The Solar System Song

the Sun misses center of our solar system as jayapala plasma it's pretty hard to miss some minutes 30 million degree said 3 USC hydrogen two solar flares and coronal mass ejections and works from these burst damage electronic connections hundred tons watcher despite all of this it's just an advertised star Mercury Venus or than first four planets rocky like ours Jupiter Saturn mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and as such it takes the least time Giovanna gravity orbit Bachir is only 88 Earth days of the solar wind instead of gas stays on the truck you suppress Baron Impala faders with no atmosphere its temperature wavers from – 300 at night but the business of ice and craters away from life Mercury Venus Earth and Mars the diverse four planets rocky like ours Jupiter Saturn venus is the second planet from the give or take saw Venus is covered in a thick layer of clouds oxide which affects crowds degrees due to the greenhouse effect it's covered with volcanoes and is shaped by other powers the only books that ever landed that within two hours every Venus Earth and Mars the first four planets my car's Jupiter Saturn the earth is the I got a feeling you're familiar with this one it's the only planet known to have had life in its history so just how much time planets collided in our collision of reunited Goldilocks um not the partners cold for liquid water to exist in life as we know it to take hold Mercury Venus Earth and Mars for planets rocky like ours Jupiter Saturn theirs Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun it's the place where voyage to other planets has begun the surface is covered with red iron oxide much atmospheres blown away with no magnetic field inside live astronomers saw canals everywhere and they thought perhaps aliens and put them thither thanks to telescopes orbiters and Rovers we now know that there are no such nearly any canals although rivers dopers volcanoes and canyons about this little water left of life on Mars can still be found so we sent spacecraft there like yuri acid you to try and understand Mars is geologic history between the inner planets and outer planets there are foods bastards orbiting in a belter outer stars sometimes they are knocked out of their stable orbit and if you might collide with earth if they don't avoided by the belt who has to do it super there you see it pulls on the belt with its massive gravity prevention efforts from warming into another planet but don't worry a big one ended too soon volcanic Jupiter is the fifth planet it's the largest one for you than all the others combined but only a thousandth the Sun it's a gas giant so it has not grown on which to stand but that doesn't mean it surfaces land a great red spot is a giant cyclone on its surface at centuries old huge bigger than the earth is there are four moons that with binoculars you can see discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei video has volcanoes cheated by the friction of its tide and Europa was covered in ice with an ocean inside Ganymede is the largest one we know exists and bliss discovering craters from the asteroids it hits Mercury Venus planets rocky like Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun in terms of beauty let's say it's really so clearly one they're made of the traversing rock orbiting through the void and when the moon was destroyed Saturn is the least and the most of that centrifugal forces really show gentleness Buckman Lake said that the corn chase and Enceladus was water in liquid phase Mercury Venus Earth and for planets rocky like ours Jupiter Saturn Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and dirty drips about its name or deserving of Shotokan much is known about Uranus sports rather Neptune just Lords – is the only kaffir ever go to them Uranus has rings though not as great as Saturn's and it's usually devoid of any interesting patterns there's not much more about this place which I can say but we will send a new spacecraft near someday Mercury Venus Earth and or finance Neptune is the final planet from our star 21% is bright visited so far it's elitism a size and composition and you're in this orbit predicted its position we have noticed neptune of the is a bright blue the methane in the atmosphere has nothing to chew its the windiest gusts and crisis liquid nitrogen spilling from this crust the ninth planet was Pluto but it's a planet no more because it's too small it's a dwarf planet cut this topics or the planets will be close to a plane with lunar dust planets were found that's what got this topic God who does they won't care on his kudos to the brothers so big up you know went along with one another is the earth louder as the W from our stars for me our Sun of the planets like Earth and just look at the stars you see those doors have their own collection of bodies madness with the search for exoplanets studies there are far more stars up there that you can see hundred billion in our galaxy in there are hundreds billions of galaxies that we know but how small you are down here below

  1. Venus : hey Earth Moto Moto like u. Earth: who. * Mars peers out of the water *. Earth: THERES NO WATER FLOATING AROUND IN SPACE. Mars: yes there is on u Earth: ok watch out Mars Earth Earth like you. Venus: Need meh some life but never gonna happen I'm so hot. Sun: stop with the memes Earth Mars and Venus. Pluto : memes were. Sun: that was not a spisific question. Uranus : how bad bad can I be how bad can I be. Neptune : MEMES

  2. Mercury,Venus,Earth and Mars🎵
    They Are First Four Plant Rocky Like Ours. 🎶
    Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. 🎵
    They’re made of hydrogen and helium gas like a balloon!🎶

  3. 1 quadrillion years later
    Nothing nothing nothing and nothing they’re the first four planets rocky like ours Nothing Nothing Nothing and Nothing

  4. I was showed this song in 3rd grade and EVERYONE loved it! To this day me and my friends still sing parts of it. I couldn't find it for so long BUT HERE WE ARE! Very happi noises

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