1. lyrics:

    karl marx was a marxist, everything benefits
    it benefits the bourgeoisie and all the capitalists
    bowels and ginitis the hidden curriculum
    a myth of meritocracy where class is the problem
    bourdieu with cultural capital and bernstein with all his language codes
    all these marxist hate it all

    durkheim was a functionalist with social cohesion
    norms and values instilled through the education system
    meritocracy was parsons with the second on our list
    everyone has an equal chance despite gender race or class
    last of all we have role allocation with davis and moore and that’s our functionalist

    interactionism is labelling and self fulfilling prophecy
    roseanthal and jacobson where blacks do easy GCSEs
    rist claimed that students where typed coz of their parents lives
    ball put students into three bands but that was opposed by hallam and hurley
    finally hargreaves said teachers put students through three stages to label them
    and that’s interactionism

    arnot is a sociologist who is a feminist
    he believed that education a lists became social opposites
    and then there was jackson who had a nice son
    the boy was badly labelled there was nothing he had done
    myhill and jones said the system was bones because the boys were badly labelled
    the teachers shout and the boys shout back and start throwing tables at them
    those feminists again

  2. What has my life come to… I had a breakdown about the upcoming sociology exams today and so I am listening to this on repeat to 'revise' lmfao

  3. Uh, what was that about blacks? Maybe I didn't get that far in class yet. lol

  4. If anyone wants a full, long list of Sociologists and Studies for 'Education', I'm selling it. There 300+ sociologists and studies on it, that I gathered from as many sources as I could. This is really GREAT for A01. I managed to get A* from this list.
    This is the link:

  5. most people watching this vid prob have their exam in less than 24h and are trying to get as much in their head as possible by thinking song helps- people like me

  6. literally have my exam tomorrow and this is my only form of revision, im clearly desperate and gonna fail :))))))) oh god

  7. Lads I've got 3 days to learn the whole As level course, this is the state of desperation im in

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