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– [Allie] Six months ago we were children. This is who we are now. – It's a big day for
the citizens of New Ham. Allie, Will, Helena and the
rest of our fave high schoolers are headed back to town
for more of The Society. The Netflix drama has officially been renewed for a second season. The cast took to social
media to share the news with this special video. – Season two! – Season two. – Season two of The Society! Yeah! – Do you know what this means? – More pie? – More fugitive. – More memes. – And more answers, about Charlie. – So yes, hopefully we'll get answers to some of our burning questions, like who's Becca's baby daddy? What's up with Charlie the dog? And just what the heck is going on? – It's nonsense. – It's Hebrew. It means you've been
weighed in the balance and found wanting. – As fans of the show know,
the Lord of the Flies like drama series revolves
around a group of teens who are forced to take
matters into their own hands when they return from a school trip to discover that all
the adults are missing, and there's no way out of town. Season two will return in 2020 with production resuming later this year. I recently sat down with
Natasha Liu Bordizzo, aka Helena, where she told me her hopes for her character in season two. – I think she's kind of
like just staying calm, like the whole of season
one, like I'm the only one that's got logic and
reason and staying calm, and everyone just come to church and I'll just calm you down again. And that's gonna reach a
breaking point I think. She was kinda getting there
towards the end of season one, but this'll be, I want her
to snap for season two. – For my full interview with Natasha where she also breaks
down Society fan theories and much more on the show's renewal, head to THR.com. Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I'm Tiffany Taylor.

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