrelle quote is Bogas by the way.

  24. Clearly a Free market economy is the antithesis of a state run economy such as Fascists advocate . A bogus left/right political spcectrum makes it seem that Fascism is just a more extreme version of what Free Market libertarians advocate in the same sense that Socialism is a more extreme version of the walfare state. But this vision of a symmetrical political corresponds to no emparical reality.

  25. According to more precise economic analysis, this view is wrong:

    he most fruitful initiatives Hitler would take from 1933 on would be on behalf of private enterprise. …..Since Hitler, only Ronald Reagan has seemed to understand this. As President, he realized that to restore prosperity in the United States meant boldly stimulating the economy with credits and a drastic reduction in taxes, instead of waiting for the country to emerge from economic stagnation on its own.

    -Leon Degrelle

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