hello Sagittarius welcome to your july 2019 reading thank you for joining me my name is Michelle and this is for some moon and rising signs special welcome to my podcast lessness let's get started firstly from the wisdom of the hidden rooms you have the lady of the mirror now this speaks of reflection and non-judgement it's both an ally and a challenge depending on how you see yourself reflected back at you how you see yourself it is a reminder that we are all exactly where we need to be on our particular paths at that at that very moment we are where we should be the card calls for a thorough and honest self-appraisal every part of our story whether it's successes or failures are essential to finding yourself to growth there's also an element of Law of Attraction with this card and it reminds you that what you are is what you attract now it's not about blaming yourself for others transgressions or it's not about you feeling like there's something that you've done – in order for someone to treat you badly it's not about that at all it's more a feeling here of being accountable for the part that you play in your current circumstances and being accountable for your own actions to act for your highest good but you don't have to be accountable for the actions of others now when it comes to the energy around you from the mystical Shaymin we have the card of the sorcerer now this one's a little bit of a troubling energy here Sagittarius because it's a darker energy it's the source of dark power the sorcerer represents destructive aspect of the human psyche and self-centered behavior that harms others it symbolizes unconscious beliefs and ideas that foster separation conflict and scarcity there may be a feeling here of someone with a character flaw it can be vice versa as well could be you Sagittarius but I'm reading this as someone around you who inflicts pain on others because they are out of alignment now this person needs to go through a period of radical self-acceptance they need to reconcile these darker aspects of their nature so that they don't behave responsibly and cause more harm to themselves and to the ones that they love this person has to come out of denial and accept responsibility for words and deeds when you meet the energy of the sorcerer with humility the destructive power transforms into grace which can then be used in service to the highest good so someone needs to reconcile that darker energy within themselves they may have to make amends in order to set themselves free from this shadow decide shadow energy I'm picking it up as someone around you Sagittarius but if your cross watching it could be a Sagittarius that is that you know that is like this a more lower vibrational type of Sagittarius someone who doesn't watch terror for instance yeah reflection non judgement not not looking at yourself in the mirror Sagittarius and seeing in any way you have caused this or you need to blame yourself for this person's dark energy no they need to be held accountable for their own actions all you need to be held accountable for is your own actions and I feel like there's an element of something that you may be being called to do here in July that has to be for something that you can look yourself in the mirror and and and be be good be good with yourself okay let the actions that you're taking so Sagittarius let's have a look a bit of a having energy there but we'll see what this goes I have the wheel of fortune at the bottom of the deck so it seems like this sunk up unexpected event here it could be karmic energy let's take a look we'll be doing any horseshoe reading Sagittarius we'll start with the past energy the present energy the near future what is your advice so your best path to follow what is around you that is currently affecting you your hopes and fears the outcome and the overall energy or what this reading is about right in the center of this reading you've got the aid of swords so where is the restriction coming from is it your thoughts do you feel physically restricted are your fears blocking your physical movement here is there something that you can't free yourself from is this someone that you can't free yourself from in the past you have the fool so in the past you have been that very Sagittarian adventure here carefree willing to step out and take a risk without any fear without without judging yourself harshly either in the past I feel that you have been one in the past it does take risks does step out into the unknown there without all the negative effects but at the present time I get that you're feeling stuck so this energy seems to have disappeared at least four moments antarious this fool energy now in the current energy you've got the three of Pentacles and reversed I do feel that there's something a third wheel somebody getting in the way of your current path especially if it's where the partner could be a third party could be in the workplace here Sagittarius and in the near future you have the knight of cups in Reverse so I feel that there is someone around you that you can't trust because they they have a shadow side here this sorcerer energy that they haven't done the work yet to reconcile as part of themselves and I feel that if it comes out in a very negative fashion it's like an eruption of this darker energy around them and then they do something that goes back on their word some I promise that they've made perhaps to you when it comes to making a commitment to you they go back on their commitments this person as your advice or your best path to follow you have the moon in Reverse so it's about stripping away the illusion seeing exactly how this is it is what it is not putting any kind of sugar coating putting a happy face on this dressing it up in the fancy clothes and the makeup no it's stripping it right back and seeing this exactly for what it is no illusions I also feel that this is around releasing any fear here of restricted movement because for you you have been this person in the past that has freedom and you know that Sagittarius you know deep down that you are a freedom-loving individual you're not normally one that is easily confined so why are you feeling confined with this darker energy around you let's take a look and see the energy around you is of the chariot I want to get one more card on okay six of ones and the chariot okay I do feel that there is a opportunity around you to free yourself from this if you decide to do so now this could be someone offering you assistance a way out or Sagittarius it just could be you using your determination you will hear your drive to succeed to move you out of this UI and when you look in the mirror I use someone that is involved with someone that has a darkness around them that goes back on their word that lies or is deceit and deceptive around you or are you someone who is focused on your own success your own drive to succeed I have a feeling Sagittarius you're gonna see yourself this way a freedom-loving individual who has a lot of Drive a lot of self-control you are someone here who doesn't fall prey to a more lower vibrational pool force now you are someone who I feel recognizes that you your own self-worth this other person around you doesn't done and I feel that they do things to get that self-worth from I'm picking it up as outside validation possibly with third parties could be in the workplace now hopes and fears you have the king of Wands now as your energy there Sagittarius I see this is you taking the lead in your own life and taking action doing the right thing knowing you're doing the right thing and being held in high esteem because you do the right thing this other person I don't think that they're not your problem that's number one you're not responsible for this person's actions you're only responsible for your own and Sagittarius I see you as being in the right here the stand-up person the person who knows the right way acts with integrity someone that others look to as someone to uphold I want to say it's not exactly a sense of righteousness it's more about upholding the truth being true to yourself is how I'm feeling around this you don't want to be trapped in a situation but someone who is bringing your debt you down or bringing your image down how you're perceived by others as well now the outcome is the two of Pentacles in Reverse let's see what is the outcome here for Sagittarius of the two of Pentacles reverse the aid of Pentacles what is the outcome here for Sagittarius with the aid of Pinnacle the six of Pentacles and one more what is the outcome here for Sagittarius and the four of cups okay well I see you realizing that this is just too much for you to bear it's too much for you to cope with Sagittarius this person they don't seem to be able to be someone that you can rely upon to be stable they were kind of keep you off balance off kilter that's probably why you're feeling trapped here because you're not sure you're not sure what this person where their head is you know that there's a lot of instability around this person and and then one day they tell you something and then maybe an hour later they could tell you something else a lot of unstable energy and for you if you don't like to be in that place you're looking at focusing on what is going to work in your life and I feel for you it is about putting the foot main focus on being dedicated to finding a partnership that is equal if we are talking about a person here and I feel that we are and I get the essence that you're going to spend some time here focusing on your career getting your situation together your money and you're not really gonna be focused on love for a bit I get you as withdrawing from love for a little while not forever Sagittarius but I feel like this has just worn you down but you know you have a choice to make you have a choice to make here and you're finding it you're finding it difficult to make the choice but I get Sagittarius here that if you look yourself in the mirror and see what is reflected back to you if you see yourself as someone who acts for the highest good necks with integrity and it's true to your own beliefs and standards I feel that that's gonna be your answer so let's get a few more cards here Sagittarius I want to take a look first at the three of Pentacles in a verse of the current energy promises three of Pentacles reverse and return energy for or Sagittarius we have the impress yeah I do feel that this is there is someone else around you that is looking in at your situation wanting what you have and I get at the present time you have no commitment from this partner of yours why because I feel that they're getting attention elsewhere they focused elsewhere because the person around them is validating them and you're the person at home here that shouldn't need to validate them because you know you love them or you did love them and you're showing that love you may have even committed to them this may be a marriage partner and this other this partner of yours is not giving you back what you need and is not because they're they're getting it from somewhere else here's Sagittarius let's take a look this won't be for everyone of course Sagittarius and it may be vice versa this may be someone around you that is going through this could be a close family member someone that you know let's take a look what is this night of crops in Reverse in the near future what is the knight of cups in averse in the near future king of Pentacles in Reverse yeah this earth if there's an earth sign around you I I do feel that you can't trust this person they're gonna cheat on you maybe again you know I get the Nessun that this is someone that you're committed to that has a weakness and I get it as the need for validation I feel like they are not someone that is stable they're not acting they're not grounded they're not acting or thinking practically they're more about being spontaneous getting what they need in the moment very kind of selfish energy that I pick up around this but you've committed to them and I feel like you may be married to this person but they're there getting attention from this third party and I get that they are getting validation from that third party now the moon in Reverse as your advice what is the moon in Reverse as your advice here Sagittarius yeah the queen of cups this may be the person someone around them that is showing them attention so it's a need to see this for what it is to not sugarcoat it to really look at this in a harsh light don't make excuses for this individual see it for what it is and I get that for you there's an element around this of needing to free yourself from a very a darker kind of energy around you one in which someone needs to do a lot of work on themselves because I get that this dark energy the saucer energy this king of Pentacles in Reverse is someone that hurts but they hurt others and I feel like this person has a lot of very character flaws yeah the pain that they intercept on others because they're out of alignment they're out of balance they need to practice radical self-acceptance here and integrate this more Shadowside around them but I don't feel that they're there and I think that you need to practice radical acceptance here to acceptance of this person's floors see it for what it is recognized that you can you can succeed you you have everything that you need you are someone who can I mean the full energy in the past I get that you ask someone that can start over there is that more mutable energy that more flexible or adaptable energy around you Sagittarius no none of this eight of swords rigidity freeing yourself from that more rigid structure and getting your freedom back is how I'm seeing this and then then leading yourself to success that way but for a time I do feel that you're not going to I get accept help especially from if it's from this person coming to you under the guise of help because I think you know what it is and I think that you're rejecting any offer of help here and just doing things yourself you know this person may come back to you if you free yourself on this person especially if they're a partner and say to you well you need help do you need help around the house but I do this can I do that it's in your best interest to say no maintain an energy of Independence yeah that's how I'm feeling around this now let's get I want to get one more card here let's get one here on the environment with the chariot and the six of Wands in the environment the tower yeah I see this as movement movement away from this situation because it's not a it's a lot of solid foundation this person is getting validation from third parties so I see you recognizing that this is a foundation that needs to fall away that there needs to be that radical ending that that major change here that major shift so that you can say that you can move on and I get you as the one that's causing the tower here you're bringing on this tower Fant I feel because of this third party that's around your partner you're not gonna put up with it Sagittarius you're better than that you know you are and you're not gonna accept less than than what you're worth let's see what is this eight of swords as the overall energy again this won't be for everyone it's quite a specific reading this one on Sagittarius for July yeah the three of Wands reversed now you feel your movement is restricted you know set a church normally looking out there at the horizon and seeing what's next to you what land you can travel to wait where do you want to visit a lot of you its overseas travel you know very much an energy here of recognizing that there's more to life you're not responsible for this person and they're their own flaws they have this stuff that they need to fix you can't fix it so I see you as needing to see this for what it is show compassion to this person that they have something that is concerning I feel it's for a lot it has to do with their and imbalance and I'm not a doctor so I can't diagnose anything but there's something within them that is off kilter that needs to be rebalanced and you can't do that for them they may not be able to do it for themselves they they may need the help of doctors they may need to help off you know it's no therapists several people to heal them to get them to a place of stability because at the present time they're not the stable person that you want they're not that person that you can rely upon to fulfill their promises no know that they think things in the moment very spontaneous and then worry about the consequences later if that yeah is there any shame or guilt around this person I don't feel there is and that's another thing that you're seeing you know you've been loving supportive and kind to this individual Sagittarius and they just go and do this thing to you but again it's not you you don't have to blame yourself for this Sagittarius it's then hundred percent you only have to take responsibility for your part in your current circumstances and I feel that that's you looking in the mirror saying I don't have to be trapped here I can I can have a life out there I have success waiting for me I have other things that I can do and I don't have to be around someone who lowers my energy or lowers CEPS or drains my energy so I see you rejecting this person and their help doing things alone it's it going to be hard yeah I do feel that there is but I get that you're capable I get that you're more than capable very adaptable flexible energy and you've been through harsh times before you've been through major changes you can do it again Sagittarius so try not to think of yourself as unable to move for all feeling like you've failed in any way because I don't feel that that's the case at all it's this dark energy around you Sagittarius or vice versa if your cross watching this can resonate the opposite way around if you cross watching this maybe a Sagittarian who's it's like this to you so I'm gonna leave it there and wish you all the very best actually before we go I'm gonna take a Raven's wand Oracle let's take a look at the Ravens wand Oracle for Sagittarius one of the message for Sagittarius for July please sanctuary now it's in Reverse so I feel that it's a call for you to find a sanctuary to travel to where you feel safe yeah yeah yeah I get this as finding sanctuary but then getting out not keeping yourself there very long you don't want to be a little bit hermit energy around this but it's in order for you to to reflect to think but not to stay there too long because I feel then it becomes again like this prison you know and you don't want to be there get yourself out start enjoying your life Travel I get it as travel Sagittarius very strongly so I'm going to leave it there and wish you all the very best thanks again for watching and thanks for listening if you're listening on the podcast if you are listening on the podcast be sure to check out my youtube channel gypsy insights by Michelle there you'll find lots more readings including my love readings which are quite in-depth so please check those out if you haven't already if you would like a personal reading you can email me gypsy insights at bye for now Sagittarius and I wish you all the best

  1. My next door neighbor's do not like me the only time they talk to me is when they want something and then when I am nice to help them they turn around and they talk me down so now I don't even talk to them now….. But they are being hateful and I'm staying strong and not letting them get under my skin….. Cuz I'm in control of my own feelings…..

  2. You mentioned something about people seeking validation from outside of themselves…huge remembering for anyone. If you find yourself in a situation with someone who checks out others in front of you or is being unfaithful for example – this is exactly what is happening.

    It's not an excuse but it might help you not blame yourself for their behaviour. They may know just how much you love them but for reasons they will have to figure out for themselves, it isnt enough. It never will be, no matter who loves them.

    You are beautiful and worthy of being treated with dignity and respect, regardless of what this person did. What happened was all on them and in no way a reflection on any aspect of you.

    They came to remind you of your self-worth. You showed them what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. Both rememberings neither of you will ever forget.

    Karma overlooks nobody. Keep going x

  3. I walked away from a lower vibration individual.. I was deeply in love with this person, but I had to love myself more and leave.

  4. Thx. That helped. He does have character flaws and I often make excuses for people. Too empathic. I think he has narc tendencies.

  5. Hi , Dec 9* Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio-Moon, Leo-rising , Here
    Dealing with shady Taurus Narcissist neighbor???
    Thank You!* I been back in Gym 5 mos feeling very confident smartly, also New in Florida, not knowing anyone, but things Will get better, I can fell it …………….*

  6. I know who this sub human is
    Her names anne ,Shes a dark disgusting egotistical narcissist ….Ive seen her decent ,and it aint pretty 🙂

    In time people will see the truth and she will see bars 🙂

  7. You are so spot on. My ex (Cap) and I were married for 23 years. He left last year ( and came back and left three times ) for his karmic. I’ve been blaming myself, apologizing to our children for his behavior, trying to make excuses to them for his choosing a new family . He has leaves a path of destruction every time he chooses to spend time with them.

  8. Every word was directed towards me. You helped me.✨✨✨ I needed to hear this at this point in my life. Thank you so very much.

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