The Society: Netflix: Season 1: Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review + Where Did Everyone Go?

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I'm your host definition and this is the channel where we explain it so you don't have to the society has just dropped on Netflix and the ten-hour season has a lot to unpack from it throughout this video I'll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the show as well as what I took from it this is full spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn it off now without the way I just want to thank you for clicking this video now sit back relax and let's get into my breakdown of the society the society is a Lord of the Flies esque teenage drama that follows a group of young students who are during a field trip find themselves in a replica of their hometown with one big cubby it all of the adults in the area are gone the town has had a mysterious odor around it for the past couple of days and this seems to be linked to the disappearance of the majority of the city citizens there's apparently no way in or out of the town or any evidence of anything beyond it West Ham and the society becomes just that a group of people struggling to create their own community without imploding on one another initially Newham seems like a paradise where young people are no longer judged by their parents prejudices and this allows them to live a life of partying where the fun never seems to end like all good things though it must Cassandra played by Rachel Keller appoints herself as the leader but unfortunately she isn't strong enough to stop the ensuing chaos that inevitably will spring forth from a group of high schoolers being told that they are now the rulers of the town naturally cliques form and this causes complex as people become more and more territorial we slowly realize that society as a whole when reduced to something without rules can lead to dire consequences the group's tried to form their own order but in doing so quickly fall into the cliches that they originally hated and were trying to escape from this is a true debate before our eyes on the positives and negatives of socialism democracy communism and capitalism that is far more mature than the carrot that it portrays for the show what I love about the society is that the characters are forced to confront and accept that they took everything for granted their privilege has been something that they never really considered and when they are put in a position without it they struggled to get by cassandra has to deal with the fact that there are many people who resent her new position of power and influence and ultimately she becomes the focus rather than the danger of the paranormal happening that caused most of the population to disappear she's berated as no longer being the class president and the show does an outstanding job of showcasing just how little elective positions of power actually are once the rules are stripped away eventually she succumbs to this and is put in the firing line at due to people's fate of her this doesn't make things easier for those put in power either with the majority of the newly appointed leaders in the season being unable to handle the pressure Ali struggles to deal with this route and it becomes clear that in making one decision while some will be happy many will not the show successfully cements the two sides of society with law duty reason and protection of the weak having to go head-to-head with ruling through fear mob mentality and tyranny the subtext here is outstanding it's a very well-developed show in terms of metaphors and meaning there are trials executions and an election that sees the society slowly turn into a real one the show in the end action respects its characters and does show that teenagers if put in the right position can make correct decision and grow the show has a six-month time jump that allows it to showcase how the actions of the group have repercussions and it portrays the characters well in this huge coming-of-age story the season 1 finale ends with Ali and well removed from their leadership positions after a coup is staged by Campbell and Lexi this sends the election at the show is being building up to off the rails but not everything is as simple as it seems Lexi talks like she's dead set on removing Ali however she knows deep down that she can't really handle the pressure herself the ending is a focus on how easy it is to judge those making difficult choices however when those choices are given to you that doesn't mean that you have the strength to make the tough decisions no matter how good of a crate you are though the society have shown that they are very judgmental to people like Juhi that doesn't however mean well and Ali will fall victims to this Ali has so much experience that it would be stupid for Lexy to kill her as she's the only one who truly knows what it's like to lead there's also the fact that that can't really be any major changes once the to our house did everything has a balance currently and the new leaders will likely not wanted to stabilize this which cements on how civilization is built on certain expectations and that politicians can be very little when it comes to changing the big issues the fact is people have to do things they don't want to from time to time there must be rules put in place and jobs in order to get stability in people's lives in order to quote run this town how it should be run there isn't much that the new leaders can do and they will no doubt realize in the second season how difficult Ali's shoes are to fill sure she made some missteps in finding her feet but she was never qualified for the position anyway going forward I can see Lexi relying on Ali for advice unless the townfolk will realize that nothing has really changed with her still making the tough decisions this will cause even more writing with the town overturning the new leaders in order to reappoint her as Ali said Lexie making people hater is easy but once that goes away there's nothing else you can use and I think season two will have a big focus on this the next big thing season two should tackle but probably won't is why all the adults have disappeared I've seen many theories with the majority of people believing that this is all pop an alien or government experiment but I actually think it's to do with the multiverse it's paid lip-service in the finale and seems like it makes the most sense the school buses clearly drop them off in a replica city rather than their home which is why things like the graffiti were missing there's very clear allusions to the Pied Piper with the mysterious bus driver seeming to have led the children away after the town's fog refused to pay him for clearing the smell I believe that he has escorted them to a parallel dimension and it's doing this to punish the parents for their greed in the end we see that the parents are still alive and are clearly mourning the ones that have disappeared and they still live in the same town and are thriving once more however these children may to be put in danger by the return of the force that took their and I can see this becoming a big plot point when it returns all in all I hope it's something to do with Thanos but I guess we'll find out in season two obviously I love to hear your thoughts on the show and what your theories are going forward comment below and let me know and if you enjoy this video then please like it and make sure you check out my full breakdown on the newly released a chapter 2 trailer which would be linked at the end if you'd like to support the show and get something back make sure you check out our heavy spoilers merchandise which would be linked below this is the channel for people who are never missing television so if that's the kind of thing you like you need to subscribe to deafen issue thanks again for taking the time to watch this you've been the best and I'll see you next time take care peace you

  1. the bus driver said rock slide road closed back home.. I think they died were all the bus go when they drop the kids off an the phones work u can just text an call each other but it keep ringing when u call mom or dad an their is water an power

  2. She was reading the story of peter pan which implies that they are in someplace else like ‘neverland’ and maybe there is a chance of them getting back

  3. I thinks its kinds like lost they all really died the bus driver killed them because of the parents and there is no way the bus driver took them to a different multi-verse thats not logical

  4. I had high hopes for this show. The first few episodes were great. Then, like most shows of this nature, the episodes became less about the theme and more about relationships. The season one ending was an example of a classic mistake many writers make. You should end a season on a climax. Season one ended just before a climax which just leaves viewers waiting and wanting for the scene the director intentionally held back from the viewer using hostage like tactics. “You invested all this time and you won’t get resolution unless you come back for S2.” I’m not waiting around for season 2.

  5. Spoiler theory: they all died in a car crash and they’re just in a middle ground, the bus driver did it 🤷🏽‍♀️. People who die are just thrusted deeper realm or heaven and hell.

  6. Omfg this show is really good I thought the ending was maybe a sign as to parents believing their children are dead or unless the parents are aliens and the kids are the experiments and the children sitting on the floor are the clones idk but I’m thinking

  7. did anyone notice how the dog was a symbol. it was there when Cassandra got shot. I think it was there when they found the gun in Deweys room. and it was the reason Elle poisoned some of the people at the feast including herself because she knew Campbell killed it and so she tried to poison him. the dog being there kind of led to all that happening cause when ever it is present something big happens that will affect everyone

  8. I'll admit I only started this the first time because I needed something to pass the time but then I saw episode 1 and was absolutely hooked.
    I bindged it in a day.
    I love the whole mutiverse thing going on and the bus driver is denfinety some pied piper thing but questions:
    How did he managed to travel between worlds?
    How has that one dog been able to travel between worlds and not any other animal?
    What'ss so special about him?
    If the mutiverse thing is true
    what happened to the Newham the kids are residing in now?
    Are you seriously gonna tell me that out of the whole town not one person has a pet at all except this mysterious stray wherever he's from?

    So many questions makes me want more. I need season 2.

    Also can we please kill Campbell in the most slowest painful way possible?


    Allie you've made a mistake but I get how hard it is to keep everyone happy still should have thought this through more.

    Godamnit Cassandra Newham needs ya.

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