THE SOCIETY Official Trailer #2 (2019) Kathryn Newton, Rachel Keller Netflix Series HD

six months ago we were children this is who we are now this place looks like home but it's not there's nothing out there guys we're all alone mom I'm alive and now he's alive we just want to be with you at home if there is home everything that kept us safe is gone well I'll just there's no civilization here not until we start one we all follow I'm spitting these ideas in their heads now they made her Queen careful spit it out like the way things are what is it exactly today I'm thinking about what are you have in mind is that a deafness I'm not gonna ask for power we're gonna take it I'm not afraid of you you should be we're so fucking in over a soupçon chaos they have too much power what do they say well we can't hear cannibal class can in the Sun they're your friend that's what I'm afraid of what do you want for me why don't you run for me what I want you


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